The Best Wahl Clippers You Can Buy (+5 Other Top Wahls)

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There are a lot of different areas on your body that need proper maintenance and attention, and while it might be one of the most obvious, the hair that sits on your head is one of the most important bits of your body that needs regular upkeep.

It can be easy to get fixated on trimming your beard, manscaping your body, and cleaning up that mustache of yours, but all that work is wasted if you leave your hair to the wild while doing so. You can choose to go to a barber to get it cut by someone else, but if you’re someone who likes to do all of their grooming by themselves, you’ll need a pair of Wahl professional clippers.

Wahl isn’t the only brand around when it comes to solid hair clippers, but they definitely make some of the best that are out there. Today we’re going to be focusing on the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit, and while doing so, I’ll evaluate just what makes these the best professional Wahl clippers on the market right now.

Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit


Best Wahl Clippers Review

Wahl makes a lot of really reputable clippers, but among all of their offerings, the Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Hair Kit takes the cake. For a very competitive price, the Elite Pro delivers a supremely powerful motor, extremely sharp blades that provide for accurate and close cuts, a comb that’s constructed out of stainless steel, and a lot more. This is one of the most complete packages around, now let’s see just what makes it tick.  Click here to view Wahl Elite Pro High Performance Hair Cut Kit on Amazon. 



Accurate Blades That Sharpen Themselves

If you’re in the market for something that will deliver a smooth, close cut, you cannot go wrong with what Wahl’s crafted with the Elite Pro. The blades that you get with this kit are some of the best out there, and they create for a cut so close to your scalp that you’ll think you’re at the world’s fanciest barber while trimming your unkempt hair.

However, that’s not even the best part. While you use the Elite Pro, its blades sharpen entirely on their own. That’s right. No more worrying about having to manually sharpen your blades when they get dull - Wahl’s already got you covered. This is a feature that we’re seeing in more and more clippers nowadays, but it’s still rather uncommon to get this feature in a kit of this price.

Lots Of Included Guide Combs

Another main reason as to why the Elite Pro is one of the best Wahl hair clippers out there has to do with the included combs that come with the kit. You might think that any included accessories would be on the cheap side of things, but you’d be dead wrong if you thought that even for a second here.

Wahl has bundled a ton of guide combs with the Elite Pro to help you get the most customized cut possible, and the combination of the Secure Fit attachment system and clips made out of stainless steel make these some of the best combs that I’ve ever had the pleasure of using. Wahl rates the included combs to be around 70% more durable than their standard line of combs, and the large nameplate makes it easy to see which attachment you’re using.

Long, Durable Cord

To provide you with as much wiggle room as possible while getting your work done, the Elite Pro comes with a cord that measures in at a whopping 8-feet long. This might seem like overkill at first, and while it might be for some people, it’s better to have too much cord than to have too little of it.

The cord itself is rather thick and made out of an ultra-durable rubber, and it’s seriously one of the toughest ones that I’ve ever seen. The cord is the main connection of power for your clipper, and as such, you want to make sure that it says in tiptop shape for as long as possible. In the case of the Wahl Elite Pro, you shouldn’t ever have to worry about this cord wearing down on you at all.

Heavy Duty Carrying Case

When you aren’t using the Wahl Elite Pro and want a nice way to stash it and all of the goodies that come with it, the company has you covered once more. This kit also comes with its very own storage case, and it too feels like an absolute tank.

There’s plenty of room for all of your items, with a latch that looks and an additional nylon bag to keep the guide comb safe and secure. It’s truly the perfect compliment for the Elite Pro, and it also looks pretty impressive once everything is packed away inside of it.


Weighs In On The Heavy Side

Due to all of the power that the Elite Pro is packing in, it is worth noting that the device tends to weigh a bit on the heavy side of things. This isn’t a deal-beaker by any means for the Elite Pro, but if you’re someone who’s planning for longer cutting sessions, this is something you’ll want to keep in mind. It’s not the beastliest thing I’ve ever held, but you will likely need to take a break here and there if you’re faced with a rather intense hair cutting job.

Product Line

The Elite Pro is a phenomenal tool, but if you’re looking for something a little bit different that matches your style or price range more effectively, here are 5 more of the best Wahl clippers that will also get the job done:

Final Thoughts

Wahl really isn’t messing around with the Elite Pro High Performance Haircut Kit, and compared to its competitors, it’s one of the best products that you can buy when you consider its price, feature set, and included extras. Even with that being the case though, don’t count out the other Wahl clippers that I listed. This is a brand that knows a thing or two about the world of men’s grooming, and each one of their products is worth at least a look.