Buying The Best Waterpik For Braces (5 That Really Work!)

Living with braces can really be quite the ordeal at times. Braces are incredible for straightening teeth and getting the best smile possible, but trying to do basic things like eating and brushing with them isn’t always that simple. There are a lot of gadgets out there that make living with braces as easy as can be, and today, we’ll be honing in specifically on the best Waterpik for braces.

Waterpiks, also referred to as cordless water flossers, allow you to get a deep clean in between your teeth and gums even when wearing braces. Trying to floss with braces usually proves to be one of the most challenging things around, but thanks to gadgets like Waterpiks, you don’t have to deal with that frustration ever again.

The best way to floss with braces is absolutely with a water flosser, and rather than send you off to read heaps of water flosser reviews by dentists, we thought we’d make it easy and show you the top 5 ones that are on the market right now.

Without further ado, here they are.

1.Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser WP-660

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The first Waterpik on this list is the Waterpik Aquarius Water Flosser WP-660. This is one of Waterpik’s best water flossers yet, and it’s quickly become the #1 best seller on Amazon. The WP-660 was awarded the American Dental Associate’s Seal of Acceptance, and it was the very first product of its kind to do so.

Waterpik’s WP-660 brings 10 different pressure settings to play around with, 7 tips for flossing with water, and a total water capacity that allows for 9- seconds of continuous use. That might not sound like a lot at first, but it works out to be more than enough for quite a few days of flossing power.

You should start noticing healthier gums and brighter teeth within days after using the WP-660, and the gadget is compatible with both 120VAC and 60Hz outlets. The on/off switch on the handheld portion is very easy to use, and the attached cord offers more than enough freedom for moving around while flossing.

Looking specifically at use with braces, Waterpik says that you can clean up to 3x more effectively when comparing the WP-660 to regular string floss.

2. Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser WF-03

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Another great Waterpik solution is the Waterpik Cordless Freedom Water Flosser WF-03. Unlike the WP-660 that needs to be plugged into an outlet in order to work, the WF-03 runs on an internal battery so you can use it wherever you happen to be.

The WF-03 runs on three AA batteries, and depending on how often you’re using the flosser, they should need to be replaced between ever 1 and 2 months. You can use the WF-03 in the shower thanks to its built-in waterproofing, and the 2 pressure modes offer a fair amount of control over your flossing experience.

Waterpik says that you can expect healthier gums after just 14 days of using WF-03, and like the WP-660 we’ve just looked at, you can expect 3x the cleaning power when flossing braces with WF-03 compared to string floss.

In that same breath, Waterpik also includes a special orthodontic tip along with the two classic jet tips to make your braces flossing even easier and more enjoyable.

3. H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser

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Going back to traditional water flossers that need to be plugged in, the H2ofloss Water Dental Flosser is a Waterpik alternative that aims to offer a lot of the same features for a much lower cost.

H20floss product is extremely quiet when in use, and it also brings a 100% waterproof design — making about 50db of noise and featuring a rating of IPX7. You have access to pressure settings ranging from 5 – 110 PSI, and pressing the lowest setting button stops the water from coming out if you need to quickly pause your floss session.

Next to the water reservoir is a storage compartment for holding all of your tips for the flosser, and speaking of these, H2ofloss includes a total of 12 of them — including a jet tip, tongue cleaning tip, orthodontic tip, nasal tip, and more.

There’s an impressive 1200 pulses/minute offered here, and all of this comes in a package that costs almost half of what you’ll pay for the Waterpik WP-660. When you put all of that into consideration, H2ofloss’s option becomes seriously impressive.

4.Dentive Professionals Aquarius Water Flosser

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Another Waterpik alternative comes in the form of the Dentive Professionals Aquarius Water Flosser. This features a similar design to the WP-660 and H2ofloss, but with this model in particular, there are a few new features we haven’t seen quite yet.

Something that’s noteworthy right off the bat is the water tank. Dentive’s water flosser features an 800mL tank, and this is rated to provide up to 2 minutes of constant use. There’s also an IPX7 water resistance rating, and Dentive’s pulse flow technology offers a lot of pressure for seriously effective and noticeable results.

There are 10 different pressure settings to play around with, and Dentive also includes a special orthodontic tip that makes water flossing around braces even easier than with the regular jet tips that are included.

5.Waterpik WP100W Ultra Dental Water Flosser

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Lastly, let’s talk about the Waterpik WP100W Ultra Dental Water Flosser. The WP100W has been created by many as the absolute best Waterpik for braces, and while that’s a big title to live up to, the WP100W just might do so.

Like the Dentive Professionals water flosser, there are 10 different pressure settings that you have at your disposal to get the best floss possible for your mouth. The on/off switch for the hold system rests above that, and at the very top is a convenient storage system for storing all of the included tips/heads.

Waterpik’s special orthodontic tip makes flossing away food from your braces as easy as can be, and the rating of 1200 pulses per minute means that the WP100W offers more than enough power for removing even the toughest of plaque and food from your pearly whites.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the above gadgets, practicing awesome dental and oral care doesn’t need to be difficult just because you’re currently wearing braces. Water flossers have been a godsend to those trying to keep their teeth as clean as can be even while donning the infamous braces, and for our readers that find themselves in the same boat, you really do owe it to yourselves to give something like these products a shot. You’ll be glad you did.


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