The 5 Without a Doubt Best Summer Hats for Bald Guys

Don’t wear a visor! That is your first piece of free summer hat advice. As a bald guy, you definitely want to embrace your baldness, own it, sport it like a man who knows his own worth. What you definitely do not want to do is draw epic attention to your bad head by crowing it in a visor. There are a variety of other options, so choose from among our list of best summer hats for bald guys.

Good Versus Bad Attention

Here’s the thing about owning something that isn’t necessarily the “norm” for society. Baldness can totally be beautiful. Bruce Willis has been bald for decades and he was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood the whole time. (He’s also one of the few action heroes who has made it this far without controversy. I’m looking at you Mel Gibson.)

And just look at Dwayne the Rock Johnson. That man owns his bald head like nobody’s business. Who wouldn’t love to emulate the Rock? Have you ever seen him in a visor? No. No, you haven’t. Do not wear a visor. Even in summer!

You want good attention. You want women to want you and men to want to be you.

A Hat Is Not “Just a Hat”

A hat says so much about man’s style, his confidence, his charisma. Protecting your head during hot weather is only a small part of wearing a hat for summer. You also want to complete your summer look, and as a bald guy embracing his awesome bald head, you need a hat that screams your style for you.

You certainly don’t want to seem like you’re hiding your head.

Summer Hiding

But on some level, you are hiding your head, just not from people. You are hiding your head from the sun. So how do you accomplish that task, protect your bare skull while also rocking your baldness with pride?

The right that will do the trick. Choosing the hat that fits your style can make all the difference. The same that can make one guy look suspicious and another guy carefree. It is all about your hat and the way you wear it. We’ve got options for you.

Best Summer Hats for Bald Guys: 5 On Top

1. Einskey Boonie Hat

So you will see this hat on other hat posts on our site. We are currently in love with this hat, and apparently so is Amazon as it is an Amazon choice product right now. It just everything for bald men in the summer. It’s got style, it’s got class, and it’s the perfect mixture of funky and functional.

This boonie safari hat has a wide brim, and a dark color. Your head, face, neck, and chest will be well protected from the sun. Further, you will look super cool. It is a choice for bald men as it sits high enough on the head that it will still be obvious you are bald, so it won’t look like you’re hiding.

It is sunproof and waterproof, you can roll it up to carry it around, and if you hate it, you get your money back. You really can’t beat that.  Click here to view Einskey Boonie Hat on Amazon.

2. Hiking Hat

This hiking hat is one of a kind. You’ll have a whole Steve Irwin/Crocodile Dundee vibe going when you rock this out and about. And you should enjoy it. This hat is perfect for a bald guy out with his buddies on a hike or camping for the weekend. It’s got the perfect outdoor feel.

It has a wide brim, breathable fabric, and a few different options for colors. It is also waterproof and made meticulously to ensure your comfort. You get a little bit of everything with this hat.

3. Linen Fedora

There is just something about a bald man in a linen fedora during the summer time that screams island ambiance. But you don’t have to be an islander to enjoy this hat and wear it out for the day. You can take this hat with you anywhere, dress it up, or dress it down.

It is a breathable fabric, it’s got a band of fabric above the brim, for extra style, and it will protect your head, face, and neck for practical purposes. You are covering all your bases with this one. And you’ve got three different colors/styles to choose from, so they brand is covering all your bases too. If you like it, you can buy all three!

4. Breezer Hat

The breezer hat really needs to be worn by a man with confidence. You want to keep your head cool but you’re still showing off your bald head. It is not like the visor where you are placing a spotlight on your head, but you are nonetheless baring it for all to see.

So you really have to decide if you want to rock your head that proudly. If not, go with another option. But if you do own it, you can totally kill this look and be the trendsetter among bald men.  Click here to read more about Breezer Hat on Amazon.

5. Skull Cap

Finally, of course, we had to include the skull cap. There are some men who can really own this and make themselves all the more attractive by sporting a skull cap.

What you don’t get in protection for your face and neck, you more than make up for in just a raw look of athleticism and confidence.

Final Thoughts

Know that whatever hat you choose, you will have to own it one hundred percent. Confidence and pride is the name of this game. As a bald man, you’ve already come to terms with standing out a bit, so why not take that all the way home? Pick a hat that will accentuate your attraction.

Each of these hats will appeal in a different way to a different bald men’s sense of style. You want to stay cool and protected, especially with your scalp showing, and you want to look good. Whichever hat you go with, you’ll meet those goals.