Top Reasons Why You Need a DE Razor

If you're old enough, you may have some memories of watching your dad or grandpa stand in front of the mirror with a handy double edge razor. He probably was using the same kind that shows up mostly in old time movies where the town barber dutifully shaves the faces of farmers who come in from the fields to get their weekly shave and haircut.

But in today's world, shaving is no longer an art perfected by a barber or mastered by men after hours of practice in front of a mirror. Rather, quick and efficient is the new norm in the world of shaving. Numerous products guarantee a fast shave. From electric shavers to disposable razors, the main goal of today's modern man is to get the morning shaving routine finished as fast as possible.

Even with the renewed interest in beards and facial hair, the art of shaving is making a comeback. Millions of men around the world are realizing that the popular products on the market today don't do justice to morning ritual of shaving. The traditional wet shave with a double edge safety razor is a more refined alternative to shaving that many men are beginning to take up.

Benefits of Using a Double Edge Razor

First, you'll be saving money if you choose to go back to the traditional shaving style. All of those disposable razors add up and if you were to keep track of your shaving budget throughout the year, you would probably be surprised how much you spend. A good double edge razor should only cost you around $30 dollars but will last you a lifetime if you care for it properly.

Furthermore, though there is a learning curve to using a double edge razor, once you learn how to use it, there is no better way to get a quality shave that won't hurt your skin. Some of the newest and supposedly most innovative razor blades on the market today come with four or five blades. Have you ever asked yourself if it is necessary to have so many blades when one blade will do the trick just as well?

Using multiple blade razors can lead to all sorts of skin problems from ingrown hairs to razor burn to actually cutting your face. Shaving with a double edge razor will cause fewer irritations because you have more control over the one razor regarding where and how it is interacting with your face.

How to Properly Use the Double Edge Razor

Let’s start out with the most obvious: you need to be careful when learning how to use a double edge razor. Whereas carelessness with a cartridge razor can be fixed with some dabs of tissue paper, cutting yourself with a double edge razor may leave you looking like Scar Face for a couple of weeks. According to, “mishandling double-edged razors may earn stitches.”

The best way to avoid any serious damage is to get your beard and the underlying skin prepared for your shave. By shaving right after showering your skin pores will be more open thus making it easier to shave. The less rigid your beard is, the less chance you will have of accidentally cutting yourself. says that there are four keys to successfully mastering the double edge razor: “1) use as little pressure as possible, 2) angle the blade as far away from your face as possible, 3) shave with the grain, and 4) go for beard reduction, not beard removal.”

After lathering up, you’ll want to make a first pass with the razor. It is important to not apply pressure as you would with a cartridge razor, but rather trust in the razor to do the cutting on it its own. The weight of the handle allows for enough pressure to make sure that your whiskers will get cut. A good angle is about 30 degrees from your face and be sure to pull straight down. To avoid problems with ingrown hairs, it is best to make three passes; two with the grain of your beard and one against the grain of your beard.

You will probably find that shaving with a double edge razor does take more time than simply pulling out the electric shaver or taking a few swipes across your rave with the cartridge razor. Nonetheless, that is the price to pay to enter once again into the historic brotherhood of shavers who considered their morning ritual to be an art.


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