The 5 Best Womens Running Shoes for Bad Ankles (No More Pain)

Women are mindful of their general health. Every morning, you will never miss seeing a lady or two taking their regular runs. Not just the athletes from the social club, but also the woman from next door.

However, without the right shoes, most of these women may end up causing more harm than good to their legs. Such difficulties tend to affect those who have a bad ankle. But, don’t worry. You’ve come to the right place! This is a review of the best womens running shoes for bad ankles.

A group of brilliant scientists and manufacturers came up with the perfect pair of workout shoes. The design, as well as the impressive fabric in these shoes, ease up the tension of your strides.

These features ensure that you apply very little pressure on to the ankles. Moreover, the shoes give you a more comfortable work-out session without straining your bad ankle.

With the variety of shoes in the market today, you can have a hard time deciding on which pair to pick. In this article, therefore, I am going to take you through a list of professionally selected shoes that will fit your energetic body while paying attention to your bad ankle. In addition to being protective to your ankles, each pair has a set of unique features and pros.

5 Best Womens Running Shoes for Bad Ankles

1. Saucony Women’s Running shoes

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If you are afraid of those long morning runs because of a severe ankle pain that pops up afterward, that’s perfectly okay. With the Saucony running shoes, you can now run with a lot less to fear. The Saucony comes with a textile and synthetic fabric that ensures that your leg fits in perfectly.

Key features

The Saucony running shoes have a durable outsole, hence, this pair guarantees you a longer durability. Also, the Saucony comes with a supportive upper layer. This supportive layer gives you the confidence to run knowing that your shoe won’t slip off.


  • The Saucony shoes come with a robust supportive cushion that reduces the pressure applied to your feet, especially at the ankles.
  • The shoe fits perfectly for enhanced comfortability
  • Comes in a sleek black design but is also available in three other colors
  • The Saucony shoes are lightweight, making it easy to carry around


  • The padding can be too thick for some people.

2. Saucony Women’s Grid Stratos 5 Running shoes

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A good pair of shoes to accompany you during your work out session is the best feeling ever. It makes you able to go that extra mile. With the Saucony Women’s Grid Stratos five running shoes, you are surely going to have the best running experience, even with bad ankles. They are comfortable enough and ensure that there is less strain on your bad ankle.

Key Features

This pair comes with a synthetic mesh to provide aeration to your feet all through. More to that, you will have a range of different colors to choose from. Also, this pair comes with a stylish finish that is more ladylike. Much like the previous product, this pair comes with a supportive layer that increases its firm grip on your feet.


  • Comes with a supportive heel strike cushion
  • The extra mesh synthetic surface is an excellent addition to this product. It ensures proper aeration of your feet when you are running.
  • They are more comfortable and stylish than its counterparts


  • Some of the customers complained that the sneakers were stiff

3. ASICS Women’s Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

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If you are a frequent runner, I’m sure you’ve come across this pair or even seen someone run in them. The outward design is quite hard to miss once you spot them.

Add that to their impressive performance, and you have a suitable blend of both comfort and style. The ASICS women’s Gel-venture running shoes can be an excellent healthy addition to your running shoe collection.


The sneakers come with a highly aerated synthetic lining. The aeration helps in increasing the air circulation to your foot and reducing bad odor. The sole also comes in a rubber material hence improving the shock absorbance of the sneakers.

More to that, this shoe has the RearFoot Gel cushioning system that also further improves the primary shock absorbance mechanism. You are sure of a smooth and comfortable run when wearing this pair. The sneakers can also fit a medical orthotic since it has removable sock-liner.


  • The sneakers come with extra support for your ankle.
  • The sneakers are highly aerated
  • The RearFoot Gel Cushioning system ensures a more comfortable running experience. More to that, it also enhances shock absorbance.
  • The shoe comes in a sturdy fabric hence you are sure of a long life service
  • The rubber sole also improves on the shock absorbance. Also, it eases the tension applied to your ankle


  • Some of the customers complained that the shoe is heavy.

4. Salomon Women’s Speedcross Running shoes

If you are a constant runner, then these shoes are ideal for you. With extreme comfort and grip on any terrain, you are in for the run of your life in this sneakers.


First of all, the Salomon shoes are lightweight hence making your running experience less cumbersome. The sneakers come in a water-resistant textile so you won’t have to worry about those accidental plunges in a small pool of water around your neighborhood.

The best part about these sneakers is its firm grip. If you love taking your runs around the neighboring forest, then make sure you buy one of these. The grip feels like a typical run around the park while you’re climbing a mini-hill in the woods.


  • Best shoes for all terrains
  • Comes with a rubber sole hence increasing shock absorbance
  • The sneakers are water resistant
  • The Salomon shoes are very light in weight


  • Some of the users complained that the plastic used to keep the sneaker secure and tight broke after a few runs.

5. Adidas Women’s Energy Cloud V Running Shoes

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Adidas has a good reputation for a reason. With the Adidas shoes on, you are in for that pain-free run you’ve been seeking. The stylish finish will compliment your workout outfit.


The sneaker comes in synthetic fabric hence making the shoe light in weight. Additionally, the Adidas shoe has a rubber sole that helps increase shock absorbance in the sneaker. The result is less pressure applied to your ankle.


  • The shoe is light in weight
  • The synthetic fabric makes it easy to wear
  • Comes with a rubber sole


  • The pair is only available in two colors.

Final Thoughts

In summary, I hope with the above descriptions; you now have a wide variety of good quality ankle-running shoes. Remember to check the specification of each shoe before buying. This way you will know how best the shoe fits your needs. Just be sure to lace up right and run carefully!


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