How To Buy The Best Winter Gloves For Extreme Cold (Top 5)

As much as we might not want to think about it, winter will be here before we know it. The warm summer months are quickly coming to an end, and while we may still have a few days of warmth and sunshine to go, we’ll soon be faced with cold and bitter air whether we like it or not. To help make getting through the winter season more bearable, it’s time to pick up the best winter gloves for extreme cold.

Certain parts of the country tend to get hit with more intense winters than others, and for these states/areas, having as many suitable winter clothes is essential to making it though until next spring. There are a lot of different clothes/gear you should be outfitting yourself with, but gloves for below-zero weather are some of the most important.

Proper winter gloves not only help to prevent frostbite from the cold, but they also enable you to still easily use your hands even when out and about during the winter months. They truly are essential to get through this time of year, and these are the 5 best ones money can buy.

1. OZERO Sensitive Touch Screen Gloves for Men

OZERO is the maker of the first gloves on our list, and although you probably won’t find these in your local malls or stores, these have quickly become one of the more popular online options for quality winter gloves that work well at a low price.

The gloves are made out of a windproof polyester material, and they’re insulated with cotton throughout to ensure that your hands never become bitter no matter how low the temperatures drop outside. There’s also water resistance to ensure that your hands stay safe even if the gloves get wet, although OZERO doesn’t recommend submerging them.

You’ll find silica gel particles throughout the inner part of the glove to give you a secure and reliable grip on items even with them on, and the elastic cuffs creates for a very snug fit that we fell in love with.

And, as if this wasn’t enough, OZERO’s also designed its gloves with special touchscreen fingertip pads so you can easily use your smartphone even with them on! The special coating that allows for this is found on the thumb and index finger areas, and in our experience, it works exceptionally well.

2. Men Waterproof Thinsulate Ski Snowboard Gloves

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HighLoong’s Waterproof Thinsulate Ski Snowboard Gloves have been rated by quite a few individuals as the best winter gloves for 2017, and while we aren’t ready to say that one of these is absolutely better than the rest, we can agree that this is one of the very best options currently around.

These gloves are noticeably bigger and bulkier than the OZERO option, and while you are losing the ability to use your smartphone here, you’ll find that the gloves are noticeably warmer in just about every area. The breathable waterproof material works great, the Thinsulate material provides for ridiculous warmth to combat the cold, and even the zipper found on the top is waterproof!

A nylon shell and palm PU leather helps to give you a better grip on this while wearing the gloves, and although your mobility will be slightly reduced due to the design of these particular gloves, it’s still quite easy to maneuver just about anything that you need.

Also, speaking of the zipper, you can unzip this to reveal a hidden compartment that will easily allow you to store small items — such as keys, a lighter, matches, etc. It’s a very smart addition and one that can prove to be extremely helpful.

3. MCTi Waterproof Windproof Men’s Winter Thermal Gloves

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Moving right along, another pair of gloves worth checking out comes from MCTi. These gloves also feature 3M’s Thinsulate Insulation technology, and just like with the HighLoong gloves, this does a remarkable job at keeping your hands nice and warm even in the most bitter of situations.

More specifically, MCTI’s gloves come equipped with 40 grams of 3M Thinsulate and 140 grams of super warm cotton. That allows the gloves to be thick enough for keeping you warm while skiing, snowboarding, or doing just about any other winter sport.

In addition to the awesome warmth you’ll find here, MCTi’s gloves have also been designed to be waterproof and windproof with three layers of protection, and the fully-covered PU palm and rubber grips even make it easy to get a sturdy hold on whatever you’re trying to work with.

4. YQXCC Winter Men’s Leather Gloves Touch Screen

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If you want a glove that looks as good as it works, one of your best bets is easily the YQXCC Winter Men’s Leather Gloves. These gloves are often featured when looking online at different extreme cold weather glove review sites, and that’s for a good reason.

For starters, these gloves look absolutely fantastic. The high quality PU letter on the outside offers great levels of comfort and style, and below this is where you’ll find a faux-fur material that both keeps your wrists warm and adds a nice sense of refinement to the overall design.

Additionally, these gloves also come equipped with the ability to still use your smartphone even while wearing them. You can operate your phone’s display with both your thumb and index finger with each glove, and the responsiveness proved to be surprisingly great.

5. The North Face Unisex Etip Glove

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Our last pick for the best winter gloves for extreme cold goes to The North Face’s Unisex Etip Gloves. The North Face is one of the most popular brands when it comes to winter apparel, and the company’s Etip gloves are some of our favorites.

You can get these gloves in a variety of different colors, and no matter which one you select, you’ll still get The North Face’s awesome 5-dimensional sizing system that allows for a super consistent fit every single time.

The four-way-stretch fleece offers great flexibility while still keeping your hands nice and toasty, and as the Etip name of the gloves suggests, you can easily use your smartphone with the gloves on as well.

Final Thoughts

Winter gloves are soon going to be a dime a dozen in the stores thanks to the incoming weather season, and while it might be easy to go ahead and pick up the first option that you see, it’s worth putting a bit more time into the whole buying process. The 5 gloves mentioned here have proven to do an excellent job at providing supreme warmth and comfort throughout the winter months, and they all do so at very, very reasonable prices.


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