The Guide to the Metro-sexual Prepper (Prepared for Any Disaster or Crisis)

Modern times have created a new type of predominate male, the metro sexual. While slightly misleading in its supposed connotation, it is not necessarily a bad thing in our modern times.

What is a Metro Sexual?

A metro-sexual man is commonly a liberal heterosexual man who is very knowledgeable in fashion and has a high working knowledge to the importance of self-grooming.

In days past, a man with the qualities exhibited by this archetype was looked upon with suspicion and contempt. Typically, the man of the time was expected to be up to their necks with dirt or grime while scarred and callused from a hard day’s work.

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Nowadays, those stereotypes of the past have been swept away to be replaced by the professional male who by social status and income can now afford to keep himself groomed, fit and fashionable. He is for all intent and purpose the image of today’s ‘Modern Man’.

How does this set of ideals fit into an end of the world, as we know it? We live in a world where both a natural or manufactured catastrophe can happen at a moment’s notice. Surprisingly, the gadgets, tools, and apparel that the urban male carries on his person daily should be the necessities essential to use in crises or disasters one may unexpectedly encounter.

Items You Have That Serve More Than One Use in a Survival Situation

Before talking about every day carry items, you can use in a survival situation, it is important to form a new mindset. This essentially means developing a “MacGyver” mentality. You need to start thinking about the items you have in your man-bag, pockets, and clothing as survival, defensive or emergency tools, and weapons. This new awareness will help save you in a pinch.

For instance, grooming items are always ideal to carry especially when you happen to have a patch of hair that needs shaving or a nail that needs trimming. As you can imagine, a pocket grooming kit remedies almost any grooming situation, but can also have more than just normal uses.

This kit usually consists of tweezers, scissors, nail clippers, a mirror, cuticle shaper, and nail file. All of which have the potential to have multifunctional uses. For instance, a mirror can become a signal tool or as a loupe to light tinder in fire making or broken into shards and used as a cutting instrument.

From the clothes you wear, to the electronic devices you use, the items you should now consider purchasing and carrying (pocket survival kit, energy bar and drink, pocketknife, etc.…) on you must meet the criteria of functionality and multipurpose use. So, you must choose wisely. The key to remember is that your daily wear must be able to keep you safe and ensure your survival should the situation warrant it.

The Importance of Hygiene for Both Aesthetic and Emergency Purposes

For the modern Metro-sexual male, smelling good is as important as looking good. The fact is the importance of one’s health and cleanliness especially in an emergency overrides it from being a trivial or a superficial concern. Getting oral or skin infections due to the lack of cleaning daily items or water may very well lead to illness or even death. Cholera and dysentery stem from unclean water sources and practices.

Taking Care of Oral Hygiene in a Crisis

It is not uncommon for one to carry an extra toothbrush, small tube of toothpaste, toothpicks, floss or mouthwash in their backpack or carry-bag. Therefore, oral hygiene is not as an impossible to keep up with as people might imagine it to be, even in a survival or end of the world situation.

While it is more than likely that there is little to no water will be found in your faucet in an emergency, consider resources such as your water heater or reserve tanks in the toilet as sources of potable water. Chances are you will not be able to carry all the water you need so carrying a bottled water container in case you find potable water would be smart choice. Plenty of backpack containers systems exist and even clean water straws can be placed in your lunch bag at work to filter questionable water sources.

Brushing your teeth with a sparingly small amount of toothpaste will be effective in conserving both toothpaste and water and disinfecting your brush with alcohol or mouthwash to ensure no germs cultivate on your brush would be ideal. Stow away your toothbrush and toothpaste in a dry container.

Natural Alternatives to Keeping Your Teeth Cleaned

The wilderness in its own infinite wisdom often leaves solutions to many of man’s problems. For example, if you do not have a toothbrush or toothpaste on hand it is possible to use a chew stick. A chew stick is a stick or twig, chewed on or gnawed on until reaching a point of bristles on the end of a stick, very like a toothbrush.

Keep in mind however that a chew stick should not be made from whatever type of stick or twig you find on the ground. Chose a branch from a lemon, orange, tea, olive, apple, pear, bamboo, fig, and hazelnut trees. These trees all have flavors and different toughness. The chew sticks are also very hypoallergenic due to the method in which they work. By chewing on the end of a one of the tree sticks and brushing regularly, it acts very like a normal toothbrush. Due to the natural make-up of these trees, it will be unnecessary to use water or toothpaste, as your saliva and natural essence of the chew stick, will leave your teeth, gums, and breathe smelling fresh. Throw them away if they begin to taste rotten, lose their bristles, or no longer leave a fresh feeling in your mouth.

Alternatives to showering

Obviously trying to take a shower in survival situation might be problematic, since there might not be water or way to procure water in large quantities. However, there are antiperspirants that can help aid in keeping your underarms disinfected and prolong the time without a shower.

However, this will not work forever, eventually you will have to shower or clean out your various body cavities, or risk infections. However, this does not mean you cannot keep your body odor down and your body clean. There are known alternatives to cleaning and ensuring your body will remain in good health.

Baby wipes, cleaning in various crevices and skin will be all you need to ensure good health. Alternatively, you can use disinfectants like alcohol to clean out your more sensitive areas in a pinch (Watch out though, it might sting!).

Keeping Up with the Metro-Sexual Lifestyle Even in Crisis

Without running water or being able to buy commodities, it is still possible to survive and thrive in these types of scenarios without sacrificing yourself image and health. Keeping a clear head and compromising with what situations arise will not only help your survival, it will help keep you in a much better physical state.


The end of the world does not mean the end of self-grooming nor self-care. In fact, it might very well mean the difference between an uncomfortable rash and onset of infections, to having no maladies plaguing you. While, the lifestyle of a metro sexual might not be for everyone, it does have its benefits such as smelling good, keeping your hygiene and spirits up!


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