The Best Water Shoes for Hawaii, 5 Pairs for Fun in The Sun!

Heading to Hawaii to explore and enjoy some time in the sun is a dream that many people have, so when the time finally comes, you want to make sure you’re properly prepared for total enjoyment. A lot of your time in Hawaii will likely be spent exploring the beaches and their surrounding areas. Finding the best water shoes for Hawaii will ensure that you’re able to enjoy each day with the appropriate footwear wherever you go.

What to Look For: Choosing Your Water Shoes

The best water shoes for Hawaii should meet a certain set of standards. Hawaii is a place that is known for its beautiful beaches, of course, but also for its interesting terrain. You will find yourself exploring beaches with golden sand, tropical foliage, waterfalls, and even rugged cliffs. That is why choosing the right water shoes will make or break your experience in Hawaii.

Here are the features to keep in mind for your Hawaii water shoes:


  • Comfort: first of all, make sure that the water shoes you choose to bring with you to Hawaii are comfortable enough for you to wear all day because chances are those will be your shoes of choice most days. You want to find a pair that fits well and is easy to walk in, without weighing you down.
  • Versatility: Hawaii is home to a wide variety of landscapes and terrains to explore, so you need to invest in a pair of water shoes that will be able to switch seamlessly from place to place. Think along the lines of finding water shoes that are durable while still being lightweight and easy to move in.
  • Traction: there’s no way you’ll visit Hawaii and avoid exploring waterfalls, so you need water shoes that will work well for climbing. Look for shoes that have strong rubber soles with non-slip grip.
  • Protection: there are water shoes that are thicker and there are shoes that are thinner. It is somewhat a matter of preference, but the thing to be aware of is the soles and toes of your water shoes. You want to make sure that your feet will be protected against jagged rocks or sharp objects.

Top 5 Pairs of Water Shoes for Hawaii

It’s time to take a look at some of your best water shoe options for your time in Hawaii:

1. CIOR Men Barefoot Skin Aqua Shoes Anti-Slip 

The CIOR water shoes are a solid option for Hawaii as they are built to be anti-slip for your exploring needs while remaining lightweight and comfortable. These water shoes are very affordable and made from a practical and flexible combination of polyester and spandex. You will be able to slip these water shoes on and off in just a moment for your optimal convenience.

The CIOR water shoes are an especially thin pair that will feel almost like you’re wearing socks. Don’t worry about how you will fair on rougher terrains, however, the soles of these shoes are strong and thick. Choose the color pattern you prefer, pack them in your luggage, and once you slide them on in Hawaii, you’ll forget you’re even wearing them and focus on your adventures.

2. L-RUN Unisex Water Shoes Barefoot Skin Shoes 

The L-RUN water shoes are another pair that gives you the sensation of being barefoot while still providing sufficient protection. These nylon water shoes are very soft and flexible, which means you’ll be able to move well in them. The rubber soles of the shoes are durable and non-slip, making them a reliable option for climbing and exploring more jagged terrains.

While these shoes are as breathable as it gets, they will keep your toes safe from painful stubbing and will also keep sand out. The L-RUN water shoes are available in a range of color patterns to suit your preferences. If you’re planning to spend most of your time outside in Hawaii, these shoes will make for smooth and seamless transitions.

3. WateLves Water Shoes Men’s

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The WateLevs water shoes are an investment to strongly consider because they are affordable, available in many different patterns, made to be superelastic for flexibility in all directions, and designed to protect your feet. These water shoes are made with an anti-slip rubber sole which has shock absorption performance, meaning even difficult climbs are manageable in these shoes.

These water shoes are lightweight and will make you feel like you’re wearing socks, but they protect your toes from bumps, as well. The fabric is breathable and contains drainage holes, so you don’t spend all day feeling water sloshing around in your shoes. In terms of maintenance, these water shoes are easy to keep up with. All you need to do is rinse them at the end of your day and leave them out to dry until it’s time to put them back on.

4. JIASUQI Mens Summer Outdoor Water Shoes Aqua Sock 

The JIASUQI water shoes are another slip-on pair that will conform to the shape of your feet for a smooth and comfortable fit that will keep sand out and allow you to move and climb confidently. These water shoes are made of polyester and spandex and are an affordable option available in many colors.

Don’t be fooled by just how lightweight these water shoes are, they are designed with an anti-slip rubber sole that will help you stay balanced while protecting your feet in rougher territories.

5. Barerun Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes Aqua Socks

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The Barerun Barefoot water shoes provide the experience that their name suggests in that you will feel like you’re wearing nothing on your feet. These affordable shoes come in fun patterns and colors and are made to be very durable and worn day in and day out. The combination of breathability and a thick, anti-slip sole makes them a great choice for exploring Hawaii.

Final Thoughts

As you prepare for your time in Hawaii, remember that your feet will be doing a lot of walking, and be sure to invest in water shoes that will keep them comfortable!


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