5 Best Stability Ball for Weight Training: Strong and Sturdy

When you hear stability ball, you think “okay, something to help stabilize me while I lift weights.” When you see a stability ball, you can’t help but think of yoga and pregnant ladies. Much like ballet, these balls have come to be associated with all things female. But the truth is, a stability ball can do wonders for your core as you lift weights. You can use it for a variety of positions and it can work a wide range of muscles in your core. The best stability ball for weight training will be solid enough that you can’t pop it and pliant enough that you have to work to keep yourself balanced.

Pop Goes the Ball

Too flimsy of a stability ball will pop when you exert much pressure on it. Sure, it might hold you up alone, but add 50 pounds on either side of your body, or a bar and weights over 100 pounds, and you might find yourself flat on your butt, hoping to not drop your weights on your groin. So a good stability ball has to be able to hold you up along with whatever weights you plan to lift while balancing precariously on a giant thick balloon.

Roll Bounce

Your stability ball also has to bounce. You absolutely cannot simply by a solid ball or something so firm that it might as well be solid. The entire point of a stability ball is that you have to work to stabilize yourself. The only way you can do this is if the ball is thick and full of air. It will try to roll out from under you, and you will have to work to keep yourself on it with your weights as you lift.

Even better, a good ball will be pliant enough that you can lie down on your back, feet planted on the floor, and roll the ball across your back as you lift. You’ll not only get serious core work done, but you’ll also get amazing legwork in as well. Stability balls can help you get a total body workout.

Best Stability Ball for Weight Training: 5 to Flex

1. Dynapro

Dynapro is an anti-burst stability ball built specifically for gym use. It has a thick PVC body that is designed to withstand the pressure of working out up to 2000 pounds. Not only that but if the ball does deflate from pressure over 2000 pounds, it will do so slowly so you won’t get injured by a sudden pop.

This ball also has a non-slip outer body that will withstand profuse sweating without becoming slippery. So you can use it to roll on your back without a shirt on and it won’t slip out from under you. As a bonus, it comes in four different size options appropriate for your intended use and body type.

2. Dub Fitness

This ball is a slight step up from Dynapro. Not only does Dub Fitness send you a stability ball that will withstand the pressure of up to 1500 pounds, it also sends you a stand for the ball, so it won’t roll. There is a pro and a con here. The pro is that the ball will stay in place. The con is that you lose whatever ab and leg strength training you would get if you had to keep the ball in place yourself. You decide.

In addition to the base, you will also get resistance bands which are ideal for anyone working on pilates, using the weight of your own body to build strength. This ball promises to be maintenance free for life, meaning it won’t pop, and it won’t pick up hair and dust over time.  Click here to view Dub Fitness on Amazon.

3. HelmFit

This is a bit of a stray from the typical stability ball, but it is certainly still a ball that requires stability. It is a stability ball for planks and push-ups. What you get here is sort of a half moon ball that sits on a base and has handles attached to the top.

The handles will adjust to three different positions, so you can do straight push-ups, you can do narrow push-ups, or you can do a wide push up. You can also rest on the ball for planks. It is a great piece for simple pilates and core training and can be a companion to weight training.  Click here to read more about HelmFit on Amazon.

4. Go Fit

With Go Fit you get not only the standard stability ball, but you also get a DVD to go with it. In addition, you’ll get ball plugs, a pump, and an exercise poster. Here you have everything you need to get a great workout in with your exercise ball.

You can choose from among three sizes, suited to fit your body size and exercise needs. This is a ball designed for heavy workouts, so it will stand the 2000 pound pressure test.

5. Wacces

Wacces give you the opportunity to get a great workout in and feel great about saving the earth. The material of the ball is eco-friendly, so you know you aren’t adding yet another layer of plastic waste to the ecosystem.

Aside from saving the earth, you get all the standard benefits, a pump to go with it and three sizes to choose from.

Final Thoughts

In the end, you can trust that any one of these balls will stand the workout test of time. It will deliver the stability you need and keep you working on your core strength, which will improve your posture, increase oxygen to your muscles, and keep you burning fat all day long. The benefits of using a stability ball over a weight bench whenever possible are endless. It is an essential tool in your workout kit.

Be sure to consider what exactly you want from the ball, how heavy you plan to lift, and how often you plan to use it. All of those factors can help you decide both which ball to buy and which size to order once you pick a brand.