Dress to Impress: The Unmistakably Best Ties for Gray Suit

Learning to dress for the occasion is not always as easy as simply grabbing the first tie you can find hanging in your closet to couple with your favorite suit jacket. While getting the right suit jacket and a killer pair of shoes is certainly a great way to increase the elegance of your outfit, finding the right tie is what really brings the entire ensemble together. With black suits, you can get away with almost any color tie, but finding the best ties for a gray suit is certainly not as easy.

So what exactly is it that makes putting together a perfect suit combination so difficult? For starters, the combinations are essentially limitless. The mixture and grouping of colors from you suit jacket, your undershirt, the tie, your pants and shoes, and even the color of your socks all needs to be taken into account. When it comes to the ties you choose, you need to find that difficult to achieve balance where the tie contrasts just enough with the overall color tone of the suit to catch the eye. You do not want, however, the tie to be of such an exotic color or with so many contrasting patterns that it becomes the centerpiece of your clothing.

For some reason or another, finding ties that combine well with a dark grey suit can be much challenging that with other color suits. Trying to find ties to match charcoal suits requires you to understand the subtleties of the refined gentleman. While some experts might recommend a simple black tie for a gray suit, there are a number of other combinations that are possible as well.

Below, we look at several charcoal grey suit-shirt-tie combinations and offer our recommendations for five of the best ties for a gray suit.

Scott Allan Men’s Formal Pencil Stripe Necktie

One of the nice things about gray suits is that you don´t have to settle for the simple white undershirt. With blue or other non-black colored suits, white is really the only shirt color that you can get away with, but gray suits definitely lend themselves to more versatility. One color combination that will surely draw the attention of folks is a dark grey suit combined with a light blue undershirt.

This Scott Allan Men´s Formal Pencil Stripe Necktie is a quality addition to the gray suit-blue shirt combination. The pencil stripe pattern is simple yet classic and adds a touch of lightness to your overall suit color combination. Made from jacquard micro fibers, this tie won´t cause you any discomfort during your night out. It comes as a standard 59 inches long and 3.3 inches wide.

Dark Gray Tie with White and Navy Blue Silk Stripes |The Dallas Tie by TieThis

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Another possible color combination with grays and blues intertwined includes a lighter colored gray suit and pants with some darker navy blues thrown into for contrast. You could choose a navy blue undershirt and a simple light colored tie, or go with the classic white undershirt and add a darker, textured tie that brings the color to the arrangement.

The Dallas Tie by the company “Tie This” comes with profound blue, gray, and black stripes separated by thinner white lines. This tie will combine masterfully with the light gray suit, as the contrasting hues of gray will certainly catch the eye of the people you are dressing to impress. This tie is made from 100% silk and its 59-inch length will allow you a little bit of extra room to try to practice some creative knotting techniques.

Secdtie Men’s Classic Stripe Jacquard Woven Silk Tie Formal Party Suit Necktie

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If elegance and sophistication are what you are trying to convey to the world when you head out in your Sunday best, then a simple gray, white, and black color combination will do the trick. The somberness of the colors lends itself to creating an air of dignity, maturity, and respect. For a dark gray suit, your best option is to go with a white undershirt and include a tie that incorporates a heavy dose of blackness.

The Secdtie Men’s Classic Stripe Jacquard Woven Silk Tie Formal Party Suit Necktie is a great choice for any fashion conscious businessman who wants to be taken seriously. Made from microfiber polyester silk, it will also be comfortable to wear during those long, seemingly endless business meetings.

KissTies Men’s Extra Long Tie Paisley Pattern Necktie

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Though the tie should never be the absolute centerpiece or center of attention for any suit, there are times when a tie with a bit more “pizazz” can be used to draw attention. The KissTies Men’s Extra Long Tie Paisley Pattern Necktie does its best to incorporate a truly unique and beautiful pattern that will bring out your style.

This tie is best combined with a solid white shirt and any color gray or charcoal suit. Furthermore, this tie comes with a matching pocket square/handkerchief that will only further accentuate the entire gray and white color combination. Made from jacquard woven microfibers, this tie is also soft yet thick. The 63-inch length makes it perfect for taller men.

New Red Paisley Jacquard Woven Men’s Tie Necktie

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Lastly, we come to the New Red Paisley Jacquard Woven Men’s Tie Necktie. This solid black tie has some subtle underneath patterns that add a bit of texture and consistency to the tie. A black tie is best combined with a light gray suit and a white undershirt. Alternatively, you could combine a darker charcoal suit, with a light gray under shirt and this dark, black tie.

AT 57 inches long and 3.4 inches wide, this custom size tie will work for virtually any sized man.

The Best Tie for the Best Impression

Learning to match a tie to the suit of your choice is a part of becoming a man. All of us probably have some picture from childhood or from those awkward adolescent days when we completely butchered the tie and suit combination. The right color and texture combination speaks volumes about your elegance and refinement and the right tie is by far the best way to bring the entire ensemble together.

Gray suits can certainly be a bit more challenging to properly combine than the more traditional black suit. However, any of the five suggestions reviewed above are quality ties that will allow you to feel like a dignified professional.


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