Clean Shaven vs Beard Attractiveness (3 Helpful Tips)

There are many ongoing debates in the men’s grooming world, but few are as decisive or complicated as clean shaven vs beard attractiveness. For ages, men everywhere have tried to decide which of these styles is more attractive to the female counterpart, but we’ve never been able to get an exact answer.

Do ladies like a clean shaven man, or does she prefer a more rugged look with a hefty beard? It’s a question that’s confused men for years and years, but we finally have some answers and pointers that may finally shed some light on this debate.

We’ve done our research, asked the tough questions, and created this guide to hopefully give you some insight on which look you should go for. Putting a guide along these lines together wasn’t easy at all, but it was well worth the hard work that we had to put into it.

With that said, listen up fellas. We’ve got some talking to do.

1. Women find guys on both end of the spectrum attractive, but in very different ways

Let’s tackle one of biggest parts of this debate right off the bat.

Do women find guys with beards more attractive or not?

Yes and no — let us explain.

According to a study that was recently conducted by the Journal of Evolutionary Biology, women found men with a full-on beard were more attractive, but only for longer term relationships. If all you’re looking for is a short-term commitment or a one-night stand, you’re better off growing a bit of stubble and calling it quits there.

A total of 8,520 women were interviewed for this study, and they were asked to rate a wide variety of photos of men based of their attractiveness for both short and long-term relationships, and full-on beards won when looking at the latter of those two things.

While this won’t necessarily hold true for all women that you encounter throughout your life, it's a good bit of info to be aware of. Beards on men are seen as making them appear to be more mature and to have more dominance in a social setting, and this in turn makes you a more ideal mate for a long-term relationship.

It makes good scientific sense, but that doesn’t mean that you’re completely out of luck if you can only grow a bit of stubble. The right girl will still find you plenty attractive without a full-on beard, but as this study shows, that attractiveness may only be true for a short-term thing.

Depending on who you are, this may come as either good or bad news.

2. Beard or clean shaven for a job interview?

Attractiveness is something that obviously plays a big role when it comes to the ladies, but it also has a role in the professional world as well. When going in for an interview for a new job, it’s important to present yourself in the best ways that you can. This means dressing up nicely, cleaning yourself up, and doing something with your face.

However, should you enter that interview with a beard or shave it off first?

beard or no beard 2017

When asking the question “Does clean shaven look better?” for a situation like this, a lot of men and professionals tend to agree that having a clean face will make you appear more attractive as a candidate.

Beards that are unruly and unkempt can often make you look scraggly and not taken care of, but with a clean shave on your face, you’ll show your potential superiors that you take care of yourself, and like presenting yourself is as clean and mature of a way as possible.

Having a beard while going into an interview doesn’t mean that it’ll be a deal-breaker for you, and according to some people, having a beard is actually a plus when going into an interview.

Like we mentioned in the first tip, a beard is a sign of maturity and social dominance. These are qualities that may very much so come in handy depending on the job that you’re applying for, but if you do decide to keep the beard when trying to get that dream job of yours, make sure you actually do something nice with it.

There are lots of attractive beard styles to choose from, so try to follow one of those rather than not doing anything at all with it.

3. Go with the style that you’re the most comfortable with

This third and final tip might seem like somewhat of a copout, but there’s actually a lot of value that comes with it.

When trying to figure out what women or professional figures find the most attractive or desirable, we often forget to think about what we're personally the most comfortable with. There are some guys out there that can absolutely rock both the clean shaven and bearded look, and for those people, feel free to try out whatever style you think will help you out the most.

However, if you’re someone who is much more comfortable with a beard or visa versa, don’t be afraid to stick with what you’re familiar and okay with.

In fact, this is something that we recommend above all else. Even if some study or bit of research says that women find guys more attractive with some sort of facial hair, don’t feel like you absolutely need to start working on a beard if that’s something you struggle with or aren’t comfortable wearing.

If you aren’t comfortable with your own body and appearance, you’re doing it wrong.

No matter if you’re applying for a job or trying to spark a relationship with a new girl, choose the style that you know the best. Being comfortable and safe in your own skin (err, hair) will do far more wonders than trying to fit the status quo, and that’s perhaps the most valuable bit of info that we can give you.

Final Thoughts

And with all of that said, that’s our two cents on the whole clean shaven vs beard attractiveness debate. This is something that’s certainly fun talking about and worth diving into, but at the end of the day, the biggest take away should be the fact that you should go with the look and style that you personally like the best. Do this, rock it as best you can, and start living your best life possible.


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