The Best Cartoon Characters With Beards (Our 7 All Time Favs)

There are a number of things that define a man, but one of the most powerful things is a rock-solid set of facial hair. Whether that be a beard or mustache, a proper bit of hair on the face goes a long way to take you from a boy to a man. Celebrities, politicians, and others have rocked some seriously impressive beards over the years, but today we’re going to be talking about the best cartoon characters with beards.

tv characters with beards

Why talk about this? Although this might seem silly at first, there are many, many cartoon characters out there with beards that are honestly quite cool. Whether we’re talking about Disney characters with mustaches or a slick mustache for cartoon villain groups, there’s a lot of material here for inspiration for your own facial hair.

Before you start scoffing right away at this idea, here us out and take a look for yourself. The cartoons that some of these characters come from might be tailored towards children, but their beards and mustaches are as manly as they come.

Let’s take a look.

1. Yosemite Sam


If you’ve ever watched the classic Bugs Bunny cartoons, you’re probably quite familiar with Yosemite Sam. Yosemite Sam is one of Bugs’s most iconic enemies, and along with his big hat, dual pistols, and rootin’, tootin’ attitude, Yosemite’s Sam’s most notable feature is easily his awesome facial hair.

Sam’s beard is a bright, red color, and while it is a bit on the long side of things, there’s never a stray hair to be found with it. Sam’s beard is a prime example of how to grow a long beard and properly take care of it, and that's something that all of us could really benefit from.

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2. King Triton

Moving over to bearded Disney characters, the beard that sticks out the most is none other than King Triton’s. King Triton is intimidating enough on his own, and while there are a number of powerful features about it, his most striking asset is his mighty beard.


King Triton’s beard is huge, it’s soft-looking, and no matter if he’s hanging out above or below the sea, it still looks insanely great.

Triton’s beard is another long one, and the bright white color of it ties in nicely with his long, white locks. It’s a look that exudes power and wisdom, and it’s one that we can’t get enough of.

3. King Fergus


Another king within the Disney universe is King Fergus. Fergus is a much newer addition than old Triton, but that doesn’t make his beard and mustache combo any less impressive.

King Fergus has a lot of facial hair going on, but the most eye-catching part of it is his red mustache. A bit of chin scruff below the mustache adds a nice sense of ruggedness to the whole look, and although it’s a bit messy and unkempt, it’s a look that works for Fergus.

The messy style is quite handsome in the right setting, and while you shouldn’t be afraid to rock it every once in a while, don’t make it your primary look. It might be fine for hanging out with the fellas, but if you’re going out on a black-tie date with your lady, you’re likely want to clean up a bit.


4. Mario and Luigi


Nintendo fans (or video game lovers in general) are extremely familiar with Mario and Luigi — the two main stars of Super Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi have been up to quite a few antics over the years, but no matter what they’re met with, they always manage to keep their styling mustaches looking as fly as they can.


Although there’s no beard to be seen with either of these two, both Mario and Luigi’s mustaches always looked very well-groomed with an unmistakable shine. The Mario and Luigi mustache is the pinnacle of well-maintained and styled mustaches, and there’s no shame at all in trying to recreate this facial hair magic.

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5. Ned Flanders

Ned Flanders wasn’t ever the most courageous or aggressive in the Simpsons universe, but even so, he was used as the icon dad and family man throughout the show. Ned has a lot of characteristics that are quite notable, but, of course, one of our favorites is his sleek and handsome mustache.

Flanders’ mustache never looked out of place or messy, and this is something that only a man with proper grooming ideals can achieve. Even if the facial hair itself wasn’t all that flashy or impressive, the neatness of it showed that sometimes simplicity is the way to go.


6. Merlin

The story of The Sword in the Stone has been told a number of different times, but in Disney’s cartoon for this tale, Merlin rocked one seriously impressive beard.

You simply cannot have an ultra-powerful wizard without a long white beard, and that’s exactly what we have with this take on Merlin. Sure, it looked a tad messy every now and then, but for its length, Merlin did a helluva job keeping up appearances.


Top this off with a great-looking mustache to go along with it, and Merlin shows off the ultimate goal for any guy wanting to seriously get some length with his facial hair.


7. Genie

Aladdin is one of the classic Disney stories that never gets old, and while there are a lot of great characters throughout this movie, one of our all-time favorites is Genie. Genie might not have the most facial hair of the characters on this list, but he does show that less is sometimes more when it comes to the amount of hair on your face.


Genie’s beard is trimmed down in a very sleek manner with a little point below the chin that curves in a loop. It’s sleek, handsome, and definitely something that any guy would be happy to rock out with.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned at the beginning of this list, there are a lot of great cartoon characters with beards. However, the 7 on this list are some of the most iconic that we’ve ever seen. The facial hair on this list is handsome, well-groomed, and just looks downright awesome. It’s facial hair that we can only dream of having, and even so, it’s still a ton of fun to look at and take inspiration from.

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