5 Top Tips : How do I make my Beard Thicker

Since you probably have been asking yourself, how do I make my beard thicker, I have researched some powerful tactics that you can try out. Having a patchy beard is struggle for many men. People may view a thin beard as a sign of weakness. This is not necessarily true of course.

People in general, are not that shallow. Nevertheless, if it something that is bothering you, you could try non-dangerous remedies. Snake oil hair growth treatments are not going to give you that thick manly beard.

I will give you some simple tips that you should try out that may thicken your beard, and that are not going to cost you much at all. You will be amazed at the effectiveness of some of these simple remedies.

Before highlighting the remedies, I will analyze a myth that is out there about “how do I make my beard thicker”.

Does Shaving Stimulate Beard Growth?

The first misconception is that you can actually cause your beard to grow faster by shaving more often. This is just not true. If that were true, than women that shave their legs daily would end up having gorilla hairy legs if they were to skip a few shave days.

There is medical research that states, based on a clinical trial conducted in 1928, that shaving does not change the rate of hair growth. Recent studies also highlight that you cannot increase the thickness or even the rate of beard growth. The part of a hair or whisker that is under the skin is the live portion; you are shaving off just the dead segments.

One revelation that surfaced through these studies is that the older part of a beard whisker is usually lighter because it has been exposed to sunlight and other chemicals. In other words, it could be that your beard does not look as thick because of chemical and ultraviolent exposure.

Using Testosterone to Boost Facial Hair Growth

Another concept regarding beard thickness is that you can force your beard to grow by increasing your testosterone level. Personally, I do not feel comfortable using a method could possibly harm me medically. In addition, even though low testosterone levels can cause erectile dysfunction, and breast development in men, I could not find much proof that testosterone had a lot of effect on beard growth. Of course, if you are considering such methods, consult with a medical professional.

I will now provide practical advice and guidelines that may intense the thickness of your beard in the form of my top tips :

Tip One : How to Make Your Beard Thicker and Darker by Just Waiting:

Growing a thick and manly beard can take some time. It depends a lot on genetics whether or not you will end up being able to grow a super bushy beard. Perhaps your dad does not have a problem growing a thick beard. This does not guarantee that you will be able to grow that same non-patchy beard. You could have received a different combination of genes from your family tree that affect beard and mustache growth.

how do I make my beard thicker

You may be better off just waiting it out and being patient with your beard. Some people give up early before they see signs of a thickening beard. The itchiness that accompanies whisker growth gets to them and they shave to get rid of the itch. If you wait until the whiskers are just slightly longer, they will tend become softer and the itchy feeling will subside.

Besides giving your beard time to grow out to become less itchy, another reason to wait for a beard to thicken could simply be your age. You could be a late bloomer. Boys start producing testosterone in their testicles at different ages. Testosterone is the hormone that causes the male body to go through numerous changes, including the growth of whiskers. Just wait a few years; it still might be possible for you to grow that thick, dark beard.

Tip Two : How to Make Your Beard Grow Thicker and Fuller by Washing It

If you are in your late twenties, puberty should have already happened. Now what can you do to fill out your beard? This might sound simplistic, but washing it can help. Use a mild cleanser just twice a day on your face since clean skin is a great environment for hair growth.

Tip Three : Trimming your Beard Too Often Can Cause it to Look Thin

If you are the type of person that over trims your beard, you need to put down that beard trimmer to give your beard a long deserved rest. You may be over-analyzing possible patches. Let it grow out for a few weeks before you trim it to death.

Tip Four : How to Fill in your Beard with Vitamins for a Thicker Beard Look

Trimming your beard to hide patching is an example of trying too hard perhaps. A simpler tactic is the use of vitamins. There are vitamins that may be helpful with your beard growth. The following vitamins have helped others with hair growth: vitamin B, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C. Remember to consult with your doctor before starting any vitamin regiment.

Tip Five : Resting can help with beard growth

Another natural beard growth remedy besides taking vitamins is rest. Your body needs rest to repair injuries and to grow hair and whiskers. Most adults require between 6-8 hours of sleep.

Stubble Patrol Deductions on How to Make Your Beard Thicker and Darker

Try one of my above methods or even a combination of tactics. In the morning, wash your face with a skin cleanser to create that perfect environment for your whiskers. In addition, review your vitamin intake to ensure that you are getting the right amount of nutrients that spark hair growth. Moreover, remember to give your beard time to grow and to flourish. Before you know it, you may have that thick and dark beard that you have always envied.


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