The Best Womens Watches Under 200 (5 Bargain Picks)

Finding the right watch is a tough job. It seems like there are always too many options. Before you know it, you have created a whole collection of your favorite watches. This is useful when it comes to matching your watch with different outfits, but it can be tough on your wallet. Finding the best womens watches under 200 will allow you to keep adding to your collection.

Types of Watches

As you begin searching for the best womens watches under 200, you should think about the different types of watches that are available to you. Think about the collection you have at home and consider whether there are any gaps you need to fill!

The first thing to distinguish is whether you want a digital or analog watch. Both types serve their own purposes. It comes down to your personal preferences and the purpose of the specific watch. After you decide whether you want to go with digital or analog, think about which style you’re interested in:

  • Casual: it’s always a good idea to keep one or two casual watches in your collection. These are the watches you’ll be able to slip on without much thought on a daily basis. They will be practical, but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dress: if you love to wear watches will all outfits, then you definitely need to invest in a dress watch for formal occasions. This style of watch is focused on exuding elegance with chic materials and design standards.
  • Fashion: if you use your cell phone to check the time, but want to make a statement with an attractive watch, go for a fashion watch. These watches are designed to bring a pop to your outfit and attract attention.
  • Sport: this style of watch is a choice for practicality. If you want to use your watch for exercise and ensure that it will not be damaged, this is the style to choose.
  • Activity Trackers: this style takes it one step further than sports watches, by dedicating itself to keep your fitness the number one priority. While you will be able to tell the time with activity trackers, it’s their other features that are the main selling point.
  • Smart Watches: choosing a smartwatch gives you the ability to stay connected to your cell phone and social media no matter where you find yourself. These watches are stylish, future-oriented, and keep you connected at all times.
  • Hybrid: one of the newest trends is hybrid watches. These watches allow you to rock the classic watch look while simultaneously taking advantage of features like step-tracking and digital notifications.

There are many style options for you to consider during your search. Finding watches under 200 will allow you to plan to add more than one style to your collection over time.

The Top 5 Watch Options Under 200

1. Casio Women’s LRW200H-7BVCF Watch 

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The Casio Watch is a bright and all-white model with pastel-tone 12-hour indices, which will spruce up any outfit. This watch is made with Japanese quartz movement and an analog display, which includes a date window at 3-o’clock. The Casio has a buckle closure and is adjustable for optimal comfort. This watch is super versatile and you can even wear it while at the beach or swimming, as it is water resistant for up to 100 meters (330 feet).

Casio is a brand that is well-known for its watches, and this super affordable model reinforces the brand’s respected reputation. This watch falls into the category of casual wear, as it can be worn comfortably daily and is aesthetically pleasing. It’s lightweight on the wrist and easy to clean to keep it bright white!

2. Timex Ironman Essential 10 Mid-Size Watch 

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The Timex Ironman Essential Watch is a very affordable option to add to your collection if you’re in the market for a sports watch. This watch is available in a variety of colors to match with your favorite workout gear. The Timex watch is digital includes a stopwatch, timer, alarm, and Indiglo light-up dial. If you’re a swimmer, this watch will suit your needs, as it is water resistant up to 330 feet.

The watch is made with a strong resin band which uses a buckle closure for easy adjustment. The calendar on the face of the watch shows day, date, and month. Timex is another brand that has built a reputation for its reliable watches, and this model is no exception. It will be part of your collection for years to come with proper care.

3. Letsfit Fitness Tracker HR 

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The Letsfit Fitness Tracker is an excellent option if you’re looking to test the waters with fitness trackers without breaking the bank. The fitness tracker is available in a variety of color combinations to suit your personal preferences. This tracker has a digital time display, which you can customize to display the time and date in a format you like.

You will have many options as to functions you can use with this fitness tracker. Some of the features it includes are 14 exercise modes for accurate activity data, auto heart rate, sleep monitoring, tracking of steps, distances, and calories, and a variety of notifications from your smartphone.

4. Anne Klein Women’s 10/9442 Leather Strap Watch 

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The Anne Klein Leather Strap Watch is a classic and affordable option to add to your fashion category. This watch has a classic black and silver design, which looks elegant on your wrist and can be worn with many outfits. The analog display is timeless and the leather band brings an air of beauty.

This Anne Klein watch is durable enough for daily wear and is even water resistant for up to 30 meters, which means it will be safe in the rain or with other random splashes.

5. Michael Kors Watches Slim Runway Watch 

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If you’re looking for a luxury fashion option on a reasonable budget, look no further than the Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch. The design is chic and bold at the same time, available in both black and rose gold to suit your preferences. The analog display is classic and the stainless steel band with a fold-over clasp feels vintage. This is another watch that is versatile, as it can be used for dress wear or as an everyday watch for the work setting.

Final Thoughts

Adding watches of different styles to your collection is possible if you’re just willing to search for the best deals!


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