Does Wearing Glasses Make a Man More Attractive

When people started wearing glasses to improve their eyesight, some stigma was created around it. People were considered smarter but at the same time uglier, nerdier, weaker. In other words, the preconceived ideas weren’t positive.

Now, with time, glasses changed and so did people’s perception of those who wore them. Fashion brands began designing new models that made people look good. With so much style involved, some people started wearing glasses even when they didn’t have to.

That gets a lot of guys thinking, does wearing glasses make a man more attractive? The answer is yes. People who wear glasses are viewed as more attractive and more likable. The secret is to choose the right lens shape and the right glasses for your face type.

Now, just wearing any glasses isn’t the whole story. If you want to improve how people see you and be more attractive to the opposite sex, there are a few tricks that you must learn to pull this off.

First of all, you must learn how to choose the right glasses, then, you have to learn that glasses are good but don’t do miracles. This means that you must learn about the 3 pillars of attractiveness.

Once you learn all this and apply it, you’re going to be perceived as way more attractive than you currently are. Just keep reading.

Avoid Round Lenses

Wearing glasses will make you more attractive but only if you wear the right model. This begins by avoiding the wrong ones. So, when we talk about glasses the rules are different than those when we talk about sunglasses.

The reason is simple. Round lenses. When you’re wearing a sunglass with round lenses, you can pull it off depending on the format of your face. Now, when we’re talking about glasses, it’s a great idea to avoid it altogether.

It makes you look nerdier in an uncomplimentary way and shapes your face in a way that doesn’t make you attractive. When we’re talking about men, straight lines and rectangular shapes help make your face more masculine, which makes you more subconsciously attractive to women.

Now, even though every rule has its own exception, this isn’t the case here. No matter what your face shape is, even the oval face, you should stay away from round lenses at all cost.

Pick a Rectangular Lens

The safest bet to make you look more attractive is the rectangular shaped lens. They’ll bring more masculinity to your face, with a certain finesse. This means that you’ll look more masculine without having to look too primitive. I recommend the rectangular lenses by Gucci, the GG03430 (click for current pricing on Amazon).

The glasses have the power to make you look more attractive and smarter. You have to use this on your favor. This means that you have to try and see what glasses highlight the best features that your face has.

So, for the purpose of making you look good and your face more appealing, pick rectangular lenses. They’re the kind of design that goes well with any face shape. It’s important though that you don’t wear glasses that are too big or too small for your face.

A nice tip here is to respect your jawline. If your face has rougher edges, pick the rectangular lenses with rounded edges. Now, if you have a more delicate line, go with the one that is more squared.

Find a Model That Enhances Your Chin, Nose, And Upper Lip

Glasses do make a man more attractive as long as you wear the right kind of glasses. So, the important question is what is the right type of glasses. Again, the one that respects your facial features and that makes it more masculine and attractive at the same time.

That’s why you should go with rectangular lenses. Still, that’s not enough. You still have to pick a model that respect the 3 most important facial features. Combined, they are what makes you look attractive to people.

So, the model does have to enhance your chin, nose, and upper lip. You do this by wearing and testing different models, and by buying something that is proportional to the size of your face.

Here’s a good rule of thumb. If the edges of the glass are too far away from the edge of your eyes, then it will make you look nerdy and awkward. Now, If the edges are too close, your eyes will look too narrow. You get this wrong, and you’ll end up less attractive.

Smile 5 Times a Day

Okay, now you know that glasses will make you more attractive and you know how to choose the right one for you. Still, if you want to be more attractive, there’s more work to be done. You must start with the 3 pillars of attractiveness.

For a woman to find a man attractive, he has to check 3 boxes. They’re confidence, looks, and styling sense. Now, before you despair, they’re not that hard to accomplish.

Still, before you start with any of those things, let’s start with smiling. People who smile are seen as more attractive and nicer. If you’re always serious, you’ll look grumpy and unapproachable.

So, don’t just wear your glasses. Smile more and look more attractive to people. Everyone wants to be around that person that looks full of life and just a blast to be around.

Be More Confident In 5 Seconds

Confidence is everything. It doesn’t matter if you’re a guy or a woman, people love confident people. That’s why certain people aren’t even that attractive when you look at their faces objectively, but everyone finds them sexy even though they can’t quite put their fingers on the reason for it.

So, to get even more attractive after wearing your glasses, you should improve your confidence. Now, even though certain methods like positive affirmations do work, they take a long time.

That’s why your best option is to use a method that will allow you to be more confident in 5 seconds. And no, this is not drinking. All you have to do is to fix your posture.

Stand up straight, take a deep breath, and smile. You’ll immediately feel more confident. This method works anywhere at any time. Just go ahead right now and do it. You’ll see how much better you’ll feel.

Once you feel more confident, you’ll notice that you don’t self-doubt as much and people look at you differently. Something almost magical happens when you can give off confident vibes. Now, it’s time to improve your looks.

Do Your Grooming Routine Every Day

Okay, now you’re more confident and you have the glasses to make you look more attractive. Still, there are always improvements to be made. Here’s how you look good. You take your grooming serious.

Now, this is true. Have you ever noticed how certain famous guys start earning so much money and getting so famous that they seem to become careless about their grooming? Then you start noticing that even those people that were considered attractive, aren’t as much anymore.

The reason is that they let go of their grooming. When you look like a homeless, no one will want to hook up with you. So, what you do is, you take care of your beard, your hair, your nails, and your shape.

If you either shave or, at least, make sure that your beard game is on point, you’ll look way better immediately. Then, you get yourself a nice haircut, and always make sure to have clean nails. Do this, and you’ll look your best version. To view my top beard trimmer picks, click here.

Improve Your Style

Finally, it’s time to up your fashion game. You don’t have to learn about Paris or New York fashion week to learn how to dress better. There are a few and simple rules that if you follow, you’ll look nice.

Never buy clothing that is too big or too small for your size. If you wear clothes that fit you the way they were supposed to, you’ll look much better. For pants, give preference to slim fit.

Then, you have to think about colors. Don’t wear just one color like all black, trying to match colors is one of the worse things.

Also, don’t mix every color in the universe unless you want to look like a unicorn explosion. Go for similar tones, or if you’re wearing something too shiny mix it with white. If you don’t know much about fashion, go through the safer path. If you dress better, you can look more attractive immediately.

Related Questions:

Does wearing glasses make you look smarter?

Yes. It is in the universal subconscious that people that wear glasses are smart. Now, that’s not actually true but they do make you look smarter to other people. This can obviously be an advantage since everyone wants to be smart. It can even be an attractive quality for a lot of women.

How do you tell if glasses are too big for your face?

Measure the distance between the outside part of the glass against the edges of your eyes. If they’re too far apart, the glasses are too big for you. Now, the best way to be sure is to wear the glasses and see what you think about it.

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