The 5 Best Toothpaste for Coffee Stains: Get ‘Em White!

Coffee stains take a toll over time. You may enjoy, no, you may be obsessed with that delicious appealing aroma and the alluring taste of freshly brewed coffee, but the stains they will leave on your teeth over time are hard to deal with, especially in the US where bright white teeth are the ideal to aim for. For that reason alone, you need the best toothpaste for coffee stains on the market. And we’ve got the list for you here.

Coffee Stains

Ever tried to get a coffee stain out of your white shirt? It’s not easy. It requires scrubbing, bleach, and you still may not get it out. Even worse, try getting coffee stains out of a nonwhite shirt. You can’t even use bleach!

This is what it’s like on your teeth. Sure, you can go to a dentist and have them professionally whitened, but who has that kind of money to throw away? Better to buy a yacht. And if you see a dentist, you’re still going to drink coffee? So what’s the point?

Toothpaste is a much better way to go because you drink coffee daily, so you can brush away the stains daily. That way they won’t have time to build up over years that will then take just as long to get rid of.

A Toothpaste By Any Other Name

No. All toothpaste are not alike. Some have bleaching ingredients like baking soda. Others have extra fluoride for stronger enamel. Some have both, and others have even more benefits to your teeth. If whitening is what you’re looking for, and it certainly seems to be, then you want a toothpaste with baking soda, with hydrogen peroxide, or even charcoal! Yes. charcoal. Whichever ingredient they use, you can be sure that the brands on the list here have not only been proven effective, but they are also well reviewed by many, many fans. You can’t go wrong.

Best Toothpaste for Coffee Stains: Whitest 5

1. Active

Active is an all-natural, organic formula that not only promises to whiten your teeth, it also guarantees to kill your bad breath. So if you have chronic halitosis, start here! To whiten your teeth this brand uses bamboo charcoal that will cut out all stains and odors so quickly you won’t believe it.

Also, you get to feel good about using all natural, organic products on your body that are sustainable and good for the earth. Even better, if you are not 100% satisfied, you will get your money back. Active is a great place to start.  Click here to see the pricing for the Active on Amazon.

2. Colgate Optic White

A trusted brand in toothpaste, Colgate has designed a formula proven effective for teeth whitening. The active ingredient here is hydrogen peroxide, so definitely do not swallow it. You get twice the normal active ingredient here.

It comes in a three pack and as long as you don’t swallow it, it is safe for daily use. Also, be sure to stick with it for the long haul. Colgate says you should wait four weeks for best results.

3. Crest White

Of course, Crest is not going to let Colgate in on the game without joining as well. This toothpaste comes in a two pack and uses an effective polishing silica that is not only safe for daily use but it is also safe for your tooth enamel. This is a major concern for some people who worry that too much whitener can wear away at your enamel.

This toothpaste promises to eliminate up to 80% of stains, strengthen your enamel, and prevent cavities. Those are nice promises to have in place when choosing a toothbrush.

4. Cali White

Here’s another all natural product that packs a lot of punch into one tube of toothpaste. It is made in the US with food grade activated charcoal, coconut oil, and baking soda for what it promises will deliver maximum whitening effect and no tooth sensitivity. This means that you will feel our teeth getting stronger, not more tender.

Also important to note, this toothpaste is fluoride free, which means it is safer for kid use; you don’t have to worry about your children swallowing too much toothpaste and getting fluoride poisoning from mommy and daddy’s toothpaste.

Finally, if you are not satisfied, send it back, and you’ll get your money back.  Click here to read reviews posted about Cali White on Amazon.

5. Sensodyne

Sensodyne is a trusted brand of toothpaste for people with sensitive teeth. Too many harsh whiteners can make teeth even more sensitive, so if you have sensitive teeth, this decision can be scary. With is nice about Sensodyne is that you will get the whitening effect, you will strengthen your teeth, and you will get the fluoride treatment your teeth need to keep them healthy.

Sensodyne uses a gentle approach to removing stains, so give it time once you have started to really see the difference. While it whitens, this toothpaste also promises to provide lasting protection for tooth sensitivity and cavity protection. You really get it all with this product.

Final Thoughts

So much detail goes into proper oral health. You have to floss, brush, see a dentist regularly, and drink lots of water, preferably water with fluoride, like tap water. It can be a lot to stay on top of. Who has time for all that work?

The truth is, you do. You have to. The last thing you want is your teeth falling out of your head before you even make it halfway to one hundred. Yes, you can live to be one hundred!

And then, in addition to regular care, you also want your teeth to look nice. Sure, the US has an obsession with the outside, but what’s nice about that is when you feel good on the outside, you feel good on the inside too. And having nice white teeth can really feel like a star, literally.

But this shouldn’t mean you have to give up your daily pleasures, like coffee. Just make sure you find a toothpaste that will work with you to cover it up.