Trying to Find Exactly What is the Best Sunscreen for Bald Guys? No Need to Look Further!

How the Sun Can Damage Your Hair and Follicles

Hair loss is inevitable for people with genes for pattern baldness. However, environmental factors such as sunlight can affect how these genes are expressed.

UV damage can age the scalp and compromise the health of the hair follicles. These rays interact with oxygen molecules on the surface. This can knock off single electrons and create unstable free radical compounds. They will try to “steal” electrons from other molecules, which in turn creates a chain reaction that damages tissues like the hair follicles.

It can also alter and weaken the protein structure in the cuticle (outer layer) and cortex (center) of the hair shafts themselves. Therefore, the sun can contribute to hair loss at the roots, or through breakage. This is also the reason why hair looks dry, frizzy and brittle over time as compared to our childhood years. Also, UV rays can also affect the hair’s pigment, causing your natural color to fade.

Balding is usually the final stage for people with hair problems caused either by sun rays or other environmental factors. Nevertheless, some people decide to go bald in order to reduce the cost/stress of maintaining a long hair. But do you know that direct sun rays can cause more damage to a bald head than those with hairs?

Many people are well aware that the regular use of sunscreen for bald spots is essential for protecting the skin against premature aging and the development of cancerous lesions. But a new form of awareness is emerging on the importance of the best sunscreen for bald guys. The video below explains how bald men can properly care for their head.


What are the Best Sunscreens for Bald Guys?

1. Bee Bald Smooth Plus Moisturizer

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Bee Bald Smooth Daily Moisturizer is a skincare product with an added benefit of SPF 3D Broad Spectrum Sunscreen. The product helps to protect your body against the harmful UVA and UVB radiations from the sun. Furthermore, it helps to smooth the skin and remove wrinkles, fine lines, and dry patches. More so, Bee Bald Moisturizer helps to control the oily secretions, leaving the skin fresh, col, and comfortable.

If you are looking for the best moisturiser for a bald head, the Bee Bald Smooth Plus is a perfect option to consider. It helps to hydrate and moisturize the skin while working to prevent and reduce unnecessary oily secretions.

2. SPF 30 Suntan Lotion

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The SPF Suntan Lotion is a sunscreen designed basically for scalp protection. An interesting feature of this product is that it does not wash away in water. Furthermore, this product will give you the necessary protection without making your skin greasy or sticky. Consequently, this sunscreen product is perfect for men who work in the rain/water, such as fishermen. Since it is not easily washed away by water, this product is also great for sportsmen.

SPF 30 Suntan Lotion protects your body against UVA/UVB rays. Thus, your skin is protected from burning in the hot sun. However, the product has a major downside, as reported by some users. The product makes the hair extremely greasy and cannot be immediately washed. However, the product is perfect for bald heads and not for those with hair.

3. Palm Fruit – Anti-Aging Supplement

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Palm-fruit antiaging supplement is made from red palm oil and sesame seed extracts. It helps to boost the skin’s natural UVB/UVA sunscreen defense by up to 250%. More so, the supplement helps to reduce the DNA damage by 43% while also reducing wrinkles and fine lines. The product also helps to increase the number of hair in the scalp by 43%. However, this product may not be good for bald guys who do not plan to regrow their hair.

Practically, the product has been tested on more than 35 humans and has been reported to be clinically effective for reversing aging features without side effects. As stated by its manufacturer, it is the only product that delivered a clinically effective dose of sesamin, carotenoids, and tocotrienols. Palm fruit, of course, is a scientifically-proven anti-aging supplement on the market and is manufactured in FDA-approved GMP and NSF-licensed facility in the US

4. Headhunter SPF 45 Sunscreen

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Headhunter SPF Sunscreen is a product approved by the proprietary base Heavy Water Technology (HWT) and Environmental Working Group (EWG). It has a broad Spectrum Protection composed of natural mineral blockers. More so, it is a hypoallergenic sunscreen product and does not react with the skin. It does not contain harmful synthetic substances, such as Fragrance, Paba, or Paraben.

It is a powder-like dry formula similar to the foundation women used to wear. Headhunter SPF sunscreen does not shift position but rather stay intact all day long. Even, the Face Stick can be applied in water. It is recommended for all bald head, including those looking for a sunscreen for thinning hair. For the best result, wear the sunscreen 20 minutes before the sun appears.

5. Sun Bum Beach Formula

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Sun Bum Beach Formula is a multipurpose conditional spray useful for bald guys. It serves a 3-in-1 function which includes UV color protection, detangling and conditioning the hair. It is made of coconut oil and sunflower seed oil which boosts hydration and miniaturization. Also, the product helps to detangle tough knots in both a wet and dry hair.

The most interesting part is that it protects the head from that potential damages caused by the direct exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Thus, it prevents the bald head from becoming discolored and brittle.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best sunscreen for bald guys might not be as easy as you may think. Since there are many products on the market with their own different ingredients and extras. Making a selection can be a little bit difficult but you. However, you should not misplace your goal which is getting the best moisturizer for a bald head. We hope the above tips will help you make a wise decision.




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