Find a Big and Tall Gaming Chair: 5 Best Fits

Gone are the days of sitting with your back propped against the couch or your head balanced on a pillow while you angle your body to see the screen. Now when you blast zombies in Call of Duty or try to land Lara’s jump for the fiftieth time in Tomb Raider, you can do it from the comfort of a gaming chair. Ah, but you have another problem: you’re a big guy. Maybe you’re tall, maybe you’re stout, or maybe you’re both. You need to find a big and tall gaming chair.


The bottom line is you need a chair that will fit you comfortably. Or you might as well be propped against the couch again. Most chairs will fit the average guy, but you’re not average. And when a chair is uncomfortable, it is a nightmare. You shouldn’t have to wedge yourself into a chair that is squeezing your hips and not supporting your head.

A gaming chair for a big and tall guy needs to provide you with the support you need for the back of your neck, your back, and your hips. It should also have a fairly wide and long seat to accommodate your legs.


Not only does the chair need to support your size, it also needs to support your time spent in the chair. What you don’t want is a chair that is big enough for you but wears out after a few hours of play. A gaming chair is designed to keep you happy for hours on end as you build worlds and battle demons on your screen with opponents in Japan or Canada online.

Some designers stop at the size extension though and forego comfort, which is completely unnecessary. There is no reason you can’t build a gaming chair that is both soft and inviting and appropriate for a man of a certain size.

With those factors in mind, you’ll find a list below outlining the main features of the top 5 gaming chairs for the larger gamers of the world.

Top 5 Big and Tall Gaming Chairs:

1. Killabee Big and Tall


Killabee comes in quite large, promising to fit up to 440 lbs comfortably. This chair has a detachable neck pillow, a detachable lumbar support, wings that extend out to hug you from behind, and a thickly padded seat.

This is an ergonomically designed racing chair in sharp colors that will adjust at practically every level. It also has a spring that is guaranteed to support you as you sit, lift and drop, and lean back. The arms will rise and fall to meet your needs as well. And if that wasn’t enough, if for any reason you are unhappy, they’ll take the product back and give you a full refund.

2. Happy Game

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Happy Game is very similar to the Killabee except it only supports up to 400 lbs. Honestly, for a gaming chair, 400 lbs is pretty awesome. You’ll find the same detachable neck pillow and lumbar support. You can still get the heavily padded seat. And the arms and the springs are adjustable, so you can move up and down in a couple of different positions to find your perfect comfort zone.

Further, this chair offers lockable wheels. The ability to lock your wheels can make all the difference in a good gaming experience. When you’re into a game and you lean back to prop your feet up on the table in front you, the last thing you want is to roll backward. You can avoid that with the wheels. And again, if you’re unhappy, you have a limited one year warranty to take advantage of.

3. GT Racing Chair

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GT really steps it up with this chair. You will, of course, get the usual: the adjustable arms and height, the explosion spring to defend against too much pressure, and the detachable pillow and lumbar support. You also get a thick padded seat. This chair will only comfortably accommodate up to 330 pounds, so that is one downside if you are a bit bigger.

The upside though is the recliner in this chair. You can lean back to a comfortable reclined position, and if you find yourself sleepy and in need of a nap before moving on to the next level, you can recline all the way back to a prone position. What more can you ask for, really?

4. Vertagear 440 lbs

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The Vertagear 440 lbs gaming chair is the big guys’ action chair. In black and camouflage colors you feel ready to take down every zombie you encounter. You can build an entire world overnight in this chair.

This is a heavy duty, a solid chair that sits on a 5 point base. You will get support, defense, and comfort all in one. Of course, you also get the pillow at your neck and the lumbar support at your lower back. No complaints here.

5. Merax High Back

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The Merax high back racing style gaming chair has it all. The pillow and lumbar support will keep your neck and back aligned. You can, of course, adjust your armrests. The height is adjustable to many levels and the recliner is included here as well. With this recliner you can learn from 90 degrees all the way to 180 degrees, stopping at many positions in between.

Again, you are going to get a superior construction with that 5 point stability base to keep you not only up, but safe and happy. The only downside is that the weight limit doesn’t reach 440 lbs. But if you’re closer to the 300 lbs mark, this may be the chair for you.

Big and Tall Gamers Unite

One thing the big and tall gamers can unite around is a celebration of a market that now caters specifically to you. Where you used to adjust to the fact that most people in the world are much smaller so products are made specifically for them, now we live in a world where you can read an article about which 5 out of dozens of gaming chairs is best for you.



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