Best Underwear To Prevent Chafing (5 That Actually Work)

Today, we’re going to be talking about underwear. That may not be the most glamorous topic around, but its an important one that does warrant some discussion. There are a ton of different brands and styles to choose from when it comes to guys’ underwear, but today we’re going to be focusing specifically on the best underwear to prevent chafing.

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you’ve experienced chafing at one point or another throughout your life. And, as a result of this, you know just how painful and annoying it can be. Chafing is often a result of wearing ill-fitting or cheap underwear, and after experiencing this even just once, you’ve probably hit the Internet searching for mens underwear that offers relief from chafing.

In this guide, that’s exactly what we’re going to be focusing on.

The men’s underwear market has recently kicked out a plethora of awesome underwear options that do a phenomenal job at reducing and completely eliminating chafing that you may encounter with typical styles, and the following products we’re going to talk about are the 5 best anti chafing underwear that you can buy right now.

1. Champion Men’s Tech Performance Long-Leg Boxer Brief


The first pair of underwear on this list is one of the best answers to the question of, “What prevents chafing?” Champion has been kicking out men’s underwear for a number of years at this point in time, and the company’s Men’s Tech Performance Long-Leg Boxer Brief is one of our favorite solutions for ending the irritation of chafing once and for all.

Champion’s underwear are made out of 92% polyester and 8% spandex, and this allows them to be very comfortable, durable, and elastic simultaneously.

Power Core technology is present here to promote increased support of your manhood and better ease of movement while going about your day. Champion’s No Ride Up system allows your underwear to stay securely in place no matter how physically active you are, and the Doubly Dry moisture-wicking fabric keeps everything cool and dry so you don’t ever have to deal with chafing ever again.

Champion sells its Tech Performance underwear in three main colors (black, grey, and blue), and the long-leg design with the Champion logo across the waistband should get your partner’s attention in bed as well.  Click here to view Champion Long-Leg Boxer Brief on Amazon.


2. Under Armour Men’s The Original 6” Boxerjock


Under Armour is another company that’s kicked out some seriously impressive men’s products in the past, and the company’s Original 6” Boxerjock remains as one of the best boxer briefs around. The length of the leg isn’t quite as long as what you’ll find with Champion’s option, but this isn’t necessarily a pro or con and more of a personal preference thing.

The upfront cost is more than what you’ll pay for Champion’s Tech Performance underwear, but Under Armour includes a two-pack which means that you actually end up getting more bang for your buck here than with our previous option.

Aside from that, the real star of the show is Under Armor’s HeatGear technology. HeatGear helps to move moisture away from your body so that you stay dry, comfortable, and chaf-free all day long.

In addition to this, Under Armor’s underwear also features an anti-odor system that keeps odor-causing microbes at bay so you can stay great-smelling even after running around all day long between work and play.  Click here to read more about Under Armour Boxerjock on Amazon.


3. David Archy 4 Pack men’s Micro Modal Separate Pouches Trunks Underwear


Our third pick comes from David Archy, and the bang-for-buck ratio here is easily the best out of any of the underwear on this list. The David Archy name may not be as well known by most guys, but for those that demand the best performance possible out of their underwear, this is a company that has yet to let us men down.

Although it may catch your eye thanks to the six colors to choose from, the star of the show with David Archy’s product is with just how great this underwear feels. The separate pouch design of this means that your private parts are kept separate from everything else, and this allows them to say drier and cooler than what you’d find with competing offerings.


The breathable panel enables air to easily flow downstairs so you don’t get too sweaty or irritable, and the extremely soft micro modal material consistently feels cool to the skin and ridiculously comfortable.  Click here to see the pricing for the David Archy Trunks Underwear on Amazon.


4. New Balance Mens Dry Fresh Boxer Brief


New Balance’s Dry Fresh Boxer Brief may not be as high-end or fancy as what David Archy has to offer, but if you prefer a more traditional design and aren’t sold on the separate pouch thing, this is an excellent option that’s definitely worth your consideration.


You’ll get two pairs of underwear with this particular option, and something that really got our attention right off the bat is New Balance’s 4-way stretch support. This system enables the underwear to effortless move with your body no matter what you’re doing, and this added flexibility does an awesome job at keeping chafing levels down to a minimum.


An articulated mesh panel promotes added breathability, an ergonomically designed waistband doesn’t pinch or add unnecessary pressure to your skin, and quick-wicking material keeps unwanted moisture away from your skin so you don’t become unbearably hot or sweaty even on the most intense summer days.

5. Saxx Mens Kinetic Boxer Briefs


Our fifth and final pick for the best underwear to prevent chafing is the Saxx Mens Kinetic Boxer Briefs. This underwear option comes with a ton of colors to choose from, and while this isn’t the most important factor for anti-chafing underwear, it's still great to have those options to choose from.


Saxx’s ultra-light micro mesh fabric creates for increased breathability while going about your day, and there are also properties throughout the underwear that aid in eliminating unwanted odors.

Combine all of this with a moisture-wicking and quick-drying design that comes in at a fairly competitive price, and you’ve got a pair of underwear that’s really difficult to say no to.


Final Thoughts

Chafing is an issue that no guy likes to deal with, but thanks to the five underwear options listed here, that’s something you won’t have to put up with any longer. We can’t guarantee that your chafing will go away completely as all men are different, but what we can say is that these underwear will at least drastically reduce the amount of chafing you experience on a daily basis.