How To Buy The Best Travel Toothbrush (Our 5 Top Picks)

When you’re jet setting, you need to get miniature versions of all the essentials that you use on a daily basis for grooming and maintaining your body. This includes travel-sized shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and much more. Travel toothbrushes are another such item, and while there are plenty of these little suckers to choose from, are you using the best travel toothbrush that you can?


Chances are, probably not. The travel toothbrush you have is likely the first and cheapest one you saw at your local store, and while it may technically brush your teeth, there are much, much better options out there that don’t cost all that much more money.

We’ve spent some time going over travel toothbrush reviews and testing out many different options for ourselves, and after plenty of thinking and debating, we’ve come up with a list of the top 5 choices for the best travel toothbrush around.

1. Colgate MaxFresh Wisp Disposable Travel Toothbrush


Colgate’s MaxFresh Wisp Disposable Travel Toothbrush is our first pick for this list, and it’s also the cheapest option you’ll find. As the name suggests, this is a disposable take on the whole travel toothbrush thing that’s actually quite a bit more convenient than we were anticipating.

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You can easily throw this pack of 24 mini-brushes into your suitcase, backpack, etc., and have multiple days worth of toothbrushing power. Each brush is made for one single use, and it doesn’t require any sort of water or rinsing — meaning that you can use these for a quick brush in the car or plane.

The bristles the Colgate added help to gently remove food and other particles that build up on your teeth throughout the day, a pick at the end acts as a tool for cleaning harder to reach areas, and the fretting bead in the center of the bristles dissolves while brushing to make your breath smell nice and fresh.

This is definitely the best pick out there for a disposable travel toothbrush, and while it would have been nice to have each brush individually wrapped, everything else about these brushes is top-of-the-line.

2. Violife Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush


Disposable brushes are great, but if you’d rather have a travel electric toothbrush with a case, then you may want to look at what Violife is bringing to the table with the Style Slim Sonic Electric Travel Toothbrush.

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Using sonic power for a deep clean, the Violife toothbrush kicks out a whopping 22,000 strokes every minute. Translation? Food, plaque, and other gunk don’t stand a chance against this thing.


Violife’s brush is powered by batteries, and the waterproof housing for these batteries helps to ensure that you don’t encounter any sort of power failure when brushing or cleaning the product. The cap is moisture-releasing to to help prevent it from getting nasty during brushes, and a one-year warranty protects you against any potential defects that you may run into.

3. Sonicety Electric Toothbrush HI-923


The Sonicety Electric Toothbrush HI-923 may not be on the USB electric toothbrush bandwagon that so many other brands seem to be going towards nowadays, but what it lacks here it makes up for pretty much everywhere else.

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Slightly more powerful than the Violife brush, Sonicety’s manages to produce 23,000 strokes each minute, and the 2 free extra brush heads are great to have on hand for when the default one starts to wear down.

You don't need any tools to replace the single AAA battery when it does eventually start to die, and the IPX7 waterproof rating means that you’ll never have to worry about the HI-923 calling it quits just because you ran it under the faucet.


If the Flower Polka Dot color isn’t up your alley, Sonicety also sells the brush in a Colorful and Black Polka Dot design as well.

4. Panasonic EW-DS90-S Compact Battery-Powered Toothbrush


Panasonic’s EW-DS90-S is the most expensive travel toothbrush on this list, and while the somewhat higher cost may keep a few of you reading this, we think it’s well worth every single penny if you’ve got the extra cash to spare.

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The 16,000 pulses per minute is a bit slower than what you’ll find with Violife and Sonicety, but that’s still plenty of power for a deep, fresh clean. Something you’ll find here exclusively though is the triple-edged brush head that’s much more accurate and precise when it comes to plaque removal than any of the other brushes on this list.


Something else that we really like is how quiet the brush is. With a noise level of just 37db, this is definitely one of the quietest electric travel toothbrushes that we’ve ever had the pleasure of using.

Add all of this together with a 100% washable/waterproof design, only 1 AAA battery required for operation, and a very sleek design, and Panasonic absolutely knocks it out of the park with the EW-DS90-S.

Is it expensive? Sure. Is it worth the money? Absolutely.



The final brush on this list is a bit different from the three electric brushes we just talked about, but if you want another cheap option that will still perform very well, the AIM TRAVEL T/BRUSH is certainly worthy of your consideration.

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AIM sells these travel brushes in a number of different colors, and the foldable design allows you to have a long handle to hold onto while also keeping the toothbrush extremely compact when you aren’t using it. It’s certainly a different take on travel toothbrushes (when compared to what most companies use) but it’s a design that we really do love.

With a durable design, BPA-free construction, and dentist-recommended cleaning, AIM packed a whole lot of awesome into such a tiny and affordable package. You may not get all of the frills that you’d find with an electric travel brush, but for as little of money as AIM is asking for this thing, it’s really hard to complain about it at all.

It’s portable, cleans great, and feels fantastic in the hand. What more could you ask for?

Final Thoughts

Using the best travel toothbrush as opposed to any random one you picked up online or at the store makes a big difference. You may not think so at first, but the cleaning power, feel in the hand, and portability that the brushes on this list offer are way better than most other travel options that you’ll find. Any of the 5 brushes on this list are guaranteed to make your next trip that much more enjoyable, and just for that alone, they’re well worth the money.


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