Best Watches to Collect For Investment: Watch The Money

Most investors would agree, a property is a great investment. You can hold it in your hand; it isn’t lost in some digital world of the stock market to all be won or lost on a dime; and, if the property is right, it will only increase in value over time. Watches are one are people don’t typically think of as an investment area. But if you think about it, the best watches to collect for investment can end up bringing you in a pretty penny.

Oldies But Goodies

Think about the evolution of timepieces over the years. In many large, upper-class homes you’ll find grandfather clocks, hearkening back to centuries ago when people trusted the peal of bells to remind them of the hour.

The most elegant men carry pocket watches from antiquity in a classy display of wealth and refinement. Older timepieces are considered quaint, dashing, even debonair.

The older the better. A timepiece with history, from a reputable, well-established company, can be worth thousands of dollars. A timepiece with all of the aforementioned qualities that have also been previously owned by someone of a solid reputation is even more valuable.


Watches are the new timepieces. They are relatively new and getting even fancier by the day. Lately, many have run out to purchase the fabulous new Apple watch, so you can text and tell time all at once.

But, again, the most refined gentlemen around still prefer the classic look, a piece that tells a story. The Apple may cost half your paycheck, but we can rest assured that it will not become an iconic timepiece lusted after by young men of the twenty-second century.

No, those young gents will be looking for the same air of sophistication that you and I seek now.

What to Look For

So you need to be clear what to look for when on the hunt for a collectible watch. Any type of material that can stand the test of time, solid metals that aren’t plated or leather. You also want an analog watch for class. Digital watches tend to become dated very quickly. They are more kitsch than anything.

You are likely starting small, so you will need to find the best watch investment under 1000 dollars. There are many collectible watches guides to peruse to find the answers, and you can certainly do that.

Here, you will find the top five best watches to invest in 2017-2018 for long-term returns.

Top Five Best Watches to Collect for Investment

1. Maurice Lacroix “Eliros”

  1. If there’s one thing that is common knowledge, it is that Switzerland produces great watches. Maurice Lacroix is no exception. Top of the line in fashion and function, the Eliros is a beautiful, elegant piece of machinery. It has a black face, and every other facet is a shiny metal.
  2. It is made of stainless steel, it has an interchangeable band, so if you want to switch out for a leather band you can do that. It is analog, and the face is no reflective, so you don’t have to worry about the sun blocking your view. It is at the height of collectibles among this kind of watch.

2. Claude Bernard AR1

  1. From, as the maker says, “the French part of Switzerland,” this watch is nevertheless another Swiss timepiece. The rose gold frame around the silver face makes this piece a classic look. It is as close to men’s jewelry as you are going to get.

The band, as opposed to the typical linked chain, is a Milanese bracelet, so it will fit comfortably on your wrist, and flex when you do. The face is quartz sapphire that is also anti-reflective, so you can see your watch any time of day.

3. Bulova Automatic

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  1. The Bulova is a long-standing name in watches. This piece is typically made in the USA, but can also be imported on some occasions. It is a gunmetal gray, which is very current but also lasting. The color trend doesn’t seem to be one that is flighty, so you can expect it to maintain its class for years to come.
  2. This watch looks like the complicated type for those who like to wear their brilliance on their wrist. It is self-winding, and the face shows all of the mechanisms that make it tick. The gunmetal gray is offset by flashes of stainless steel, so it isn’t all dark after all.

4. Citizen Men’s Eco Drive

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  1. Here is your chance to not only invest in a collectible watch but also to save the planet. This watch will never need a battery as it gets its energy from the sun. Citizen is another classic name in watches, so you know you are buying quality and brand loyalty.
  2. This watch is a nod to the leather and gold lovers. The band is a dark, rich brown leather and the ring around the face is gold. The face itself is a black that nicely offsets the gold hands and ring.

5. Bernex Pocket Watch

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  1. Finally, because no watch list would be complete without one, the pocket watch. This watch is beautifully handmade and suitable for engraving. It is rose gold with an aqua face that is set in Roman numerals, with black hands that circle it.
  2. This is a pocket watch that will become an heirloom and be handed down through generations. It is Swiss made, of course, and build to last centuries after its original owner is long gone.

Invest in Time

If a property is a good investment, and investments gain value over time, then investing in time cannot possibly lead you wrong. A solid watch will last you a lifetime, will be appropriately handed down, and only gain in value as the generations pass. Think of a collectible watch as a mortgage you didn’t have to sign your life away for.

From this list, you have many options to choose from, and whichever watch you choose, it will stand the test of time.


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