Do Underwire Bras Give Better Support

The biggest argument in favor of underwire bras is that they offer better support than their non-wired counterparts. How true is that? And is that the reason underwire bras are the most popular choice in lingerie?

Do underwire bras provide better support? The answer is yes. Underwire bras do give better support and offer an added lift, something that’s lucrative for all women, especially those with larger breasts. Women with small breasts also opt for underwire bras due to their ability to make the breasts look rounder and perkier by contouring the breasts’ natural shape.

What is an underwire bra?

An underwire bra is your regular bra with an added bit of semi-circle wire under the cups, right beneath the bust line. This little piece of metal is magical in giving your breasts that extra oomph. These sturdy metal wires lift the breasts slightly upwards and are designed in a way to bring the weight of your breasts closer to the front, relieving stress in your shoulders and back, which leads to a better posture. Women with larger breasts can totally relate to this, and for them, underwire bras are a godsend. I recommend the Bali Passion Underwire Bra (link to Amazon).

Are underwire bras uncomfortable?

Something that’s been doing the rounds ever since underwire bras came in the picture is that they are uncomfortable. We disagree. Underwire bras are comfortable given that you are wearing the right size. The perfect fit is crucial, as is in every kind of bra you would ever own. Additionally, you must always wear bras made with high-quality material and with great craftsmanship to ensure the perfect fit, shape, and overall breast health.

The wire in these bras sometimes pokes out due to laundering and everyday wear and tear, which can be super uncomfortable. When this happens, do not continue wearing them as it can be harmful to you, and know that it is time for the bra to be replaced.

Finding the perfect fit

If you hear someone complaining about how uncomfortable underwire bras are, know that their experience went bad because they were wearing the wrong size/style. This goes to show how detrimental the right size and fit is for the perfect bra, for we all know how wearing an ill-fitted bra can ruin your mood or even the entire day! You can buy the most expensive bra from the most prestigious lingerie manufacturer and still end up hating it, all because of the wrong size. Here’s how you can steer clear from any such bad experiences and calculate the right fit for your bra:

  • Determine your band size  –  Use a measuring tape to measure the area right under your breasts, where a bra band would normally lie. Make sure the tape isn’t too tight or too lose. It has to be just right. Round off to the nearest whole number. If it is an even number, add 4 inches, and if the number is odd, add five. That would mean if the tape measures 36, your band size would be 40, and if it measures 37, your band size would be 42.
  • Measure your bust – Measure the fullest part of your bust, at the nipple level, to calculate your bust and round it off to the nearest whole number.
  • Calculate the cup size – Subtract the band size from the bust size and refer to this chart for the perfect cup size:

Difference (in inches) 0     1     2    3    4    5      6               7
Cup size                         AA  A    B    C   D   DD  DDD, F    G

In addition to calculating the correct bra size by using the aforementioned method, also physically try on the different sizes to get even better results. Sometimes, one size smaller or bigger may also work just fine! Make sure it’s not too loose or too tight and is a comfortable fit. Look at yourself from every angle to ensure the breasts are in the correct position as they should be.

You may adjust the band and straps as per your liking to ensure the breasts have maximum support and fill up the cup just fine. For a better fit, if you require going down a cup size, for example from a C to a B, go up one band size, for example from 34 to 36, and vice versa. That would mean you would go from a 34C to a 36B if the former is too big on you.

Underwire or non-wired?

As has been established earlier, when choosing a bra, it all comes down to your personal choice. There is no one right bra for everyone. We all know how many different types of bras there are, and to bestow just one with the title of best bra would be unfair. So many different kinds of bras for all those beautiful, different types of breasts. For instance, the non-wire lace bra by Delimira (click for pricing on Amazon) is popular for plus size women.

Some prefer underwire bras while some prefer the non-wired kind, and the remaining some prefer both, depending on the occasion. For example, when in the bedroom for a romantic night, the bra of choice would be the underwire one for obvious reasons. For starters, it’s the heightened look and feel that these bras provide.

Who doesn’t want to look and feel sexy? Secondly, since they are in so much demand, they come in a wider variety of styles and colors, more so than any other kind of bra you’d find in the market. A hot red underwire bra would always be chosen over a simple white non-wired one, especially for such occasions.

When wearing a figure-hugging dress for a night out with friends or on a date, an underwire bra adds that extra hotness by making your breasts look just perfect.

When should a non-wired bra be used?

  1. A girl’s first bra should always be a non-wired one because that will allow the breasts to develop properly. Also because they’re already going through a lot of changes and some extra comfort is always nice.
  2. During pregnancy and while nursing, a really soft, non-wired maternity bra is your best bet. Breasts grow bigger and fuller during this time and should not be restricted by wearing an underwire bra. Plus, all that women are looking for while pregnant and lactating is comfort and non-wired maternity bras provide just that.
  3. Wired bras aren’t recommended during exercise or sports. A sports bra without an underwire is more comfortable and flexible. What most women look for in a good sports bra is comfort and stretchy fabric, along with something that’ll keep them dry and energized. However, some women prefer opting for underwire sports bras due to the extra support they offer and because they help keep heavy breasts separate.
  4. For women who sleep with bras on, a non-wired bra is always recommended.
  5. For times like right after surgery, or for women with a medical condition such as a high ribcage or a hiatal hernia, soft non-wired bras are the safest option. These women are looking for extra comfort, which they get from non-wired bras.
  6. Comfort is the first priority in old age. Majority of the women switch from sexy wired bras to comfortable and soft non-wired ones. However, we feel in order to keep the fun and spark alive, even old women should go for some hot red underwire bras every now and then. After all, everyone deserves to look and feel good. A little confidence booster is always great. Plus, we all know there’s nothing better than knowing you’re wearing some sexy lingerie under your clothes that makes you feel like a diva!

New non-wired bras with extra support

Every bra offers support to the breasts. That is its sole purpose. However, some offer more than the others. While an underwire bra may win in the maximum support department, non-wired bras aren’t too far behind themselves. New, modern technology is enabling non-wired bras to give more support than they used to, giving underwire bras some serious competition. For example. the strapless bra with great support by Delimira (link to Amazon).

While new non-wired bras offer extra support than before and are a great alternative, from underwire bras, to people looking for some extra comfort, non-wired bras don’t work the same way for larger breasts as they do for small ones. Therefore, anyone with a D cup or bigger will have to stick with the underwire bras for now, until the technology comes up with something incredibly revolutionary!

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