The Best Products at GNC for Muscle Gain, To Bulk up and Power Up!

If you are a fan of one specific health food store, it is probably going to be GNC. GNC has a reliable name, and it is a trusted brand. It stands by its products, and you don’t have to worry that you’re being secretly drugged by the horn of goat or some such craziness. If you are also a weightlifter, you are likely looking for the best products at GNC for muscle gain. Look no further; we’ve provided a list for you here.

Muscle Gain

There is a wall that many bodybuilders or weightlifters hit at a certain point. There is only so far your body can go on its own, and unless you lift rocks for a living, giant, heavy, unwieldy rocks, you will reach a plateau.

It there a perfect diet, exercise, sleep regime that you can follow to maximize muscle gain and push past your plateau without supplements? Sure. But many have tried, and many have failed, to find the perfect natural balance. And if the supplements you use are, in point of fact, natural, why stress about it?

Bread Alone

Just as man cannot live on bread alone, you must remember that supplements alone will not bulk you up. You must combine your supplements, the best GNC products to get ripped, and a heavy, hardcore workout to build mass muscle.

You could also search for GNC legal steroids, but the thing to remember with steroids is how massive the comedown can be. Steroids can tear muscles and actually chemically alter your testosterone levels for life. Once you stop taking the steroids, your body will deflate like a balloon after a child’s birthday party. No one wants that.


A man’s testosterone is nothing to play around with. Too much and you can fly into a rage and watch muscles burst through skin. Too little and the estrogen in your body can take over. Before you know it, the weight you are gaining in your chest will probably not match the look you were going for.

Take caution when supplementing your testosterone levels, and be sure to read all of the GNC testosterone booster reviews. Reviewers are one of the most reliable ways to check up on a project, its side effects, and its downfalls.

1.Pro Performance AMP Mass XXX

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AMP Mass XXX comes with 50 grams of protein for the extra bulk. The human body has trouble using protein efficiently from sources other than animals, so it is always good if you’re looking to bulk up to increase your protein supplement from multiple sources.

This powder comes in vanilla and strawberry flavor and the 3 grams of creatine will help you with performance. Mass XXX promises to help you bulk up with fewer sets and increase your stamina and endurance.

2.Pro Performance Vegan Gainer

Remember what I said about difficulty processing protein? The vegan gainer is here to help out those of us who do not partake in animal products. It can be really difficult to bulk up in the muscle area without the aid of animal protein.

Vegan Gainer also has 50 grams of plant-based protein in addition to 550 calories from plant-based sources. You will need the extra calories to support the protein intake. If you are a vegan weightlifter, this is the powder for you.

3.Pro Performance Whey-Bolic Extreme

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Whey protein promises to absorb into your system more quickly than other protein powders. This particular product, Whey Bolic Extreme, promises a 30 percent increase in muscle strength.

Whey is a popular product with lifters as it is difficult to get all of your protein needs from animal sources, and plant sources require so much intake for efficient use. Whey seems to solve the problem.

4.Pro Performance Whey-Bolic Ripped

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Whey-Bolic Ripped is a step up from Whey-Bolic Extreme. It has everything its little brother has, and then takes it even further.

This step up promises a 300 percent increase in calorie burning. You can’t beat that for maximum performance. Burn the fat and build the muscle with Whey-Bolic Ripped.

The nice thing about a huge increase in calorie burning is a factor not a lot of people consider. Not everyone has a body like Dwayne Johnson. Some guys are smaller, leaner, and would honestly just look awkward with too much bulk.

In that case, a calorie burner combined with a muscle gainer is the way to go.

5.Pro Performance Bulk

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Pro Performance Bulk is the father of all protein muscle gainers. It not only has 1340 dense calories to help you put on mass bulk, it also has 50 grams of protein, to ensure that bulk becomes muscle.

Bulk then takes it one step further by adding essential amino acids to protect your immune health, keeping you not only strong and steadily packing on muscle, but also healthy as well.

Another factor Bulk brings to the table is recovery. The amino acids included in this powder aid in the entire muscle building process. Few people outside of the weightlifting world know that in order to build muscles, the muscles must first tear down, then recover.

When the muscles recover, they become stronger and then bigger.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, you will be choosing your muscle gainer based on your specific needs. If you are looking for bulk, you will need dense calories. You may, on the other hand, be seeking weight loss and lean muscle, so you will want a calorie burner that is also a protein powder for muscle.

For the non-meat eaters, you will obviously be choosing the vegan gainer, and then for those concerned with the absorption of protein, you’ll likely be choosing whey.

Again, seek out reviews, look for side effects, and of course, you can always judge based on price and work from there. Furthermore, the flavor may be an issue. Some protein powders taste like the bottom of a shoe. The bottom line is GNC stands by its products; no matter what you choose, you can walk into a local shop with questions if you absolutely must.


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