Dress Shoes for the Well-Groomed Man

There is no doubt that a well-groomed man needs to have a wardrobe to match. A perfectly sculpted beard will do very little when hidden behind a messy outfit. Chances are that if you are well groomed, you are also well dressed. Something that is often overlooked is men’s footwear.

There are many different types of dress shoes, but there are staple items that every man should have. If you have never paid attention to your footwear, then now is the time to start. Here are 3 types of dress shoe that every well-groomed man should have.

1. Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes are the casual dress shoe that is perfect for many occasions. With the stitching detail and large rounded toe, this shoe is a must in every man’s closet. Be careful when buying them and make sure that they are high quality and that there are no defects.

2. Winged Tipped Shoes

These are the most classic of dress shoes and there is a very good reason for that. They are a perfect mix of comfortable and dressy blended together to make the most have shoe for well-groomed men. A good pair of Winged Tipped shoes is an absolute necessity in every man’s wardrobe.

3. Buck Shoes

This unassuming shoe is simple and casual while still being dressy. It looks good with a suit or jeans, making it versatile and the best friend of casual-minded men. A good pair of Buck Shoes can be worn for almost any occasion, whether for business or pleasure.

The Importance of Being Casual

A common misconception is that because they are called dress shoes, they must be the opposite of casual. This is woefully inaccurate and is an injustice to men’s dress shoes. The majority of men’s dress shoes are multi-purpose, because they are dressy-casual.

best dress shoes

Dress shoes that are too strict and fancy can give the wrong impression in a business setting, such as a meeting or lunch appointment. It is impossible for one type shoe to fit all business needs, but you only need a few pairs to cover everything. You really just need 1 pair of formal dress shoes.

Maximizing Your Dress Shoes

Having dress shoes also entails needing to maintain those shoes. It does you no good to be well groomed, well dressed, and then to wear dress shoes that are covered in marks and scratches. Invest some time and energy in finding a good cobbler for repair that you cannot do yourself. You cannot re-sole a dress shoe yourself and having a cobbler fix them is much cheaper than buying a new pair.

There is such a thing as a suede eraser, for rubbing away small marks and if suede can be fixed, anything can. Whether it is newspaper for wet shoes or vinegar and water for salt stains, there is a remedy if you do your research. Being well groomed is that much easier when you have the right dress shoes to show your confidence.


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