What are the Best Goatee Styles for Bald Men

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It has finally happened and you´ve given in to the inevitable. After years of playing with comb-overs and asking your barber to give you Jude Law-style haircuts in order to hide those increasingly thin spots on the top of your head, you´ve decided it´s time to shave it all off. You know you´re not ready for that grandfather look of a bald top and hair around the sides, so the completely bald look seems like your best (and last) option.

Luckily, the bald look is no longer synonymous with the elderly and decrepit, and thousands of men are even voluntarily taking to the straight razor to get the sheen look of a baldhead. However, the cleanly shaven head look needs to be balanced out with some sort of facial hair to avoid looking like a cross between a newborn baby and a mannequin. To shave your head, I recommend using a double edged blade. I review my top DE blade picks here.

Here is a video that illustrates the mustache goatee styles: ​

In this short article we´ll share with you the best goatee styles for bald men as well as give you some ideas on how you can turn the bald and bearded appearance into a look that flaunts confidence, good-looks and self-assurance.

Why Grow a Beard if you are Balding?

In a bizarre twist of fate, the testosterone that causes hair loss can also cause hair to grow excessively in other places. Perhaps nature is trying to give back after taking away. If you are balding, odds are you will have the ability to grow a full face of hair in order to play with a variety of beards in order to find the best facial hairstyles for bald men.

The bearded look naturally compliments the baldhead as it offers balance. Many times, men who have a full head of hair can´t pull off the bearded look due to the risk of having their face look too crowded. Bald men with beards, however, have the freedom to play with a variety of styles from the minimalist designer stubble beard to the full out Garibaldi shaped long beard.

Experimenting with styles that will complement the face of your shape and your particular facial features is an advantage that bald men have when it comes to growing a beard. One of the most common and best-looking facial hairstyles for bald men is the goatee.

Best Goatee Styles for Bald Men

Some of Hollywood´s best actors have donned and pulled off the baldhead and goatee look. From Bruce Willis to John Travolta to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, this look transcends ages, and if maintained, can be an attractive and striking look.

There are hundreds of different variations on the goatee. For instance, a thin stubble goatee that is barely noticeable, to a full-grown goatee that hangs several inches down your chin. The goatee can be altered in numerous ways thus allowing you to develop your own characteristic look that represents your unique personality.

All goatees, however, fall into either two categories: the pure goatee and the full goatee. The full goatee is defined by the hair grown on your chin underneath your lip that is fully connected to a moustache. For men looking for a grizzled look, the full goatee can be grown out up to several inches long. The longer and fuller the full goatee, the more you will resemble the Harley Davidson biker type who exudes toughness.

Full goatees on bald men can also look sophisticated and intellectual. By keeping your full goatee well-trimmed and even, the bald with goatee look will complement the light facial hair to give you an aura of classiness and style. This type of goatee is often referred to as the “pretty boy” and keeps thin lines between the facial hair on the chin and the moustache

goatee styles for bald men

The pure goatee foregoes the moustache and focuses solely on the hair under the chin. This look reduces the amount of facial hair by focusing it all on one area of the face. For many bald men with beard styles, this look can be hard to pull off because it could have the effect of highlighting the baldhead. Imagine your head divided into three parts: the top part where hair grows, the middle where your eyes and nose are, and then the bottom where the chin is. If two of those three parts are hairless (which would be the case with a bald man wearing a pure goatee), it can give the impression of barrenness.

Stubble Patrol’s Balding with a Goatee Deductions

Balding is often considered a negative part of being a man and is equated with the weakness and fragility of old age. However, with the addition of a full goatee, your hairless head can give you a cool and respectable look that negates the stereotypes too often associated with balding. My deduction is that you should try the bald men with goatee look today.





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