Best Undershirt For Hot Weather (Top 5 Ts To Keep You Cool)

Although the summer season is great for spending lots of time outside hanging out with friends, family, and loved ones, it can sometimes prove to be a real pain in the butt if you aren’t exactly sure how to dress for it. T-shirts and shorts are the two most common go-to clothing options to wear when the sun starts beating down, but what about your undershirt? In this article, we’re talking about our top 5 picks for the best undershirt for hot weather.

Wearing an undershirt during the hot weather might seem counterproductive at first, but believe it or not, they really do deserve a spot on your body even during the most sweltering days. Good undershirts for hot weather help to wick away moisture and hold back body odor, and this results in the rest of your outfit looking, feeling, and even smelling a lot better than it would without some sort of layer underneath it.

We’ve selected 5 undershirts that have proven to be the best of the best when it comes to keeping you cool during the hot summer months, and without further ado, here they are:

1. Sweat Proof Undershirts Crew Neck Slim Fit Men’s Micro Modal Odor Fighting


Our first choice for the coolest men’s undershirt for hot weather comes from Ejis. Ejis’s Sweat Proof Undershirts are some of the most popular on Amazon for guys looking for a quality undershirt that will keep them cool and dry even against the most intense heat, and after trying out the shirt for ourselves, it’s very easy to see why so many guys swear by these shirts.

Ejis’s waterproof layering for its shirts completely eliminates any potential sweat stains or marks from showing up, and thanks to 200 square inches of this coverage throughout each and every shirt, it essentially acts as a second line of defense if your regular deodorant decides to call it quits on you at some point during the day.

Silver fused fibers help with the combatting of odor-causing bacteria, and the premium micro modal fabric that’s being used here is both 2 times softer and 50-percent more water-absorbent than what you’ll find with regular cotton undershirts. Click here to read more about SweatProof Undershirts on Amazon.


2. Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt With Underarm Sweat Pads


Thompson Tee is another popular option that we’ve noticed a lot of guys have been rocking lately, and there’s a good chance you’ve heard of this one at one point or another. The Thompson Tee has been featured on The Today Show, ABC News, Shark Tank, and other publications as well.

The big draw for the Thompson Tee is just how well it eliminates and deals with underarm sweat, and although all of the shirts on this list are capable of doing that, the Thompson Tee is one of the best performers we’ve ever come across.

Made right here in the United States, Thompson Tee is extremely lightweight, super soft, and made with a combination of cotton and a special Hydro-Shield technology that was crafted specifically for the Thompson Tee.

Integrated sweat pads are guaranteed to stop any and all sweat that attempts to ruin the rest of your outfit, and the 30-day money-back guarantee adds a great deal of peace of mind over your purchase in case you for some reason end up not being completely satisfied with the Thompson Tee.  Click here to see Amazon's current pricing on Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt.


3. David Archy Men’s 3 Pack Micro Modal Slim Fit V-Neck


Our next two picks both come from David Archy, and this is a name that guys who are really invested in getting quality clothing products have likely run across at some point in their lives. This particular tee has been rated by a lot of fellow guys as the best undershirt for tropical weather, and that’s a statement we can fully get behind and support.

David Archy makes this t-shirt out of micro modal and spandex, and this combination allows the undershirt to be flexible and super lightweight — a duo that’s absolutely necessary for hot weather.

The classic V-neck style is one that we’re also happy to see, and the overall fit that you’ll find here is one of the best out of any of the shirts on this list.  Click here to read reviews posted about David Archy Slim Fit V-Neck on Amazon.


4. David Archy Men’s 3 Pack Bamboo Fiber and Micro Modal Undershirts


Sticking with the David Archy brand but looking at a slightly different offering from the company, this next option is a tank top that’s made out of micro modal and bamboo fiber. Bamboo fiber is a super premium material that’s extremely soft and smooth to the touch, but it’s also great for hot weather use as it offers fantastic air permeability as well.

As for the micro modal component, this allows the tank top to be extremely breathable and lightweight. Moisture-wicking properties help to ensure that excessive sweat won’t ruin your look or comfort at any point during the day, and the slim-fit design provides for a really close and secure wearing experience.

If you’re disappointed at all with your purchase, David Archy offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee to make your buying experience even more enjoyable.  Click here to see the pricing for the David Archy Micro Modal Undershirts on Amazon.


5. Texere Men’s V-Neck Undershirts


The last shirt we’d like to talk about today comes from Texere, and it’s another v-neck style shirt that nearly slipped past our radar. Texere’s shirt isn’t quite as popular as David Archy or Thompson Tee’s offerings, but that doesn’t make it any less of any awesome product.


Texere’s shirt is made out of 70% bamboo viscose and 30% cotton, and this material duo results in a shirt that’s not only lightweight and soft, but flexible and breathable too. Texere claims that its undershirt is more odor resistant, absorbent, and hypoallergenic that what you’ll find with competing offerings, and in our testing, we never once were disappointed with the performance of the shirt.

Texere has multiple colors for you to choose from, and although the sizes that are offered do run a tad small, we never once had an issue with the actual way that the shirt feels or rests on your body once you find the size that’s right for you.  Click here to view Texere Undershirts on Amazon.


Final Thoughts

The best undershirt for hot weather is one that will keep you cool and dry no matter how hot it is outside, and all 5 of the shirts on this list are fantastic at doing just that. No amount of heat or sun will cause these shirts to perform any less admirably, and because of that, every single one on here will be your new best friend when the sun starts to really beat down.