Best Suits for Short Skinny Guys (Lean Style)

Brad Pitt is not tall. Neither is Tom Cruise. Some of the men considered to be the most attractive are short and slender. It is all in the way a guy carries himself. Confidence goes a long way. So does the way you dress. Men with style get attention. And a man in a suit is a man with style. The best dress shirts in the world can very well be suits for short skinny guys will show off just how much style you have.

Body Type

The key to being short and skinny is to capitalize on your own personal best assets. Know what your strengths are. Who hasn’t met that little guy with all the charisma? You need to own it. Celebrate your size. Kevin Hart knows how to do it. So does Diego Luna. Little guys can actually get a lot more attention because we are much more approachable.

Big men can be intimidating, off-putting. A big guy in a suit might terrify someone into running away instead of doing business with him. Short, skinny guys in suits are your friends, your confidantes, the guy who closes the deal. That could be you.

The Suit

The right suit is going to fit you like a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. If made well, even extra short men’s suits are going to make you look like a million bucks, and maybe even make you a million bucks. The biggest names in menswear cater to little guys. In fact, the best suit brands for skinny guys are the same as the best ones for taller guys. They just run a separate line.

Suits for short guys will have a long, lean leg, to make your legs appear longer. They will cinch in a bit in the waist, so you don’t look like you’re hiding your grandma underneath your coat. And they will have a slim fit in the shoulders, so you don’t look like a little boy in grandpa’s wedding tux.

The List

The list provided includes some of the biggest names in suits. The brands are reliable, and they make a product you look forward to wearing, which will go a long way toward that confidence I mentioned before. If you feel good, you look good. The materials you will find here are the best looking as well as feeling. So if someone brushes against your suit, they’ll probably ask you where you got it.

1.Azar Slim Fit

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The Azar Slim Fit suit is exactly what it sounds like. If you tripped upon this article hoping to find a list of suits for husky fellas, you are in the wrong place. This suit is designed specifically for smaller guys who want to accentuate their figures.

Azar offers a double lapel and a tailored look. The suit comes with extra material for tailoring if you need to take it in. It also comes in a nice blue color that will carry you through all four seasons. Azar is a great deal for the money.

2.Kenneth Cole Reaction

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This Kenneth Cole Reaction Suit Jacket is sold separately, but it is worth putting here just in case you are a guy who is skinny all over but a little bigger around the middle. It happens. This is a really nice jacket with double lapels and four button wrist, with a sharp collar.

This way, you can look great in a slim fitting jacket that will hug your arms and shoulders, but you don’t have to worry that your unforgiving holidays are going to make you look bad in pants that don’t fit right. Again, it happens.

3.Vittorio St. Angelo

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The Vittorio St. Angelo suit is great for anyone in the market for a new affordable suit. It has a beautiful look and feels to it. The lapel is sharp, the jacket has two buttons down the front, and the pants look long and lean. You will be comfortable in the soft material, and you will feel confident in the power style of the suit.

St. Angelo also offers a variety of colors and sizes. So if you are a bit on the shorter side, or a bit thicker in the waist, the options here will suit you well. Pun intended.


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You can buy this suit in burgundy. Enough said? P&L offers so much variety it will make your head spin. You can pick and choose your sizes, from super short to wider in the shoulders. You can pick a different color for every day of the week. The pants are pleated, so it’s the complete office look.

If you are feeling like going to work looking like Don Draper from Mad Men, even though you may not have his height, you can still have his style. This suit is the epitome of a businessman. All you need is the white shirt to go underneath.

5.Dennis Dress

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The Dennis Dress looks like all class. When you wear this suit you will feel like it was tailor-made for you. In fact, you can message the company directly to have custom details added or removed.

The Dennis is a three-piece suit kind of style that makes you feel like you should be in Casablanca, with a pocket watch dangling from your vest pocket. All of that, and it manages to be shockingly affordable. Give this one a shot. Message the tailor, and have him set you up to be the best looking guy in your office.

Final Thoughts

A suit is a very personal thing. It will cover your entire body, and one wrong stitch or hem and you could look like a hot mess. If you are going to go to the trouble of wearing a suit, take the time to find the one that works for you, for your body, and for your own personal style. Think about your average day. Either way, you want a suit to fit your workspace. Take your time and choose wisely. In the end, when you are showered with admiration and compliments, you’ll be glad you did.



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