Best Way to Store Ties (Besides Color Coding)

how to hang ties on a hanger

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Whether you collect ties because you enjoy wearing them with different outfits, or you accumulate them as an obligation for work, storing them is never easy. Going to the store to buy ties is very deceiving. The display is always neat and organized, which makes you forget the challenge to come at home. Figuring out the best way to store ties can eliminate an unnecessary stressor from your daily life.

Can Ties Get Wrinkly?

Ties are a clothing item that wrinkle very easily. They are often a piece of clothing that is almost exclusively used for business or a professional look. Due to their small size and use as an accessory, more often than not, this can cause you to spend less time thinking about their care. This can be a mistake, however, when it comes to keeping your ties in prime condition.

Not only do they wrinkle easily, but ties can incur a lot of damage from small habits that you don’t think much of. Even taking your tie off too carelessly at the end of the day can cause damage and creases in your tie that is extremely difficult to fix.

Ties even stain without much effort. Once drop of something difficult to remove, and your tie may be done for good. This is why proper storage of your ties is such an important part of tie care. When you store your ties in ways that will not cause wrinkles or leave them exposed to other possible damage, you are contributing to their long-lasting quality.

One very important thing to remember is that you should never iron your ties. This is a really fast way to damage them for good. If you find a tie wrinkly and in need of ironing before you wear it, choose a steaming process instead. You can take it to the dry cleaners for sure satisfaction, or try your own luck by attempting to steam your tie in the hot bathroom as you shower.

How to Fold Ties for Storage

Before you learn the best way to store ties, you need to know how to fold them properly. When you think of ties, folding may not be the word that comes to mind. The truth is you will need to be just a bit more creative when it comes to the folding of your ties. It won’t be as square as folding usually is.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Get all your ties in one place to prepare for the folding process.
  2. Lay one tie at a time flat, with the front side down.
  3. Fold the tie in half, with the bottom tip meeting the top.
  4. This is where the folding stops!
  5. Now, roll the tie, from the narrow end upward.

Once you’ve ‘folded’ your ties in this manner, the best thing to do with them has put them in a container where they will fit snugly together, to hold their rolled-up shape. You will store them on their sides so that you can see the inside spiral.

This simple folding method can save you a lot of trouble. Next times someone asks you how to store ties and belts, you can share this easy technique with them.

How to Organize Ties in a Closet

Your closet might be the most practical space you have in which to store your ties. If that is the case, then you need to figure out how to create a user-friendly tie storage system in the closet. This is easier said than done, especially if you have minimal space.

Don’t give up before you start, though. There are ways you can manage to store your ties in your closet and still be able to easily access them.

Consider one of these ideas:

  • Boxes: if you have any extra floor space, or shelves, in your closet, then using boxes to store your ties is one of the simplest options. Remember how you just learned to ‘fold’ ties? Well, using that method, you will be able to store many ties in just one regular sized shoe box. Buying designated storage boxes for your ties is an even better idea. Storing your ties in boxes will allow you to look at each tie without struggle whenever you need to choose one.
  • Tie Wall: if you have a large closet, with extra wall space to spare, then you should consider building your own custom tie rack. You can install metal racks on the wall where the ties will be displayed, and you can stack rows of racks, depending on how big your tie collection is. The project itself is not difficult so the only thing you need to think about is whether your closet has that much space.
  • Rack Hangers: the problem of storing ties in practical ways is not a new issue. That is why there exists a special type of hanger designed specifically to store ties. Rack hangers are usually able to hold about 20 ties each. They are organized in a vertical fashion to save space and avoid wrinkling your ties.

If your closet is the place you need to store your ties, choose a method for ease and organization.

What to do if you have Nowhere to Store your Ties

Ties need to be stored well to maintain the best quality possible for the longest amount of time. If you don’t have anywhere to store your ties, then you will need to be creative, but also vigilant.

While standard hangers are not ideal for holding ties, they are better than nothing. Instead of leaving your ties draped over a chair after work, put them on a regular hanger.

Try not to make this a way of life, though. It will serve you well to invest in creating some form of proper tie storage system. The ideal way to store them is with rack hanger, but boxes are acceptable, as well.

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is you need to store your ties safely to extend their quality and time with you.


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