Caffeine Free Pre Workout Supplements (Our Favs for 2017)

If you want to get the absolute most out of your workout, going the route of taking supplements is something that we highly recommend. Pre-workout supplements provide your body with the energy and fuel it needs to power through even the most intense of workout sessions, and today we’re going to be looking at the 5 top choices for the best caffeine free pre workout supplement.


As great as pre workout supplements are, many of them are filled with caffeine. Caffeine is a great way to give your body a quick boost right away, but filling your body with too much of it too often is not the best thing for your health in the long run. There are other ways to energize your body without the need for caffeine, and the 5 supplements on this list do a phenomenal job at doing just that.

Whether you’re in the market for a completely caffeine free or a low caffeine pre workout option, let’s dive into the products that are the best of the best!

1. Genius Pre Workout All Natural Nootropic Pre Workout Powder


One of our first go-to pre-workout supplements that’s caffeine free comes from Genius. This is the first-ever clinically dosed nootropic-based pre workout supplement to hit the market, and the results that it provides are fantastic.

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Genius uses an ingredient called AlphaSize to help boost your body, and according to Genius, it’s “considered to be one of the most effective brain nutrients in the world.” You’ll find 600mg of AlphaSize in Genius’s pre-workout supplement, and you really will feel the added power and energy as soon as you ingest the stuff.


In addition to being free of caffeine, Genius’ supplement is also free of amp citrate, DMHA, and DMAA. You won’t find any unnecessary fillers or chemicals in Genius’ product, and this makes it a great choice for people looking for an all-natural solution that will leave their bodies feeling healthy and great even after an intense session at the gym.

Genius makes its supplement right here in the United States, and in addition to being third-party tested, it’s also been certified buy the cGMP.

2. BSN N.O.-XPLODE Pre-Workout Supplement


Following up Genius is BSN N.O.-XPLODE. BSN promises explosive energy after taking its supplement, and it does this without a single drop of caffeine.

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N.O.-XPLODE promotes longer endurance, better physical performance, stronger focus, more muscular strength, and overall higher power throughout your workout and beyond. The supplement mixes extremely easily with any sort of liquid, and it tastes downright fantastic as well — a small addition that makes a big difference when you’re mixing this into your shake on a daily basis.


BSN has been making pre-workout formulas for quite some time, and it’s become a great alternative to people looking for caffeine free pre workout GNC supplements. BSN recently switched to a new formula for N.O.-XPLODE, and while some people haven’t been particularly happy with it, we’re still very pleased with the performance that it delivers.

3. PEScience High Volume Caffeine Free Pump Pre Workout


The number three spot on this list goes to PEScience’s High Volume Caffeine Free Pump Pre Workout supplement. PEScience’s supplement comes in a few different flavors, including Blue Frost, Cotton Candy, Paradise Cooler, and Raspberry Lemonade. We found all four flavors to taste quite great, but this will of course depend on your own personal taste preferences.

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In addition to being free of caffeine, PEScience’s option here is also great if you’re in the market for a stim free pre workout. You’ll really feel this stuff coursing through your muscles when beating your personal best at the gym, and while anyone can get great benefits from PEScience’s formula, we think you’ll appreciate it the most if you’re serious about pumping iron.


The 8.9-ounce container is rated to offer 36 “loaded scoops”, so you can probably get even more use out of the product if you’re more conservative with how much you added to your shake or smoothie.

4. BPI Sports Best BCAA Shredded Caffeine Free Thermogenic Recovery Formula


BIP Sports is the maker of Best BCAA Shredded, and it’s a pre-workout supplement that we’ve come to really like recently. BPI says that its pre-workout helps to promote lean muscle, and it does so by burning fat and not muscle mass that some other supplements tend to do.

This supplement gets the BCAA name as it features peptide-bonded branched chain amino acids — a concoction that gives your body the tools it needs for optimal absorption of the supplement and allows it to utilize it in the best way possible.

You can buy BPI Sport’s Best BCAA Shredded in Blue Raz, Cherry Lime, and Fruit Punch flavors. All of the options taste wonderful, and folks that have tried out the supplement for themselves seem to be extremely pleased. We’ve yet to run into any issues in our own testing, and have been quite impressed with how much the supplement helps with weight loss, strengthening your muscles, and more.


5. Legion Pulse Pre Workout Supplement


Our fifth and final choice for the best caffeine free pre workout supplement is Legion Athletics’ Pulse. Pulse is said to be the best pre workout supplement around, and we agree that its one of the best for giving your body that energy boost it needs to truly rock it out at the gym.

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Legion’s supplement uses a nitric oxide booster to help get your body pumped as soon as you take the supplement with a shake, smoothie, or other drink, and the included beta-alanine also helps to improve your endurance so you can stay moving for longer than what the competition will allow you to do.

The formula used to create the supplement is based 100% on scientific studies and facts, and since Pulse is 100% naturally sweetened, you won’t find any unwanted dyes, filters, or other nasty chemicals that can bring your body down.

Final Thoughts


There are a lot of pre-workout supplements that you can buy, but only the five on this list will get you the results that you’re truly after. You’ll have more endurance, stronger muscles, and better agility all with little or no caffeine. These are easily some of our favorite pre-workout supplements around, and we think you’ll find that there’s a lot to like here as well.


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