Best Swim Trunks for Love Handles: Don’t Be Shy

Here’s the thing about a little extra weight, or even a lot of extra weight, you’ve just to embrace it. You’re big. So what? More to love. This can be much easier said than done in the summertime. During winter it is no big deal. You can hide that extra weight around your middle with larger shirts and nice thick jackets. But come beach time, and you’ve got to bare it all. You’ve got a couple of things to think of them when considering the best swim trunks for love handles. But if shyness is a factor, you are going to have to work through that because this article wants you to let it all hang out.


First, if you are a big fella, you want to make sure that you are not drawing extra attention to your size with loud prints and neon colors. This isn’t to say that you can’t wear bright red trunks. Perhaps you want to forego the neon orange though.

If your goal is the look slimmer than you are and streamline your dad bod, you need to go with neutral colors and a size that is just above, not below, your regular pants or shorts size. Dad bod swim trunks are the ones that will make you look like a catch even if you haven’t been caught in years.

Neutral colors and tones, with longer shorts legs, will keep your body looking slim. You don’t have to be afraid of the double cheeseburger you ate last night with the kids. Or the chocolate shake. The right trunks will keep you looking relatively healthy while you’re chasing your children down the coast.

The reason you want one size above your normal size in shorts is the dreaded muffin top. The best swim trunks for love handles will not add insult to injury by pinching off your skin so that you look like a giant cupcake is rising out of your pants. The fit is everything. The same exact shorts in one size larger will work wonders for your image and your self-esteem.

Best Swim Trunks for Love Handles

1. Kingsize Men’s Big and Tall

  1. These shorts are made out of nylon so they are incredibly forgiving. They will bend and stretch with you as you leap for the volleyball over the net. They are cargo style so you can haul pacifiers and baseballs along with the house keys and your wallet if you need to. Just remember to take them all out before you jump in the waves.
  2. Kingsize come in a variety of colors, all safe for dad bod, and the sizes go all the way up to 4XL, so you know you’ll find something to fit. Remember, go a little large.  Click here to see the pricing for the Kingsize Big and Tall on Amazon.

2. Kanu Surf

  1. Kanu has extended size swim trunks, and this may be the best swimsuit for dad bod. The style is hip and current, and the fabric is polyester. You can expect forgiveness for your pizza lunch. The sizes go up to 5X, so you’re good to go.
  2. These shorts look like they were purchased in Hawaii, with a cool design and the classic drawstring in the center. They’ve got pockets on the things, they are machine washable, and they provide SPF 50 protection from the sun. These shorts covers all the bases, including making your love handles look like they were meant to be there.  Click here to view Kanu Surf on Amazon.

3. Kanu American Flag

  1. We had to include Kanu again simply because of the American flag. Nothing is more stylish in the US than a man in American flag shorts, and these shorts provide you with the opportunity to prove it.
  2. They have all the same attributes as the Kanu surf, and the cut and style are basically the same, but if you haven’t owned at least one American flag piece of clothing, you’re simply not living. These are available now, and you can get them in time for summer. Who knows? Maybe you’ll be so excited to wear them that you’ll find yourself working out regularly, hitting the gym, and then the shorts won’t fit you anymore. You could have worse problems.  Click here to read reviews posted about Kanu American Flag on Amazon.

4. Champion

  1. You can’t have a list of workout or beach wear without talking about Champion. Of course, they had to get in on the game. These shorts are polyester, so you’ve got the stretch. They also have a pull on closure, so they shouldn’t fit too tight around your waist, exacerbating the love handle problem.
  2. The Champions are made of microfiber, so you can expect them to dry fairly quickly once you’re out of the water, which is great for if you want to stroll down the boardwalk or just jump in the car and head home. They also have side pockets, so when you do take that boardwalk stroll, you can bring all your necessities with you.

5. Alki’i Men’s Board Shorts

  1. These shorts are for the bigger guys with love handles who are actually on the smaller side of big. These shorts only go up to XXXL, but they are still great at streamlining love handles. The drawstring in the center will allow you to adjust the size, so you don’t have to worry about muffin top.
  2. Furthermore, you will get mesh netting on the inside of the shorts so you don’t have to worry about revealing too much from behind too thin fabric. The Alki’i board shorts come with side pockets, and they come in a variety of colors suitable for making bigger look smaller.  Click here to read more about Alki’i Board Shorts on Amazon.

Lakes, Rivers, Oceans, Pools: Show It Off

I talk a lot about hitting the beach or splashing in waves, but the truth is any of these swim trunks will be suitable for swimming. The point is for you to be comfortable as you soak in the sun and enjoy outdoor weather and activities without fear of being judged or uncomfortable. Any of these shorts will do that for you, and as long as you don’t get a size too small, your self-pride can go ahead and grow.