Having an Amazing Goatee for a Black Man

The Goatee for the Black Man

Growing a goatee will most likely be your most impressive fashion accessory, and it is one you can have for free! More and more black men are deciding to grow facial hair in today’s world. Though not all are willing to try for the full grown beard of the James Harden look, the black men goatee is a more manageable option that draws the attention of many a black man.

The goatee is so widely accepted in today’s society because of its versatility and ability to be personalized. There are dozens of styles of goatees and almost every man is able to find a style that accentuates his facial features and complements his look.

Famous Black Men with Goatees

It would be hard to do a complete run down of all the famous black men who have worn the black man goatee at some time or another during their careers. Thousands of black celebrities have donned the goatee with style.

Singers Kanye West and Ludacris currently wear the goatee style known as the “circle beard” or the “balbo” while actor Denzel Washington has appeared in numerous movies with the classic goatee. Rapper and producer P. Diddy is most often seen with the Van Dyke style of goatee while even famous athletes like Michael Jordan have tried out the goatee at times as well. Each time that he had grown a goatee, many people copied that attention getting Michael Jordan goatee.

Other athletes like basketball star Lebron James and baseball legend David Ortiz currently wear the chin strap. The chin strap is a type of goatee that is an extension of the classic goatee. The hair on the chin extends along the jaw line toward the ears on either side while not going up into the cheeks. The chin strap can be accompanied by a moustache or not depending on the style one is going for.

Current celebrities are not the only black men to have work goatees. Throughout African American history we find famous figures who proudly wore different styles of goatee. Martin Luther King Jr., Richard Pryor and Julius Erving were civil rights heroes with goatees. In their cases, the goatee exuded signs of wisdom and leadership.

Goatee Styles

There are dozens of goatee styles for the black man. The versatility of the goatee and the relative ease with which one can change between different styles of goatee make it a preferred facial hair choice for many black men.

The chin strap, as mentioned above, is perhaps one of the most popular styles of goatee for the black man in today´s world. However, black men can also choose the more reserved classic goatee style or the more elaborate Van Dyke style depending on their own personality and the look they wish to represent to the world.

goatee black man

Why Go Bearded?

The goatee on the black man is enjoying a resurgence in modern society. Gone are the days when facial hair was a “white guy” thing. In today’s world, millions of black men have taken back the bearded look and made it part of African American style. This “new black” look combines assertiveness with sex appeal; confidence with virility; and strength with poise.

Another reason black men should consider growing a goatee is because of the dreaded “barbers itch.” This medical condition known as Psuedofolliculitis Barbae occurs when black men shave too frequently. Because of the thickness of beard hair, daily shaving can cause razor bumps and skin irritation which can be avoided easily by deciding to grow out a goatee.

The Acceptance of Beards in Black Men in Today’s World

Every day, thousands of internet searches on “how to grow a James Harden beard” are carried out by black men. Bearded and Black is the name of a Tumblr page as well that highlights some of the best looking styles for bearded black men, while highlighting the goatee styles for black men.

The goatee on the black man can be adapted to any sort of personality or appearance. If you are the conservative, business class black man who wants to sport some facial hair around the office, then there is surely a goatee style that would work for you. If you are the young and rebellious black man who wants a scruffy look to portray his ideals and passions, then a goatee can be adapted to that look as well.

Goatees offer the black man an opportunity to combine style with poise. As the black goatee styles continue to gain converts amongst the black community, more and more black men will surely find the goatee style that is right for them.






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