How Older Men Tighten Their Skin (& 5 Ways You Can Too!)

how older men tighten their skin

As we get older, there are some things that are simply unavoidable. Backs start to ache, your vision might become a bit blurrier, and you may find yourself saying things along the lines of, “I’m too old for this stuff.” Along with all of this, you might also notice that the skin on your face develops wrinkles that weren’t there before. Wrinkles can be a hassle for a lot of guys as they get up in their years, and knowing how older men tighten their skin can be a big help for them.

Skin tightening is something that is often talked about for women, but it doesn’t get a lot of time and attention placed on it when discussing older men. However, men can benefit from naturally tightening their skin just as much as women.

There are a number of different ways to go about making your face look younger than it does in its current state, and in this article, we’re going to show you 5 ways of how to tighten face skin naturally.

Create and stick to a healthy diet

Diets are often talked about when people are trying to shed unwanted pounds, but did you know that they can also serve a great purpose when trying to tighten your facial skin?

The food that you put into your body has a lot of influence on your appearance and the way that you feel, and as such, creating and committing yourself to a healthy diet can offer extremely beneficial results when it comes to tighten the skin on and around your face.

face tightening cream

When creating a diet for this, it’s important to take in a lot of foods that are very high and rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help to get rid of any pesky wrinkles by tightening the collagen of your skin, and foods that are packed to the gills with this miracle ingredient include grapes, olives, avocados, honey, blueberries, etc.

Find yourself going about your day and needing a little snack to hold you over until dinnertime? Munch on some Brazil nuts! These are loaded with selenium, and this does wonders with keeping your skin elastic and wrinkle-free.

Use face skin tightening cream

There are a load of tightening creams available for women, but men’s skin tightening cream isn’t marketed or advertised nearly as much. However, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist. In fact, there are actually quite a few tightening creams to choose from for guys!  I recommend the Rugged and Dapper Cream for Men (available on Amazon).

The majority of skin tightening creams work in a similar fashion, but when deciding which one to get, look for a product that contains wakame seaweed, keratin, or chrysin. These are the top ingredients that will help to tighten your skin in as safe and effective of a way as possible, and creams that have this work noticeably better than ones that do not.

Along with this, it’s also important that the cream you choose features Vitamin E. Vitamin E acts as a hydration tool for your skin, and this will help to ensure that your skin cells don’t become dried out. Dry skin cells result in loose skin with visible wrinkles, but with a cream that’s Vitamin E-based, those cells will become tightened in no time at all!

Drink plenty of water

Water. Water is a ridiculously powerful liquid that many of us often forget to drink enough of. Although it may not be quite as flavorful as a can of soda or other sugary drink, the benefits that water has to offer are pretty amazing once you’re aware of them.

It’s recommended that the average person gets around 8 glasses of water each and every day, and while that might sound like a lot if you’re someone who isn’t getting that much already, it’s actually quite simple if you go about it the right way.

Rather than constantly filling up a regular 8-ounce glass, get a water bottle that holds between 24 and 32-ounces so you can keep drinking and drinking without having to constantly go back to the water cooler to fill up.

In regards to skin tightening, water helps to flush out any nasty toxins throughout your body and moisturize your skin. This moisturizing component will allow your face to be fresh and hydrated, and as such, wrinkles will have a much more difficult time staying on your face.

While getting rid of wrinkles, water can also do a number of other things for you skin. Its hydrating component can help eliminate blackheads, acne, clogged pores, and a lot more. It’s pretty amazing how much it truly is capable of, so it should come as no surprise as to why it made it on our list.

Partake in facial exercises

Lastly, if you truly want to know how older men tighten their skin, one of the ways they do so is by partaking in facial exercises.

Similar to how you hit the gym or go running to work out and train other parts of your body, facial exercises help to tighten the various muscles throughout your face so those wrinkles won’t stand a chance at all.

There are a lot of different exercises that you can do, and depending on the type of wrinkles you have, there are exercises to tackle them specifically. For example, tilting your head all the way back and pretending to chew on a piece of gum with your mouth close will help to get rid of a double chin. Similarly, closing your mouth and repeatedly sucking in will help to tighten muscles around your neck.

Most facial exercises will require you to repeat them around 100 times or so every day, and although that can seem extremely daunting at first, it’s actually a relatively easy thing to integrate throughout your day. You can perform these exercises will doing just about anything, so it’s an especially great way to help give your skin a little boost while at the office, cooking dinner, etc.

Final Thoughts

Wrinkly skin is never a pleasure to deal with. It can sometimes seem like the wrinkles you have will never go away and that you can’t do anything about them, but this simply is not true. By following all or even just one of the tips provided on this list, you should start to notice considerable results in a short amount of time.

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