The 5 Best Underwear to Prevent Jock Itch (Avoid That Painful Itch!)

Jock itch is something that will likely happen to every man at some point in his life. It is not just one of the worst things that can happen down there, but it is definitely the most annoying one.

Now, to fight the problem and get rid of it for good, you have to be smart about it. Here, the idea of suffocating the enemy is the worst one. The mantra should be let it breathe.

So, your first line of defense is to choose the best underwear to prevent jock itch and help you with your treatment once you get rid of the problem. Yes, you can get it again.

Anyway, if you did wonder whether or not you can prevent jock itch from happening to you again, the answer is yes. Now, you have to wear the right underwear.

Below is a great selection of the best underwear to prevent jock itch. We select them based on how comfortable they are, how much they allow the area to breathe, and the type of fabric. If at all possible, we also try to take the design into consideration.

So, let us cut to the chase and start this list. Remember that the right underwear is half the battle, but you still have to take other precautions to make sure you keep it health there.

The 5 Best Underwear to Prevent Jock Itches! (No More Pain!)

1. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer

If you want the perfect combination of technology, comfort, and price, stop reading this article and go get yours. The ExOfficio boxer is perfect for preventing the jock itch.

This underwear has 94% nylon and 6% Lycra Spandex, which is a powerful combination to combat the jock itch. It reduces odor and treats the area with antimicrobial technology. Yes, it is that good.

Are you ready? It has a breathable mesh that improves airflow. This allows the skin to breathe. Always remember, the best way to prevent and treat jock itch is by allowing the skin on the area to breathe.

To finish in great style, this incredible underwear has a beautiful design that looks good on any body type and is durable. So, you only need a pair to take on a trip. Our advice would be to get as many as you can in as many colors as you can.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on ExOfficio Give-N-Go Boxer.

2. Under Armour Men’s Original Series 3” Boxerjock

Let us go straight to the point. This underwear is great to prevent jock itch because of its anti-odor technology and anti-microbes fabric that does not allow the problem to even start.

The high-quality 90% polyester and 10% elastane composition not only helps to prevent jock itch but also makes the underwear of great quality overall.

If this is not enough for you, no problem. Under Armour has an exclusive technology called HeatGear that eliminates sweat and dries the fabric quicker.

Now that you know that it is made of great fabric that prevents jock itch, dries sweat quicker, and is stretchable, there is one more thing. This underwear has an exclusive beautiful design. So, you not only prevent jock itch, but you also look good while doing it.  Click here to read more about Under Armour Boxerjock on Amazon.

3. Adidas Men’s Sports Performance Climalite Boxer Brief, Two-Pack

Let us take to another level with the Adidas men’s sports underwear. This is perfect for the athletic guy that obviously sweats a lot during practice. The super cool things about this underwear are the Polyester Spandex and the Climalite technology that keeps it cool and dry.

So, this underwear is breathable, which is good to prevent jock itch. It is soft and light, which is good for sports practice. And, it has a great design, making you look nice in it.

Finally, the Climalite technology not only keeps it cool and dry, but it also provides superior moisturizing to the area. This is pretty important in preventing not only jock itch but any skin problem that commonly affects the area.

Anyway, this Adidas underwear is a great choice for anybody that wants to prevent jock itch, especially to anybody who practices a sport.

4. Goodthreads Men’s 4-Pack Tag-Free Knit Boxers

The Goodthreads pack of knit boxers is another great option. The 100% imported cotton is super comfortable to wear. This is the perfect combination of breathable and comfortable.

The single-button brings an interesting flair to the conservative design. The elastic waistband makes this underwear really comfortable to the wearer.

Finally, what matters the most is how breathable this one is. The high-quality cotton allows your skin to breathe, preventing jock itch. Also, this is 4 pack so you get a lot for your buck. So, you not only prevent jock itch with an underwear with a very breathable fabric but you also get a 4 pack of them.

5. Champion Men’s 3-Pack Performance Boxer Brief

The Champion underwear does not just have a cool brand name. This one is the highest quality underwear you are going to get, paying this little for 3 pack. So, you take home a great deal. Let us make sure we cover all the cool things about this one.

First, it is composed of cotton, polyester, and Spandex. This creates a breathable material that will not only allow your skin to breathe but can also make it cool down there.

The wicking moisture fabric is the best feature of this underwear. This keeps the area cool and dry. This technology makes the sweat evaporate faster and does not allow it to accumulate.

If you think this is all incredible, but wait, there is more. The stretch fabric moves with you and makes sure that the underwear keeps the shape over time after wearing and washing. Plus, it stays in place while you move.

Final Thoughts

So, there is no right or wrong choice here. If you pick any one of these based on your needs and taste, you will be all set. Just keep in mind that your groin area needs to breathe, so pick underwear with fabric that allows your skin to do that.

Now, share this article to help other guys prevent jock itch, and leave a comment below telling us which one you liked more.