How Often Should I Shave My Head? (And 2 Related Questions)

how often to shave head with clippers

Men have a lot of different hairstyles to choose from. Between spikes, the man bun, parted styles, and more, the number of ways through which you can wear your hair is quite large. However, despite all of these different styles, a lot of guys still stick with the classic style of completely shaving their head. This is a bold move to make, and once you do, you’ll likely find yourself asking the question of, “How often should I shave my head?”

A shaved head requires considerably less work and maintenance than a full set of hair does, but that doesn’t mean you’re off completely scot-free. A shaved head still requires a little work here and there, and one of the biggest things that men sometimes struggle with is determining just how often they need to shave their head in order to keep it looking as good as possible.

Today, we’re going to be tackling that question and 4 other ones that newly shaved men need answers to.

Without any additional delay, let’s get right to it.

Maintaining a shaved head — how often does it need to be shaved?

Right off the bat, let’s tackle the biggest question that needs to be answered — how often should I shave my head?

This is something that seems to stump a lot of men that are newcomers to the shaved-head life, and the answer may surprise you —

There isn’t one!

maintaining shaved head

Since everyone’s hair grows at a different pace, it’s somewhat impossible to determine just how often you should be shaving your head. Even more so, the rate at which you shave your head will have a big impact on the look and appearance of your scalp as well.

Have sensitive skin that tends to get irritated after a lot of shaving and trimming? If so, only worry about shaving your head every week or few days. Want a super smooth and clean look all the time? Take that shaver to your head every day.

For a lot of guys that have had a shaved head for some time, shaving every other day seems to be the sweet spot. This still allows your head to have that nice, shiny look, but you don’t have to deal with the hassle of shaving every. Single. Day.

If you still find yourself at a crossroads, try shaving your head as often as you shave your face. The stubble on your head should grow at the same rate of your facial hair, and this will provide you with a nice place to start that you can change later on if you find yourself needing or wanting to do so.  Click here to read my reviews on my top picks for double edge blades that will allow to shave your head properly. 

What to put on your head after shaving

Once you get done shaving your head, you might think that you’re all set and ready to go about your day. While you can certainly call it quits here, it’s never a bad idea to go that extra mile and put some aftershave on top of your head once you finish up your shaving session.

There are a lot of different aftershave products to choose from, but when it comes to your head, try picking one up that’s made specifically for use with your scalp.

A head-centric aftershave will provide your head with the hydration and moisture that it needs to remain as healthy and clean as it can be. This is a step that newly shaved men often forget about doing, and after enough shaving sessions without applying any aftershave to your head, you’ll likely notice that it has become dry and itchy. If you find yourself in this position, that’s when you know it’s time to pick up some aftershave and make it part of your regular routine.

You can find aftershaves in both oil and cream-based setups, and while one isn’t necessarily better than the other, it’s important to do a bit of research to see which product will work the best for you and your skin.   I recommend the moisturizer for men made by Rugger and Dapper (available on Amazon).

As with any grooming product, aftershave for your head can be as expensive as you’d like it to be. Going with a really well-known brand will probably cost you a bit more, but you aren’t going to be forced to shell out an arm and a leg just to get something to help keep your scalp in tiptop shape.

Shaving head against the grain — yay or nay?

The debate of shaving with or against the grain is just as prevalent with head shaving as it is with facial hair. This is something that men often tend to get very passionate about thinking that their way is the best way, but we’re setting aside all of that macho ego to simply tell you the facts.

If you’re a guy who has sensitive skin and often finds that it's easily irritated, you’ll want to shave with the grain. Shaving with the grain of your hair will cause considerably less irritation than going against it, and while the shave won’t be quite as close, it should still perfectly suffice for most guys.

On the other hand, if your skin is a bit more resilient and you want your shave to be as close to the skin as possible, you’ll want to shave against the grain. Shaving this way will cause a bit more irritation to your scalp (especially if you don’t take things slow), but it will also help to make your scalp smoother and shinier than if you shave with your grain.

Unless you have extremely sensitive skin and know so, we suggest trying out both styles to see what works best for you. Similar to other points we’ve talked about, one of these isn’t better than the other. A lot of this comes down to what you prefer and what you’re the most comfortable with, and that rule absolutely applies when it comes to how you should work with your grain.

Final Thoughts

There’s no doubt in the world that having a shaved head is considerably easier and less time-consuming than having a head full of hair, but you’ll only really enjoy our shaved self if you follow the tips provided in this guide. A little maintenance here and there is something you won’t be able to escape even with a bald head, but spending even just a little bit of extra time in the morning will do wonders for you and your head.

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