Top 5 Reasons When Double Edge Razors are Amazing

double edge razors

For many of us guys, the first shave in our early adolescent years is a sort of rite of passage; a monumental moment in time that marks our entry into the fellowship of grown men. Whereas certain indigenous cultures might have sent their young men out to kill a lion or wolf to denote the passage into adulthood, our culture sends our young men into the bathroom with a cheap cartridge razor and a roll of toilet paper to cover up any nicks and cuts.

Double edge safety razors were, in a sense, a part of our cultural heritage. Today’s growing interest in facial hair and the art of shaving, however, is bringing the double edge safety razor back into the limelight. If you are thinking of ditching your cartridge razor for the more refined art of using a double edge razor, consider these five reasons why you should do so.  To read my detailed article on the top double edged blades, click here.

Less Chance of Ingrown Hairs

I don’t mind getting a small cut on my face from time to time after shaving. It kind of makes me feel manly and they never have left any sort of noticeable scar. In fact, the cuts seem to disappear on their own before lunch time rolls around. What really bothers me, however, are the ingrown hairs that my cartridge razor always used to give me.

For my last birthday, a friend gave me a set of six blade razor cartridges. The thing looked kind of like I could mow the lawn with it. Nonetheless, I thought I’d give it a shot. After a few days of shaving, I noticed these little red bumps all over my face that were strangely painful to the touch. And these little bumps didn’t disappear during the day, but actually started to grow so much that I began to resemble my thirteen-year-old self filled with a face full of pimples

Cartridge razors can cause ingrown hairs. For men like me with sensitive skin, those ingrown hairs can be much more painful and troublesome than a small razor cut. Double edge safety razors pretty much eliminate that possibility as they are made to take off exactly the amount of skin needed to give you a close shave without causing the irritation that leads to those painful little ingrown hairs.

Easy to Use

A lot of guys seem to harbor the idea that switching to a double edge safety razor will require them to get a PhD in the art of shaving. There is this myth that using a safety razor is an art that our grandparents mastered after years of practice.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Double edge safety razors aren’t really all that hard to figure out. Sure, you might need to read a quick tutorial online or dial up your dad or grandpa for some instructions, but it’s not any harder than shaving with your cartridge razor.The only trick is to keep the blade slanted at a 30-degree angle from your face. Also, since safety razors are usually quite a bit sharper than your typical cartridge blade, there is never any need to go against the grain of your beard

Since safety razors are weighted, you don’t even have to apply any pressure, but simply let the weight of the razor fall against your face and it will do the work for you. Once you get the hang of it, shaving with a safety razor is actually easier and quicker than any other option out there.

Cheaper in the Long Run

Though some of us might scoff at the mere idea of paying $200 dollars for a double edge safety razor when a set of cartridges usually only costs around $25 dollars, we need to start to consider shaving from the perspective of an investor.Most of us go through a set of cartridges in a month or two while a properly taken care of safety razor will last at least a decade. If you do properly care for it, you might even be able to include it as part of your son´s inheritance. Even if you try to stretch your set of cartridge blades to last for three months, a quality double edge razor will pay for itself in a year or two.

double edit razors

Lots of Options

Another perk of double edge safety razors is that there is actually a wide variety of choices. While many of us might have an image of “the one and only” double edge razor that our grandpas used, there are over 80 different types of blades for double edge safety razors on the market.

Slant bar razors are a type of double edge razor manufactured specifically for guys with dense beards while feather blades can be adapted to your double edge razor if you want the sharpest blade available. Other blades promise zero irritation, so whatever your shaving preference, you should be able to find a double edge razor that fits your needs.

Tradition of Shaving

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, double edge razors make shaving an “art” once again. Whereas shaving has sadly become nothing more than a quick chore to be done between brushing your teeth and knotting your tie, double edge razors command a sense of virtuosity to the morning ritual of shaving.For men interested in the refined things in life, deciding to switch out your cheap cartridge blades for a durable and quality double edge razor is like switching your thrift store suit jacket for a hand tailored outfit. And who knows, you may one day even be able to rekindle the lost rite of passage of shaving with your own

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