Coconut Oil For Beard Growth (5 Things You Need To Know)

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When it comes to taking proper care of the hair on your head, you probably wouldn’t bat an eye at using special oils and other products to ensure that it stays as healthy and strong as possible. This activity has become quite commonplace over the years, but that same attention to detail has a very deceiving place when it comes to taking care of your beard.

Just like the hair that sits on your head, your beard needs special care and attention to help keep it as healthy as you can. There are many different ways to go about this, but one particular ingredient that lots of guys have been going with is that of coconut oil.

Using coconut on beards is somewhat of a new subject for some men, but it offers a ton of benefits and pros that you might not be aware of. So, before you discontinue to the idea of using coconut for facial hair, hear me out.

The top of beard care is one that can often get quite confusing, so to make things simple, here are 5 things that you need to know about the use of coconut in beards.

1. There are two main types of coconut oil

If you’re new to the world of natural oils, you might think that there’s only one single type of coconut oil that you can use. However, you’d be wrong. There are two main types of coconut oil for beard growth that have blossomed in popularity in recent years, and they include refined and virgin coconut oil.

coconut oil for beard growth

The former, refined oil, is a type of coconut oil that is physically or chemically extracted from a coconut. Following the extract process, this oil is then usually produced through the use of either hydrogen or RBD. This type of oil is what you’ll usually find for commercial uses, and it also helps the oil quite a bit with the production of Laurie acid.

As for virgin oil, this is a type of coconut oil that is complete raw and unrefined. This oil is what would normally be used to feed animals, but it is quickly picking up a lot of steam in regards to its use for both cooking and other cosmetic uses.

2. Coconut Oil for Beard - Putting coconut on beards makes your facial hair softer

Is coconut oil good for beard growth? We will discuss that possibility later on. Nevertheless, there are many different benefits to using coconut oil on your beard, but one of the biggest benefits has to do with the fact that it does a commendable job at making your beard noticeably softer.

Nobody likes a hardy or dry beard, and coconut oil does a fantastic job at preventing this from happening. However, the big benefit of coconut oil as opposed to other types is that it’s able to do this without making your beard all oily and greasy.

This is something that many other oils often struggle with, but you won’t find any such issues when applying coconut oil to your beard. Even better, the presence of lauric acid in coconut oil also helps it do a much better job at penetrating deep into your skin.

Why do you need a beard oil to penetrate your skin? This allows the oil to get down to the roots of your facial hair, and this is what allows it to be so darn effective. I recommend the coconut scented Simply Great Beard Oil (available on Amazon),

3. Coconut oil makes your beard healthier

One of the main reasons that guys use coconut oil to grow their beards is because it does such a good job at making their beard much healthier than without it. Plenty of studies have been conducted that have linked oil directly to the prevention of hair loss, and coconut oil is one of the most effective oils for this sort of thing.

Most coconut oils are made only with 100% natural ingredients, and this concoction of healthy components results in a better-looking and longer beard. The actual rate at which men start seeing an improvement in growth will vary from guy to guy, but don’t get disappointed if you don’t see any major changes right away.

Some guys will start to notice an increase in beard growth after few days of using coconut oil on a regular basis, but it may take other men a month or two before they see a change in things. Don’t get discouraged, keep your head high, and know that the potential wait will be well worth it in the long run.

4. Stop skin from getting broken and crack down on flaking

Along with helping your beard to be as healthy as possible and adding some much-wanted length to it, coconut oil is also a great tool for keeping the skin underneath your facial hair healthy as well.

Two of the main vitamins that are typically found in coconut oil are vitamins K and E, and when put together, these two ingredients do a fantastic job at repairing damaged or broken skin. After using coconut oil for some time, you’ll likely notice a decrease in flaking of your skin, and any broken skin on your face should be repaired as well.

You can stick with just applying coconut oil to your beard, but you can also choose to ingest it as well if you really want to speed up the process (around 2 to 4 tablespoons each day).

5. You can eat coconut oil to increase beard growth

Speaking of ingesting coconut oil, to repair damaged skin, it’s also worth mentioning that you can eat the stuff to boost up the speed of your beard growth. This is something that certain guys may have a problem with at first, but it’s been scientifically proven to be completely safe and vastly effective.

The two primary hormones in coconut oil that help with beard growth are increased in their efficiency when consumed through your mouth and digested, and as such, taking a regular dosage of coconut oil at some point throughout your day will do wonders for the speed of your beard growth.

This isn’t something that every guy will be up to doing on a daily basis, but if you really want to get your bread growing as fast as possible, you might want to check out eating a regular amount of oil each day.

Final Thoughts

Using coconut oil for beard growth is perhaps one of the best natural tools that you can use for improving the overall quality and quantity of your facial hair. Coconut oil has increased a lot in popularity and use for guys all across the world, and if you have still yet to hop on the coconut bandwagon, you’re really missing out. From increased beard growth, repairing damaged skin, and more, coconut oil has everything you could possibly want.

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