The Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet (5 Affordable Options)

The Problem of Sweaty Feet

Having a trusty pair of slippers on hand is always nice if you enjoy being comfortable while you hang around the house, but what happens when you suffer from excessive sweating? Your slippers might become smelly and sticky and wear out faster. But is there such a thing as the best women’s slippers for sweaty feet?

Thankfully, you need not worry about that question for long. If you’re a woman with sweaty feet, there are still plenty of options for you, but you’ll have to be more selective than your non-sweaty counterparts. You should look for a shoe that’s breathable, that wicks moisture, and that has antibacterial or anti-odor properties. Each of the selections below meets all or most of those qualifications.

The Best Women’s Slippers for Sweaty Feet Choices

1. LE KAPMOZ Women’s Breathable Slip-Ons

When looking for a trusty pair of slippers that won’t make your sweaty feet problem even worse, breathability is one of the most important, if not the most important, factors to look at. A breathable shoe means that air can circulate in and out of it, which is good news if you want to avoid sweat buildup.

In addition to being breathable, these shoes are comfortable—made from boiled merino wool. Their antibacterial and odor-resistant properties are an added benefit because they ensure that any unwanted smells will be kept to a minimum. Additionally, these slippers are suitable for all weather conditions—they will keep you warm during the winter and cool during the summer.  Click here to read more about LE KAPMOZ Breathable Slip-Ons on Amazon.

2. Women’s Terry Slip-On Clog Slipper with Memory Foam

These slippers have memory foam, meaning that they will mold themselves to the shape of your feet and provide additional comfort and support. The shoes’ clog design allows for more breathability and less sweat, and the shoes are made of cotton designed to wick moisture away from your feet.

However, what makes these slippers especially suited for sweaty feet is the fact that they are machine washable. If odor starts to build up, simply throw them into the washing machine, and when you take them out, they’ll be good as new. If convenience is your number one priority, these shoes might be the best pick for you.  Click here to see the pricing for the Terry Slip-Ons on Amazon.

3. Women’s Knitted Fleece Lining Memory Foam Flip Flop House Slippers

These shoes are, admittedly, not for everyone. If you’re a person whose main reason for wearing slippers is susceptibility to cold toes, the flip-flop design of this product might seem a bit self-defeating. However, if you wear slippers for the purpose of comfort and also happen to suffer from sweaty feet, these shoes might just be right for you.

Like the previous product, their footbed is made out of memory foam, meaning that the shoes will cushion your feet with every step you take. Additionally, these shoes are even more breathable than the previous products due to the open-toe design. With air circulation at both the front and the back of your foot, developing excess sweat buildup is unlikely.  Click here to read more these slippers on Amazon.

4. Acorn Women’s Oh Ewe II Slipper

Did you know that it’s possible to keep your feet cozy and warm without getting them clammy and sweaty? With these sheepskin slippers, you can have the best of both worlds.

Sheepskin is famous for both its breathability (due to moisture-wicking properties) and warmth, so for someone whose feet sweat more than normal, this shoe might sound too good to be true.

Nonetheless, it is definitely the priciest product on this list but for good reason—its premium Australian sheepskin lining does not come cheap. Additionally, the shoes’ soles are waterproof, making them wearable both indoors and outdoors.

The footbed is made of a soft cushion that distributes your weight evenly and provides arch support, meaning that you can walk or even stand for long periods of time without developing sore feet.

If you can afford to buy a product in the upper price range, these shoes will not disappoint.  Click here to see Amazon’s current pricing on these acorn slippers.

5. Women’s Memory Foam Breathable Spring House Slippers

To finish off our list we’ve given you one last inexpensive, reliable pair of slippers to consider. The design of these slippers is basic, but they look very slick and will keep your feet warm and comfortable without making them prone to excess sweat.

The top of the slipper has many tiny breathing holes designed to improve air circulation to your feet. The inside of the shoe is made of a moisture- and odor-wicking memory foam. Like the second product, these slippers are also machine washable, so in the case that they do become smelly or sweaty, a simple round of laundry can make them good as new.

Final Thoughts

There you go— the five best women’s slippers for sweaty feet. If you’re one of the many women for whom it’s difficult to find slippers that work for you due to feet that sweat too much, we’re confident that any of the products on this list will satisfy your needs.

All of the slippers we’ve listed for you here have specific safeguards designed to combat sweating, including breathable material, moisture-wicking technology, and odor-reducing technology.

Some of the slippers on this list are even machine washable.  The reason that’s so important is that it means regardless of how much you sweat, you can always still clean your slippers to perfection.

Before you go shopping, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The prices on this list range tremendously. Though all of the products here are of premium quality, the more expensive products generally use higher quality material and therefore will last you longer.

Keep this in mind when choosing a slipper— after all, an expensive pair of slippers that lasts you years will probably cost less in the long run than a cheaper pair that you have to frequently replace.

We’re confident you’ll choose a slipper that meets your individual needs.