Handle Your Hands Well: How Often Should a Man Get a Manicure?

What Is Manicure?

In the actual sense, the word “manicure” was derived from 2 Latin words; “manus” which means “hand” and “cura” which means care. Hence, manicure entails all the processes involved in cutting, trimming, shaping, treating, polishing, and moisturizing the hand, especially the fingernails.

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Manicures Are Not Just for Women

Several men still consider manicures and pedicures as purely the activities of women. However, there are many others who have discovered the benefits of regular and of course, routine hand and leg nails care. The major benefit of manicure and pedicure is immediately obvious as you can present clean and polished fingers to the public. Generally, a man who cares for his body should not leave his fingers untouched.

Many men hire professionals just to get a quality cleaning service for their fingers. In fact, you will be surprised to see the number of employers who stylishly check the fingers of their potential employees before given them an appointment. It is believed that a man who takes pride in his nails will diligently handle the obligations put under him.

Together with these benefits, getting a manicure will give you a form of personal relaxation. Regularly going for a manicure will give you relief from your hectic daily commitments. You can also opt for a massage together with a manicure in order to make the event fun-filled. Massage during manicure can help to promote blood circulation to the muscles and joints which reduces pains and swellings. All these are undeniable health benefits of a manicure.

How Often Should You Give Yourself a Manicure?

As identified earlier, a manicure is not only for the women. A growing number of men have become conscious of their physical look and appearance amidst other factors. The truth remains that many men want to appear more irresistible to women. Of course, women tend to admire men who properly take care of themselves and those who dedicate time for personal cleaning.

Yes, it is a wise decision for men to always keep their body clean and sweet-smelling. Yet, you don’t have to study yourself in mirrors all of the time to assess your physical appearance. Learning a few men’s manicure tips and grooming secrets will assist you a lot to appear fresh and appealing everywhere you go.

Men’s Manicure Tips

Clean your fingernails and toenails as often as possible. Arguably, a man with clean toenails and fingernails appears impressive to women. Giving proper attention to little things, such as the cleaning and maintenance of well-trimmed nails is a sign that such a man can effectively handle the most little part of a project entrusted to him.

For easy DIY manicure and pedicure, here are the few tools you will need:

  • A cuticle pusher
  • A nail brush
  • A nail buffer
  • A nail clipper
  • A nail file
  • Cuticle oil

You may have one or two of these tools already in your home. Nevertheless, I recommend the Mr. Green Manicure Set (click to see current pricing on Amazon).

What’s more, you also need soapy water and lotion which is quite easy to make.


  1. Soak your nails in soapy water and allows them to soften up, Scrub under the nails with a nail brush. You can also make use of the nail file packed together with the clipper to remove any residual dirt present under the nails.
  2. Clip your fingers, follow the natural curvature of the fingers and make the cut. Next, apply the nail file to straighten and smooth the nail surface. Pay close attention to your nails when clipping them and try as much as possible to avoid cracking them.
  3. Use a buffer to buff your nails just as you would buff a pair of shoe. If you have a buffer whose side has different textures, start with the coarsest first. Generally, multi-textured buffers give your nails a professional look.
  4. Add a drop of cuticle oil on each nail and wait for some minutes. Then, use the cuticle pusher to push back the cuticle on each finger,
  5. The last thing to do is to moisturize your fingers with lotion. Rub your hands, starting from the wrist to your fingers with lotion. This is very important as it helps the surrounding skin to retain moisture and keep them from drying off. It also helps to keep your hands soft.

Manicure Routine

Several men have raised the question of “how often should a man get a manicure?” and “how often should a man get a pedicure?” There is no direct answer to this question due to lots of reasons. First, each person grows nails at a different rate. Second, the activities and chores done with hands by each person are different. Third, each individual does not have the same work-free duration that may allow for personal grooming.

Nevertheless, there should be a standard that every man should strive to meet. Below are the different set of standards based on some criteria which have been earlier identified.

1.     Once a Week

If you are the type of man that is very active in lifestyle, loves cooking and washing, and constantly on the go, your fingers are most active in the process. Hence, you should consider going for a manicure once a week.

2.     Every Two Weeks

If you are a man that loves outdoor activities, you should consider going for a manicure every two weeks. At least, you would want to impress that girl you are taking to the new restaurant for the first time.

3.     Once a Month

This routine is for men who are comfortable with a simple DIY manicure. Since you have the needed materials and tools for a DIY manicure, you may decide to use a professional manicure service once a month.

Final Thoughts

There are several benefits of a manicure. It helps to keep the fingers in good condition while it also helps to fix damaged cuticles. More so, it also does prevent many issues, such as fragile nails, hangnails, and wrinkles from arising. Furthermore, a manicure is not only the duty of women. There has been a rapid increase in the number of men developing an interest in manicure in recent days.

However, the frequent question is “how often should a man get a manicure?” Well, there is no direct or specific answer to the question due to the differences in the lifestyle of men. However, it is recommended that men set a standard for themselves regarding manicure routine so as to maintain healthy and presentable fingernails.

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