The Best Sunglasses for Diamond Shaped Face (5 Stunning Picks)

Diamond-Shaped Faces

If you’ve been glasses-shopping before, you’ve probably noticed that there are some frames that look great on your face and others that don’t seem to fit at all.  Have you ever considered why that is?

All of our faces come in different shapes and sizes, but they can generally be divided into a few categories. This article focuses on women with diamond-shaped faces, so let’s first make sure you fit the description.  In order to make sure the best sunglasses for diamond shaped face truly work for you.

Diamond-shaped faces include wide, prominent cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a relatively sharp chin.  People with diamond-shaped faces have the rarest face shape, meaning it’s often difficult for them to find products that suit them well. If you fall into this category, keep reading to find out what sunglasses you should consider buying.  five best sunglasses for diamond shaped faces.

The Best Sunglasses for Diamond Shaped Face!

1. Ray-Ban Women’s RB4191 Round Glam 57mm

This product is fairly inexpensive as far as sunglasses go, and their design fits diamond-shaped faces well. They come in the “aviator” style, which is ideal for diamond-faced women because its curvy browline frame will complement your slim forehead.

The glasses are made of nylon, a sturdy, lightweight plastic that is not prone to breakage. If you plan on being out in the sun for extended periods of time, these glasses are ideal, because the lenses provide full protection from UV rays. Do you need a prescription?  These glasses have you covered.  Their lenses come prescription-ready.

If you’re someone who usually wears corrective lenses, who wants additional protection from the sun, or who’s simply looking for a sturdy, simple pair of sunglasses, this product is for you.  Click here to read more about Ray-Ban RB4191 Round Glam 57mm on Amazon.

2. Tom Ford Sunglasses – Nastasya

These sunglasses are in the cat-eye style, which is ideal for women with diamond-shaped faces. With their thicker top frames and daintier bottom frames, these glasses will balance your smaller forehead and wide cheekbones.

The glasses are lightweight, their frame made of metal, and the nose bridge is made of a comfortable rubber. They also include impact-resistant lenses, which means that they are not easily scratched or broken and will most likely last a long time.

With their sturdy frame, cat-eye design, and lightweight, comfortable feel, these glasses not only have a design that will complement your face shape but are also made from the highest quality materials.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Tom Ford Sunglasses.

3. Smith Optics Women’s Rebel Archive Carbonic Sunglasses

If you have a preference for simpler sunglasses, you should check these out. The frames—once again larger on the top to balance out your face shape—are lemon-colored, which contrasts nicely with the tinted brown of the lenses.

If you’re dressing up for an event and want a pair of sunglasses that matches your yellow, brown, or black dress, these are a nice touch.

They’re also by far the cheapest glasses on this list, so money savers can rejoice at the idea that a stylish pair of glasses still manages to be reasonably priced.

Both the frame and lenses are made of plastic, meaning that these glasses are unlikely to break if you accidentally drop them on the floor. Though some of the materials used aren’t of as high quality as the previous two products, for the price, and considering the glasses’ fashionable look, these are a great deal.  Click here to read reviews posted about Smith Optics Carbonic Sunglasses on Amazon.

4. Smith Founder Slim ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses

Like the previous product, the company Smith produces these sunglasses, but they’re a bit more vibrant than the previous ones. If you’re someone who wants a pair of sunglasses that are a bit sassy, and you think you can pull them off, this product is for you.

These sunglasses have cat-eye frames, but the frames are much subtler than the Tom Ford glasses.

Ideally, if you want to try out the cat-eye style but aren’t ready for something too pronounced, you would consider these glasses. However, in terms of color, these glasses are much more aggressive than the Tom Ford ones.

They include orange-tinted, ChromaPop lenses with a shiny gold and black frame. The hinges automatically lock in either the open or folded position, so they’re easy to take off and pack away.  Click here to see the pricing for the Smith Founder Polarized Sunglasses on Amazon.

5. Raen Women’s Norie Round Sunglasses

The third and final glasses style that is well suited to diamond-shaped faces is the round style, preferably with thick frames to accentuate the brow line.

This product is simple, inexpensive, and high quality. It features plastic frames with plastic, copper-colored lenses that provide full UV protection and are prescription-ready.

The glasses are built sturdily, and due to their simple design, will likely go well with any outfit. Are you looking to save money and buy a classy pair of sunglasses?  If so, this product will most likely satisfy you.  Click here to view Raen Norie Round Sunglasses on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

There you have it— the five best sunglasses diamond-shaped faces. Although all the glasses on the list have plenty of qualities in common, such as heavy top frames and wide lenses, they also each have their own distinct features, which is why it’s important for you to examine each product closely before you make a purchase.

Think about your budget, your own needs, and what styles of glasses, if any, have worked or not worked for you in the past. Unless your face has undergone some major changes since then, past success is a good predictor of whether or not a future purchase will be successful.

Price should play a role in your decision, but not the only role. For customers on a budget, investing a large amount of money in an item that seems to be purely an accessory is often difficult. If you decide to pick the cheapest item because of this, the good news is that it, like every item on this list, is of good quality.

However, if you want to treat yourself with a more expensive product, you shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so! Pick the product that meets your needs and we have no doubt you’ll be satisfied with the results.