Best Sunglasses for Big Heads (Big Style)

Finding the best sunglasses for big heads can change your life if you are a big headed fella. The sun seems to get hotter and brighter every year. Each summer as the days grow longer your eyes get more strained and you wish you had a pair of sunglasses that fit you right.

When you have a bigger head, it can be a challenge to find the extra large glasses frames that do not squeeze your head and give you a headache by the end of the day. So you have to choose between having eye strain from not wearing glasses, or having a migraine from having your head in a vice for hours at the beach.

Big Heads

It is completely out of your control. Biology gives some people bigger heads than others, and you don’t even necessarily have to be a big guy to have a big head. If you are a shorter, more slender man, your head may not even appear large to other people. It is the strangest phenomenon, the big-headed club.

What is certain is that all kinds of headgear can cause trouble, from hats to visors to reading glasses, and yes, to sunglasses. Fortunately, thanks to the internet, you can now even find glasses for square face men.


Now you just have to decide which style you want. Yes, I said style. Imagine that: you are not stuck with one company or one brand that specializes in bigger heads. You have a variety of sunglasses to choose from. You can look for plastic rims or wireframes. You might want aviators or polar shades.

You want to be sure of a few things. Check the specific dimensions to be sure they are not too small, or too big. You may think you have a really big head, but you may find among these options that there are many out there with much bigger heads.

Also be sure to check for SPF. The last thing you want is to die from eye cancer while you’re enjoying your newfound comfortability. Most sunglasses these days come with SPF protection, but double check any pair you go for, just in case. Either way, do not look directly at the sun. It is pretty bright, and it has no problems taking out your eyes as souvenirs.

The List:

Below you will find a range of glasses for a range of tastes and sizes. Remember, take your time and choose wisely.

1.ATX Optical

These ATX Opticals are made for a giant head. They are extra large, and they mean it when they say that. You will not find a bigger pair of sunglasses. These come in black or gray, they have polarized lenses, and they should fit you snugly if your head is big. If not, you may find them sliding right down your nose.

2.Grinder Punch XL

Get the right pair of Grinder Punch sunglasses and you will feel like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Or Goose. These are a nice looking pair of aviators. You can choose from a wide range of colors and sizes, from silver reflecting frames to solid black frames. Or you could choose the much more subtle gradient brown frames.

The lenses come in variety too. You have to check these out: aviators made especially for big heads. They also have adjustable nose guards, for your comfort, and last but not least, they are one hundred percent UVA proof. No eye cancer for you.  Click here to view Grinder Punch XL on Amazon.

3.Polar Spex XL

The Polar Spex are designed to take you and your big head from the golf course to the fishing boat to the field. They are a smaller lens aviator, not so oversized and flashy. The businessman might prefer these. They seem a bit less Top Gun, and a little more A Few Good Men.

They are one hundred percent UVA proof, so you’re safe there. They also come with a handy drawstring pouch so you don’t scratch your lenses.

Speaking of lenses, these sunglasses come in a variety of colored lenses. They will match all of your business suits and weekend baseball game outfits.

4.Aviator Big and Tall

These Aviator Big and Tall eyeglasses are designed for big and tall men by the company that first recognized the need for big and tall wear. These frames will rest comfortably on your head while the spring hinges will ensure they glasses keep their shape.

The lenses are not polarized, so if blinding people with your sunglasses is not your thing, these may be the glasses for you. They also come with a cleaning case, so you can stay looking clean and sharp while you are out and about.  Click here to see the pricing for the Aviator Big and Tall on Amazon.

5.Juicy Orange Oversized

You get a lot of bang for your buck with these glasses. They are extra large, metal frames designed for bigger heads. They also have mirrored lenses that are not polarized. Most importantly, these glasses will not only protect you from UVA rays, but they will also guard against UVB rays, which a lot of sunglasses, for some reason, don’t think to block.

It is a good thing to block out as many ultraviolet rays as you possibly can. And you can get them all with these glasses, for a great price too.  Click here to read more about Juicy Orange Oversized on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

If there was ever a time when your own personal style would have more to say about a choice than anything, this is it. Sunglasses have to not only fit the clothes, but also the man. Some people look ridiculous in wraparound glasses. Others look great. Some men look silly wearing aviators while others pull it off like a pro.

Your best bet is to think about all the sunglasses that have and haven’t worked for you in the past. Be sure not to choose a style based on what you think pop culture demands. This time, more than ever, is the time to make a personal choice.