Best Undershirt For Sweaty Armpits (5 Of The Top Ones)

best undershirt for sweaty armpits

Although summer might be on its way out the door, that doesn’t mean that the hot weather is completely gone for all of our readers. Plenty of spots around the country still see high temps during the winter and fall months, and for climates like this, having the best undershirt for sweaty armpits is absolutely essential.

Sweat is often unavoidable when living in an area that seems to be hot year-round, and while this is a small sacrifice to make for having beautiful weather 365 days a year, it’s still an issue that needs to be dealt with. Some guys seem to think that sweat proof dress shirts will make all the difference, and while they can help, your undershirt is where it really counts for eliminating and managing excessive sweat.

There are a lot of companies and brands that claim to have the best shirt around for dealing with body sweat in hot weather, but after a lot of testing and trial/error, we came up with a list of the 5 shirts that perform the absolute best when under pressure.

With that said, here are our 5 picks for the best sweat proof undershirts on Amazon.

1. Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirts Men’s V Neck Slim Fit

If you’re a guy looking for a sweat-absorbing undershirt to keep you cool and comfortable during the hot weather, you simply owe it to yourself to try out the Ejis’s sweat proof undershirts. These shirts have quickly become one of the go-to options out there for guys that battle with excessive sweat, as the performance these shirts offer is second to none.

One of the highlights for the Ejis shirt is the large one piece waterproof layer that stops sweat marks dead in their tracks. They don’t stand a chance against this shirt, and this is thanks to the underarm seam that cuts through a waterproof layer so you don’t have to worry about leaking of any kind.

This shirt offers more than 200-square inches of coverage for your torso/back, and it works so well that some guys have come to think of it as a backup for days that they forget to throw on their deodorant. Silver-fused fibers throughout the shirt combat odor to a great extent, and the water-absorbent cotton holds sweat in place and doesn’t let it make you uncomfortable and drenched halfway throughout the day.  Click here to view Ejis Sweat Proof Undershirts on Amazon.

2. Thompson Tee Sweat Proof Undershirt With Underarm Sweat Pads

Another popular choice for sweat proof undershirts comes from Thompson Tee. Thompson Tee may not be quite as popular as the Hanes of the world, but its spotlights on The Today Show, ABC News, Huffington Post, and many others, are quickly shaping it up to be the next great thing in undershirt technology.

Thompson Tee undershirts are made right here in the United States, and the 100% lightweight and premium cotton feels absolutely fantastic to the touch. However, that’s not the only thing the shirt has to offer.

In addition to the main cotton design, there are also underarm pads throughout the inner layer that help to stop sweat before you even know it’s there. The pads are hidden so that the shirt looks like any other undershirt on the market, but they work far better than most other solutions.

This shirt is machine washer and dryer safe, and if you don’t like the results you’re seeing, you have 30 days to return the shirt for a full refund after your purchase.

3. DRSKIN Undershirts Running Shirt Tank Top

If you don’t like the v-neck or crew cut designs from the last two shirts, you might be more inclined to try out DRSKIN’s undershirt offering. This undershirt is marketed for as a running shirt, but it honestly works as a great tank top for wearing under dress shirts as well.

The tank top design keeps the shirt very lightweight and compact, and the 92% polyester and 8% spandex design provide you with a lot of mobility that you simply will not find with other material choices. The shirt feels very soft and comfy when worn, and the moisture sensing system helps to keep sweat at bay at all times.

DRSKIN’s Quick and Dry Transport System works like a charm, helping to wick away sweat from your body and keep you cool and dry even when under extreme heat.

4. Hanes Men’s X-Temp Performance T-Shirt

Hanes is one of the biggest names when it comes to men’s undershirts, and the company’s X-Temp line of shirts is a tried and true choice for a classic crew cut shirt that will keep you dry and clean without breaking the bank.

Made out of 60% cotton and 40% polyester, Hanes’ shirt offers a nice combo of comfort and flexibility in one great package. The X-Temp system that’s integrated throughout the shirt helps to dry your body as temperatures around you increase, and with at 40+ UPF rating, you’ve also got ample protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Shoulder-to-shoulder taping makes wearing the X-Temp shirt super comfy even for long periods of time, and the 2-pack offering offers a lot of value for your money.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on Hanes Men’s X-Temp T-shirt. 

5. David Archy Men’s Bamboo Fiber and Micro Modal Undershirts

Our last pick for the best undershirt for sweaty armpits goes to David Archy. This is another undershirt with a tank top design, but unlike DRSKIN’s that’s made more for guys that are physically active, David Archy’s is designed to be worn for a variety of situations.

As the name of the shirt suggests, bamboo fiber and micro modal are two big components for the material makeup. That may not sound like a big deal on paper, but these two things do wonders for keeping you dry and cool even through the hottest of weather.

The amount of breathability that this shirt offers is out of this world, and thanks to the presence of micro modal, it can easily wick away an unwanted moisture that tries to rain on your parade.

You can get the shirt in a few different colors, and if you’re for some reason not happy with your purchase, you can return the shirt for a 100% refund.  Click here to read reviews posted about David Archy Men’s Undershirt on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Undershirts made for combatting sweat are a necessity when living in an area with consistently hot weather, and all of the five shirts on our list perform admirably in these types of environments. Underarm sweat is never a fun thing to deal with, but with a shirt like this to wear with the rest of your outfit, it’ll soon be a thing of the past.