Get the Best Mens Dress Pants for Big Thighs

The reasons you might need dress pants with more room in the thigh area are myriad. Perhaps you are a bodybuilder and leg day is finally paying off. You could have naturally large thighs in spite of regular cardio and healthy diet. Or you could just be a bigger dude. And that’s okay. The nice thing is we now live in a world where you can find just what you need in many varieties. Get the best mens dress pants for big thighs with a single click.


Let’s be real. Work is hard. Most of us don’t have the luxury of lounging around in sweatpants playing video games and making billions through day trading. We have to get up, put our pants on one leg at a time, drive to a cubicle or office, and spend the day at a computer or having meetings. Then after work, we might have a business dinner or we still have stops to make on the long drive home.

It is illogical to expect anyone to spend that many hours in uncomfortable pants without losing his mind. You need enough stretch in your pants to be able to move your legs around, bend and stretch. You don’t want to feel like your thighs are straining against your pants by noon. It is all about material and cut. If the material is not a forgiving one, you’ll find yourself not only uncomfortable but also possible dealing with a rip in your thighs. You don’t need that kind of drama at work.


At the same time, you don’t want to go to work in your sweatpants (unless work is your living room with video games and day trading). You have to look good and feel good. You’re not looking for the best brand of shorts for big thighs or jeans for guys with muscular thighs. You need to work, long and hard. And it simply isn’t fair that just because you have bigger thighs, you either have to look sloppy or go custom.

Fortunately, you don’t. There are plenty of more than decent options. You’ll need a brand you can rely on that has excellent reviews for dress pants that maintain their integrity until well into the evening. You want to still be looking sharp when after dinner cocktails begin.

Best Mens Dress Pants for Big Thighs

1. Savane Flat Front Stretch

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  1. So these pants will give you the stretch you need, but you also get a permanent crease down the front of the leg. This way, your pants will maintain their integrity even though you need the material to stretch often as you bend or walk.
  2. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. The waistband will expand up to three inches more, so if you indulged too much over the winter, you don’t have to shop again. These pants are also wrinkle free, so you don’t even have to worry about ironing them. Just wash, and go. While not explicitly noted as such, these are definitely a mens athletic dress pants, perfect for walking or running around the office.

2. Dockers Easy Khaki

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You can’t go wrong with Dockers. When it comes to dress pants, they are one of the classics go tos for your wardrobe. Fortuitously, they have designed and “easy fit” dress pant that is roomy in the leg and thigh. So you look like you’re wearing regular old Dockers, but you’re a comfort level, as a big thigh guy, is enhanced.

They come in a large range of colors, they are machine washable, and they have that killer tight crease down the leg to keep you looking sharp all day.

3. Taliare

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Taliares are up and coming and incredibly innovative. These are the most athletic dress pants, with a roomier thigh, but they are also well fitted across the rest of the leg. These pants won’t look like old baggy clothes.

They are best called casual dress pants as they are very stylish and don’t fit the classic “relaxed” look of a typical work pant. These dress pants are made of elastic fibers, so you will get the stretch you need.

4. King Size

We had to include a pair of King Size for our big fellas here. These pants are for the Dwayne Johnson’s of the world. You are big, you are tall, and you need a room. These pants are made with an elastic waist, so you’ve got give, and they are full through the seat and thigh. You will not have to worry about being uncomfortable in these dress pants.

In addition, you can rely on King Size to take care of your big guy needs as this is their particular specialty. It’s always a nerve-wracking ordeal to trust your bigger thigh requirements to a company that typically makes pants for guys half your size.

5. Louis Raphael

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We saved the best for last. Louis Raphael is the fancy, go all out, dry clean only pants. They are made of wool, so you’ll have given, and they are designed for big and tall, so they know what they’re doing.

These pants have a pleat down the center of the leg, and an extended waistband, so you can let it out if you need to. They also have a cuffed hem and button-through pockets in the back. More than any other pant, these look like classic mens dress pants. No one will ever know your thighs run a bit (or a lot) big.

Final Thoughts

This decision comes down to personal choice. If you’re looking into the cutting-edge, innovative style, check out the Taliares. You need to have a workspace that encourages individuality when it comes to style because these pants are certainly not run of the mill. If you’re just an all-around big guy looking for comfort, go with the trusted brand for big guys. It’s even in the name: King Size.

But you’re aiming high, if you’ve got a champagne taste and you’re on a beer budget, go for the Louis Raphael’s or the Dockers. These will keep you looking good.


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