Buying The Best Wide Tooth Comb For Curly Hair (5 Faves!)

Having curly, thick, and/or long hair is a true blessing. So many men often struggle with thin and receding hairlines, so having a full and rich set of hair really is something to be thankful for. However, even as great as it is, curly/thick hair requires a lot of extra work and tools in order to properly and healthily maintain it. For today’s article, we’re going to be honing on the best wide tooth comb for curly hair.

The comb is one of the oldest and most reliable tools for working with hair, but for someone that has particularly curly hair, you really need to step up to not only a comb with wide teeth, but a wide tooth comb that’s rated to be one of the best around.

These combs will provide you with much more control over your hair, and it’ll make working with it considerably easier than the cheap $1 comb you picked up at the supermarket.

If you’re ready to finally take control of your locks and start styling them the best way possible, these are the best combs for long hair that you should check out.

1.pureGLO Wood Hair Comb

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The first comb on our list is the pureGLO Wood Hair Comb. This extra wide tooth comb is made entirely out of natural Jade Sandalwood, and the handcrafted design means that it looks ridiculously well-made and put-together. The handle is purposefully thickened to provide for a secure and solid grip, and the ergonomics throughout it mean that your hand won’t get cramped up after holding it for long periods of time.

An ultra-smooth and refined finish is found throughout the entire comb, and a lot of this is due to the sheer density that’s present in sandalwood. It’s a much softer material than what you’ll find in plastic or metal, but it’s still plenty substantial and sturdy.

We found that this comb produced considerably less frizz and static compared to a lot competing combs, and the extra wide teeth easily glide through even the thickest and curliest of hair — a true godsend for guys with this type of hair.

Additionally, if you aren’t a fan of the sandalwood and want to try something different, pureGLO also sells a buffalo horn teeth model with the same general design.

2.Conair Anti-static Detangling Comb

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Conair is one of the most well-known brands when it comes to hair products, and the company’s anti-static detangling comb is the best option you have if you’re looking for a super inexpensive product that will still allow you to get the results that you want.

The comb is made out of plastic, but even with this being the case, Conair has designed it so that the comb won’t create unwanted static or flyaway. It’s extremely easy to detangle thick hair with this comb, and when doing so, you won’t have to worry about creating split ends thanks to the design and style of the teeth.

Conair says that this comb can be safely used both in and out of the shower, and if you decide to use it while also cleaning off your body, it acts as a great tool for evenly distributing conditioner throughout your hair as well.

3.Large Tooth Detangle Comb Shampoo Wide Teeth

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The Large Tooth Detangle Comb is very similar to the one from Conair, except this one is made by Selcessories. This comb measures in at 9 1/2-inches long and 2 3/8-inches wide, and although it may look like the exact same Conair comb, but for more money, it has something quite special going for it.

This comb is unbreakable.

Although it is made out of plastic, Selcessories has crafted the plastic in a way so that it’s noticeably more sturdy and solid than what other plastic combs offer. This is a feature that we really came to love, and it truly does come in handy if you have kids that like to mess with your things (or if you’re just a clumsy person).

In addition to this, the teeth on the comb are very wide and do a fantastic job at running through thick and curly hair without any problems at all. This package all comes in at a price that’s still extremely affordable, and for those looking for a great mix of features and value, this is for you.

4.Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb

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Cricket is the maker of this next comb, and this is another one that’s got something special going for it.

As the name of the Cricket Ultra Smooth Hair Conditioning Rake Comb suggests, there are organ and olive oils infused throughout the plastic that help to condition and smooth your hair when using the comb. And, in addition to the already mentioned oils, there’s also keratin protein that’s another welcome touch.

Cricket’s comb glides through even the curliest of hair without even the smallest issue, and the ergonomically designed body/handle makes wielding it a pure joy. The comb helps to reduce frizz while also adding shine and smoothness to your hair, and it’s often been rated as the best wide tooth comb for black hair (although guys of any kind can use it and see the same great results!).

5. Breezelike Wide Tooth Wooden Hair Comb

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Finally, let’s talk about the Breezelike Wide Tooth Wooden Hair Comb. This is another comb that’s constructed out of sandalwood, and the 100% handmade design is something that you’ll notice as soon as you lay your hands on this thing. The attention to detail that’s present here is simply fantastic, and the craftsmanship that went into crafting this comb is readily apparent.

You won’t get any snags, frizz, or static when combing your hair with Breezelike’s comb, and the natural aroma of the sandalwood with the refined wooden teeth does a great job at helping to relieve tension and offer stimulation throughout your scalp.

The body of the comb is super smooth, seamless and extra wide, and the handle feels great to hold. This is the most expensive product on our list, but if you ask us, it’s more than worth the asking price.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, thick and curly hair is often a double-edged sword. It looks great and often contributes to a healthy scalp, but on the flip side, it can also be a pain to take care of. Thankfully, by owning the best wide tooth comb for curly hair, managing it can be considerably easier and more enjoyable.


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