Best Winter Boots for College Students (Keep it Stylish)

Making the transition to college brings with it many things to think about, including your wardrobe, shoes being one of the main aspects. Going to college means that you’re becoming more independent and responsible, and you need accessories that will suit your new style. So, it will be a good use of your time to search for the best winter boots for college students.

Types of Warm Winter Boots

Choosing the best winter boots for college students can be a more complicated process than what you were used to at home. That’s because once you’re off to college, you never know what situations you may find yourself in, and how warm you may need your feet to be!

Before even considering design and style, you need to think about what type of winter boots you want:

  • Pac Boots: these are some of the most classic winter boots you can find. They have a thick rubber sole and the top part tends to be made from nylon or leather. These boots are often waterproof and well insulated.
  • Snow Boots: while also insulated well, these boots usually don’t have rubber soles, and are instead more fashionable, often sporting faux or real fur.
  • Hiking Boots: if you’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors during the cold winter and snowy weather, then you may want to invest in a pair of durable, waterproof, and warm hiking boots. They are easy and comfortable to walk in, as well.

Along with deciding what type of winter boots you want to invest in for college, you will also need to think about whether you want tall or short boots, and if you want fur or not.

Campus Practicality: Cute Winter Boots

When it comes to the winter boots you will wear on your college campus, you do not want to sacrifice aesthetics for practicality. There’s no need to worry, as there are plenty of winter boots that combine the two masterfully. You just need to have the patience to find them.

Think about what you will need in order to keep your feet warm and dry while on campus, without looking clunky. You need your winter boots to:

  • Keep your feet dry (think waterproof).
  • Be warm and cozy (insulated and/or fur lining).
  • Comfortable to walk in (flat, rubber or solid soles).

When you have the practicality down, it comes time to think about how you can add your fashion touch to your warm winter boots. Think color and shape! There’s no better way to express your personality than by choosing a shape of a boot that makes you feel amazing, and getting them in a color that suits your wardrobe, or simply tickles your fancy.

So, don’t try to rush the process. Consider the clothes you have for the winter season, in terms of color and style, think about what kind of boots you would like to put on each and every day and ask yourself what style of winter boots you could see yourself wearing both this year and next year.

5 Best Winter Boots for College Campus

Take a moment to look at these winter boots and see if any of them are the right pair for your college experience.

1. Columbia Women’s Ice Maiden II Snow Boot 

If reliability is your number one priority for your college winter boots, then there is no better choice than a pair of Columbia boots. These Ice Maiden Snow Boots are a worthwhile investment made from leather and textile, which are available in a number of sleek and attractive colors, for your style needs.

The rubber sole of the boots ensures that you will walk safely to all over your classes and events, even if there is black ice on the ground, and the waterproof material of the boots will keep your feet dry in rain and snow. These boots are the ideal combination of warmth and winter aesthetic.

2. Kingshow Women’s Globalwin Waterproof Winter Boots 

Do you like the taller, lace-up style of winter boots? Then the Kingshow Winter Boots are sure to satisfy your desires. With a large variety of color combinations to choose from, you can rest assured that your winter boots will keep your feet looking as cute as possible in the middle of any blizzards you face.

The boots will keep you from slipping and support your ankles through a long day of classes.  Click here to read reviews posted about Kingshow Waterproof WInter Boots on Amazon.

3. Kamik Women’s Momentum Snow Boot 

Winter is the one time of the year when you can pull off the look of going sledding or skiing, without it seeming like too much. If you’re a person who enjoys getting bundled up during the cold months, then you will like the look and feel of the Kamik Snow Boots.

Waterproof, insulated, and created with a sturdy rubber sole, these boots will serve you well on your daily walks throughout campus and also for any adventures you choose to take in the winter weather.  Click here to read more about Kamik Momentum Snow Boot on Amazon.

4. Global Win GLOBALWIN Women’s 1632 Black Grey Snow Boots 

When versatility in style and purpose is important to you, a winter boot that can be both tall and short will come in handy. The Global Win Snow Boots are a great option that functions as short boots, with a fur top, or taller boots, with a sleek look.

For the look, feel, and quality of hiking boots, while retaining a totally stylish aesthetic, Global Win has got you covered at a more than reasonable price.

5. Sorel Women’s Winter Carnival Boot 

To invest in a winter boot that will stay with you for your whole college career, and always be classically stylish, go with a pair of Sorel Winter Boots. The mid-calf cut is waterproof, with a lace-up design, and firm rubber soles.

The felt insert used to keep you warm can be easily removed and washed, talk about convenience for your college life!  Click here to view Sorel Winter Carnival Boot on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

The pair of winter boots you choose for college will shape the way you feel each and every day as you walk to your classes, across campus. Make sure that you choose a pair that keeps you comfortable and matches your personality.