Can Guys Wear Clear Nail Polish

No matter how conservative you are about your looks, every day more guys are understanding how important it is to care about how they present themselves to the world. An important part of your grooming has to do with your nails. They’re the greeting cards of your hands.

The way you look matters. The thing is that this has nothing to do with genetics or even money. It’s about caring about how you cut your hair, shave your beard, do your nails, and wear your clothes.

So, on the subject of manicure, I thought, can guys wear clear nail polish? Guys can wear clear nail polish and the reason is that it’s a unisex way to make your nails clean and well-done. Not only that but wearing clear nail polish isn’t emasculating. It shows people that you care about how you present yourself to the world.

It’s important to show people that your personal hygiene is important to you and that you know that your grooming matters. People perceive guys that groom as more responsible, attractive, and wealthier.

The point is that if you want to know more about guys wearing clear nail polish, keep reading to find out.

What Your Nails Say About You

Imagine that you’re in a business meeting. You arrive in the office, and you shake people’s hands. When you shake the hands of the guy in the left corner, you notice that his nails are bitten and dirty.

You will not only think is gross, but you’ll immediately make assumptions about him. If someone doesn’t take the time to care about how he presents himself to the world, maybe that’s a red flag for many other things. Someone that is careless about his appearance, it’s usually careless about his work.

Now, if in the same scenario the guy had gotten his nails done and he wore clear nail polish, you’d definitely think highly of him. It’s a simple thing that makes a lot of difference. It makes you look confident, responsible, and more likable.

Clear nail polish also tends to make people assume that you’re doing well financially. The reason is that most men that go to the manicure are wealthy or close to that.

The point is that getting your nails done with or without clear nail polish helps you make a great first impression. The first two things that women look in a man’s feet are their nails and if they have a callus. So, get your nails done and your callus removed. I recommend the Own Harmony Callus Remover (Amazon).

Confidence Is Everything

Now, the main concern that men have when it comes to wearing clear nail polish is what women will think. As much as many of those guys won’t admit it, they want to know if women like it or if they think is emasculating. They’re doubtful about the whole thing not making them look good.

The truth is that most women do like men that wear clear nail polish. It shows them that you’re well-groomed and that you’re confident enough in your sexuality and yourself. Now, there are women that are not that into it, but they don’t think is feminine or anything.

One thing that every woman agrees on though, it’s that men should get their nails done. It makes them look good overall, and it’s more hygienic. When you don’t take enough care of your nails, you’re more prone to bacterial infection and fungus. Clean nails are important.

So, if you do want to wear clear nail polish, at the very least, it will show women that you’re confident in yourself to not care what someone may think.

Don’t Be Self-conscious

If you can’t be the most confident guy, you should at least try not to be the most self-conscious person ever. Wearing clear nail polish, makes your nails look good. After all, you’re spending money and time taking care of them. You should be proud.

Still, if you’re not entirely comfortable with wearing clear nail polish, you shouldn’t. This sort of thing will become apparent every time someone looks at your nails. So, if you feel uncomfortable and can’t pull it off, don’t do it. You can continue to get your nails done but no need for clear nail polish.

Being self-conscious about your looks will make you come off as unconfident, which is terrible for any situation be it work or romance. The point is that you should wear things that make you feel more confident and good about yourself and not the opposite.

So, if you don’t feel good about clear nail polish, maybe you shouldn’t wear it. Now, you shouldn’t do it because of people’s opinion.

Wear A Clear Matte Topcoat Nail Polish

This might be the solution that you were looking for. The clear matte top coat will give you the clean look without getting too much attention to your nails. This is because the clear matte is transparent but it doesn’t shine like regular clear nail polish.

If you get your nails done at a professional establishment, the manicure will have a clear matte topcoat to use on your nails. This is the perfect alternative to people who want to be more discrete but still want to get a certain polished look on the nails. Your nails will still look clean without shinning.

Now, it’s important that you keep in mind that you shouldn’t wear the matte just so people won’t notice that you’re wearing clear nail polish. Part of having more confidence and improving yourself is about caring less about what other people think.

Besides, women, in general, will love that you’re well-groomed. The worst thing to a woman is a guy that doesn’t care about his personal hygiene. So, get a kit with all the tools you need for grooming. I recommend the Kelby Citom Kit Nail Tools (link to Amazon)

If You Don’t Like It, Just Get Your Nails Done

If you’re thinking about wearing clear nail polish for the first time, you should try it. Now, if you’ve already worn it and didn’t like it, you should still get your nails done. Just because you’re not too into wearing clear nail polish, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your nails.

This is a big part of grooming. The truth is that when people hear about grooming, they think about beards and manscaping. It’s much more than that. It’s about taking care of your body and how you present yourself to the world. You should genuinely care about your nails.

So, consider, at least, making sure that your nails get done. If you keep your nails clean, you’re less likely to get a bacterial infection and other diseases that you can carry under your nails. Maybe you don’t know, but there are a lot of possible bacteria that you can carry under your nails.

This can transmit to you all sorts of diseases when your nails come in contact with your mouth or eyes.

It Helps With Nail Biting

Here’s something that not that many people know. Clear nail polish helps to stop nail biting. Wearing clear nail polish will help you stop this habit. The reason is that, first of all, the taste isn’t good. Then, you know that it’s not healthy to eat clear nail polish.

The other reason is that your brain knows the sacrifice that you made to get your nails done be it time or money. This makes you immediately see the whole thing differently. Suddenly, you will think twice before biting your nails. You’ll be more careful with it overall.

The point is that wearing clear nail polish has the benefit of helping you stop biting your nails. A lot of people have actually used it as a tactic to stop biting their nails. Bitten nails make you look careless and even childish since this is a habit more common in children.

So, test for yourself to see if you can stop biting your nails by wearing clear nail polish. If you can’t, I recommend the Nail Quail Anti-nail Biting Pen (click to see pricing on Amazon)

Nail Polish Reduces Bacterial Infection

Guys can wear clear nail polish as much as they want. And it can be another great advantage to keep bacterial infection far away from your fingers. The reason is simple. Clear nail polish has properties in its formula that help kill off bacteria before it spreads.

It also kills fungus, which is another great reason to wear it. The most common disease that affects your nails is related to fungus. Once it starts to grow and spread, it’s not only difficult to contain but also dangerous. If you wear clear nail polish constantly, you’re way less likely to have those problems.

Now, this should not be the main reason why you wear clear nail polish. You should do it because you like the result and you’re confident about yourself.

Related Questions

Is clear nail polish noticeable?

Yes, but not as much as you think. Clear nail polish shines a little but not enough to get too much attention. Women, in special, will notice that you’re wearing clear nail polish. And even if they’re not into it, they’ll at least think that you’re well-groomed, which is great for you.

Benefits of clear nail polish?

The aesthetic benefits are that you look well-groomed, responsible, and confident. Many people also associate men who take care of their nails as wealthy and powerful. Now, when it comes to your health, wearing clear nail polish will keep bacteria away.

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