Best Women’s Underwear for Running (5 Breathable Pairs)

Let’s face the facts, ladies, there’s nothing worse than the feeling of sweating in your underwear while running. While it isn’t surprising, it’s one of those sensations that can totally ruin your workout momentum, and make you feel like heading home to shower and change. So, to avoid an unnecessary distraction while you exercise, spend some time finding the best women’s underwear for running.

Dri Fit Underwear for Women

To be considered the best women’s underwear for running, a pair of panties needs to keep you feeling as dry and fresh as possible throughout the duration of your workout. That is where the idea of Dri-Fit comes in. You’ve probably heard the term Dri-Fit floating around the gym, or maybe even read it in a few magazines, and it’s no wonder.

Dri Fit ‘technology’ works by fitting your body’s form and bringing the sweat up, like lifting it, from the skin, therefore transferring it to the moisture-wicking fabric, to keep your body dry.

Exactly what you thought it did more or less, right? The truth is, finding a pair of underwear that works with Dri Fit technology, or employs moisture wicking, in other words, will make a world of difference for how you feel as you run.

Choosing the Best Underwear for Long Distance Running

Other than finding underwear that provides moisture wicking, you will want to think about a few other things before choosing your ideal running panties. Keep in mind:

  • Style: what cut or fit of underwear do you usually wear? You want to make sure that you’re comfortable while running, so stick to styles that you know work for you.
  • Size: in any case, you should always try to wear underwear that is your proper size, but when it comes to running, you need to be even more precise. Choosing underwear that is too small or large for you, will end up in discomfort while running.
  • Seamless: deciding whether to go with underwear which is seamless is a personal choice, however, you may find it more comfortable overall and less invasive while exercising.
  • Color: just because it’s underwear, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t choose colors that make you feel vibrant and increase your motivation to rock your run.
  • Stretch: when it comes to running, you know how much movement is necessary. You need your underwear to be as flexible as possible and move with you as if it’s a part of your body.

Choosing underwear for running is simple, and takes just a few extra moments of thought compared to buying everyday panties.

5 Top Options: Women’s Athletic Underwear

Enough talk, let’s get down to business and check out your 5 best choices for running underwear:

1. Balanced Tech Women’s Wicking performance Seamless Thong Panties 3-Pack Underwear

This is an option for you ladies who like the feeling and freedom of thongs. Don’t believe any of the hype you hear, you can totally work out in thongs, safely! These Balanced Tech seamless thongs are ideal for running, as they’re made breathable fabric, which uses moisture wicking and odor resistance. That means, no more worrying about how you smell after your run!

The 4-way stretch fabric will prove durable and flexible enough for even your toughest runs, and you might even forget you’re wearing underwear. These affordable panties come to you tag-less and ready to go, for a productive run with no chafing.

2. adidas Women’s Climacool Cheekster Underwear 

When it comes to athletic wear, Adidas is a brand you can rely on, and their reputation stands for this Climacool underwear. Made of a combination of polyester and spandex, this underwear will stretch in any way you do, while keeping you feeling cool and dry, no matter how hard you work.

Without tags and with flat seams, you will hardly notice this pair of underwear as you run. Very affordable and available in a variety of fun colors, Adidas has produced a pair of running underwear that will be satisfying to almost everyone.

3. New Balance Womens Breathe Hipster Panty 3-Pack 

Whether you’re going for a run, or just wearing this pair of underwear to run errands, the New Balance Hipsters will keep you comfortable and dry all day. Made without tags and seams, this pair of underwear won’t show through your running pants and will sit flat and snug against your body.

Super lightweight and breathable, the moisture wicking design will stand up to even the heaviest exercise sweating. With a bright variety of colors and patterns to choose from, these Hipsters will be a great addition to your exercise wardrobe, at a great value.

4. Under Armour Women’s Pure Stretch Thong 

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Another reliable option for women who prefer thongs, the Under Armour Pure Stretch Thong is exactly what you needed in a pair of underwear for running. You will never have to worry about the hassle of folded edges or panty lines, as these thongs have been cut with lasers, for the flattest fit possible.

Between the 4-way stretch, moisture wicking, and ultimate comfort-focused design, your run will be the time when you can let it all go and free your mind, without distractions. Available in many colors and sizes, these well-priced thongs deserve a shot in your running rotation.

5. Knix Wear Women’s Fitknix Air Athletic Moisture Wicking Boyshort 

Prefer full coverage when it comes to underwear? No problem, the Knix Wear Fitnix Boyshorts are just the underwear for your running needs. Designed with a combination of nylon and spandex, you get the high level of flexibility necessary for an enjoyable and productive run, combined with a smooth, comfortable feeling on your body.

With both moisture wicking and anti-microbial technologies, you will find yourself feeling dry and fresh, without a strong odor, after your long-distance run.

Final Thoughts

Running should be your time to focus on your health and let your mind roam free. If your underwear is uncomfortable, that is simply not possible. Even your favorite pair of everyday panties may not suit your running needs. Take the time to search and find your ideal pair of running underwear, and change your exercise experience!


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