The 5 Best Stick-on Bras for Small Bust Sizes (Check Out These Flattering Options)

Small Bust? No problem

When it comes to finding clothing that suits them, big-busted women have it easy. All it takes is a trip to the local mall to see multiple bras designed to flatter women with large breasts.

Although they have some advantages of their own, such as the ability to comfortably sleep on their stomachs, small-busted women generally find it more difficult to find bras that are flattering, comfortable, and supportive. Oftentimes trying to find the best stick-on bras for small bust sizes, is next to impossible.

The bras included on this list today are all stick-on bras, meaning that they are completely strapless and adhere directly to the breast. This style of bra is another advantage for small-breasted women—most women with larger breasts find it difficult to comfortably wear the stick-on style.

If you’re a small-busted woman, you’re likely to find a suitable bra among the products listed below. These are the five best stick-on bras for a small bust.

Best Stick-on Bras for Small Bust

1. ASIMOON Strapless Bra, Self Adhesive Silicone Reusable

This bra is both flattering and stylish. The design is simple—adhesive, silicone cups in a nice shade of pink, but the result is brilliant. This bra is fairly supportive and will provide more than enough support for women with A and B cups.

In fact, one Amazon reviewer said, “I am a 36D and although this does not give the support of a (sic) underwire full bra (obviously) it’s (sic) does a very good job of giving a decent (sic) lift.”

This product is a push-up bra.  That means it’s designed to adhere to the breasts and push them inwards, creating cleavage for even the smallest-breasted of women.

The adhesive is also reusable, meaning that you can get your money’s worth, wearing each bra numerous times before discarding it. If you have sensitive skin, there’s no need to worry, because this product is hypoallergenic.

2. WingsLove Reusable Strapless Self Adhesive Silicone Invisible Push-up Bra

This bra is very similar to the last one—made of silicone, reusable, and hypoallergenic. Its self-regenerating adhesive makes it available for repeated use.  Add the fact that it’s very inexpensive, and you’re sure to save money if you go with this bra.

The standard color for this bra is black, but it also comes in nude, meaning that if you need something that won’t show up under white clothes, this is a good pick. Though the bra is not recommended for larger breasts, Amazon offers various cup sizes.

Like the last item, its design gently pushes your breasts together, meaning that you’ll get the fullness and cleavage typical of bigger-breasted women. If you’re looking for a cheap, simple product, you can’t go wrong with this bra.

3. Holly O OOlala 6X Stickier Backless Adhesive Silicone Clear Invisible Pushup Bra

This bra is unique in the sense that it allows you to choose how much of a lift you want. It has a lace through the middle which you can pull tighter or looser depending on your bust size and how much cleavage you desire.

The adjustable lace also helps you manage your own support and comfort—if you feel too constricted or not supported enough, simply adjust the tightness.

The bra has more adhesive strength and longevity than most similar products. In fact, it contains six layers of adhesive glue, guaranteeing at least 20 effective uses before the adhesive wears out. When you remove it, it will not irritate your skin or leave behind any sticky residue.

4. Mousand Sticky, Strapless, Backless, Invisible, Self Adhesive, Reusable Bra

This product is similar to the previous one because it also has laces for adjusting the tightness of the bra. It comes in both nude and black, so you can decide which color is more appropriate based on what clothes you plan on wearing over the bra.

It has a butterfly design, which is notable because it gathers your cleavage more efficiently than a simple round cup design does.  This means that you won’t have to pull the drawstring as tightly to get a result you’re happy with.

Additionally, this bra is both reusable and machine washable. If you’re someone who likes the feeling of a completely clean bra each time you put it on, this product is ideal, because it retains its adhesive properties even after being washed multiple times.

It contains tiny holes for added breathability and to reduce sweating. You simply won’t be disappointed with this bra.

5. luxilooks Adhesive Bra – Womens Backless Strapless Push-up Silicone Bra

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This last bra has a simpler design but still shares a lot of qualities with the previous one. Some of the advantages the two products have in common are reusable adhesive (in the case of this bra, it can be worn up to 25 times) and machine washability.

However, this product is a bit more “fashionable” than the previous one, made out of white lace and nylon. As a result, it doesn’t include the adjustable drawstring that the previous one. If you want a bra that shows off your body and looks amazing, you should choose this one.

Final Thoughts

Thus concludes our list of the five best stick-on bras for a small bust. Though women with smaller breasts often don’t show as much cleavage as their large-breasted peers, they also have the advantage of not needing as much support.

As a result, there are plenty of stick-on, push-up bras that give small-busted women the best of both worlds—they get to show a flattering amount of cleavage, and they don’t need to deal with the straps that often make standard bras feel uncomfortable and restrictive.

All of the bras on this list should be both supportive and comfortable if you have a smaller bust. They’re all self-adhesive, non-irritating, and stylish. Some even allow you to find the fit that’s best for you, either because they’re sold in various sizes or because they come with a drawstring for adjusting tightness.

Before you buy a bra, research each one thoroughly and decide which factors are most important to you. However, if you pick any of the bras on this list, you won’t have to pay much money and will almost certainly be satisfied with the results. That’s about it—we wish you good luck and happy shopping.

Hannah Marie

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