How to Be an Outdoorsman (The Skills You Need)

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Being an outdoorsman has started to become a trend due to the images of this character passed down through generations.

While the historical version of an outdoorsman may be easy to define, the role in modern times has evolved into something more complicated. If you’re interested in adopting this lifestyle, it’s vital to learn how to be an outdoorsman.

What is an Outdoorsman?

Before you learn how to be an outdoorsman, nailing down a clear definition is helpful. First of all, it’s important to understand that not everyone who enjoys spending time outdoors is an outdoorsman. The main difference seems to lie in the bond with nature that exists for an outdoorsman.

An outdoorsman respects nature’s power and focuses on working with nature rather than against it. A real outdoorsman will be able to take what nature gives them and adapt to create a livable situation.

One of the main trademarks of a genuine outdoorsman is that they use practical and true knowledge of nature to build skills that will assist them in a variety of situations.

Outdoorsman: The Personality

Outdoorsmen tend to share a few common personality traits. These things are not required to become an outdoorsman, but rather innate traits that seem to characterize a majority of outdoorsmen.

  • Gravitate toward nature. This is something that has been a part of an outdoorsman their whole life. They find themselves naturally comfortable when surrounded by natural elements and often experience a sense of inner peace.
  • Love to learn skills. Outdoorsmen typically have a natural hunger to learn and build upon their skills, especially those related to outdoor activities.
  • Rugged mindset. Many outdoorsmen have what can be called a rugged personality in that they are strong people who know who they are and what they like. They are not afraid to get dirty and face challenges.
  • Attracted to adventure. An outdoorsman will feel drawn to take part in new and exciting adventures whenever the opportunity presents itself. These people seek out journeys that will lead them to new places and allow them to spend time in nature.
  • Connected to primal instincts. Outdoorsmen have a natural tendency to connect easily with primal instincts related to surviving in nature. Their hunting and gathering skills are often established before they’re aware of it.
  • Restored by nature. A true outdoorsman will experience the sense that he is being recharged by the time he spends in nature.

Essential Skills for the Outdoorsman

If you feel like you may be an outdoorsman waiting for the right time to jump into the lifestyle, it may be helpful to think about some of the skills that will be helpful along your journey with nature.

The traditional skills that outdoorsmen are expected to have are:

  • Knife Skills: the knife is the basic tool of humankind and any serious outdoorsman will be able to handle one with care. One knife can cover a lot of important tasks in the wild such as cutting, cleaning and preparing food, and working toward making a fire. There are a wide range of knives and a good outdoorsman will take time to study each type and learn its purpose. Don’t forget your knife sharpening skills.
  • Fire: if you are going to call yourself an outdoorsman who is one with nature and able to hold your own in the wild, you will need to have solid fire skills. Spending time honing your fire making skills will certainly come in handy when you venture into the wild.
  • Survival Kit: any outdoorsman knows a survival situation can present itself at any moment. While the intention of an outdoor journey may not be to test survival skills, nature is in charge and surprises happen. Being prepared with a survival kit means that you understand the fickle nature of the wild and are ready to face challenges.
  • Handiness: having the ability and skill to build and repair things from scratch is a great advantage for an outdoorsman. Whether you find yourself in a survival situation or simply needing to improvise while on a journey, your crafting skills will serve you well.
  • Practice: a real outdoorsman developed his skills and built his confidence through endless hours of practice. It is not wise to venture out into the wild without practicing your skills. If you want to delve into the outdoorsman lifestyle, plan a trip, then spend as much time as possible practicing your skills beforehand.

Prepare to Be an Outdoorsman

Besides the traditional and essential skills you will need to become a true outdoorsman, there are many other skills and practices you would do well to adopt.

  • Shooting Skills: the modern outdoorsman embraces guns as a tool that can boost skills and provide aid in survival situations. Learning how to handle and hunt with various types of guns will enhance your outdoorsman profile.
  • Cleanliness: take the time to study ways to maintain hygiene when you’re in the wild. It is easy to find yourself facing disease if you are not prepared with knowledge of proper hygiene practices.
  • Hiking: when you’re putting yourself in situations in nature, you can never know what to expect. That means you may find yourself needing to flee at a moment’s notice. Having solid hiking skills will grant you more options for escape routes.
  • Poisonous Plants: there will be times when you need to supplement any game you have to eat with plants in order to feel full. Make sure that you spend time studying plants. You may even want to create your own reference handbook to prevent any accidental consumption of poisonous plants.
  • Navigation: leave the digital devices behind and head into the woods with a map and compass for some real outdoorsman practice.
  • Cooking: when you’re off the grid, you will not have an oven at your disposal. It’s important to learn how to cook things properly using a fire you’ve built on your own. Look into things like what needs to be done to ensure everything is sterilized and safe to eat.

Final Thoughts

If you feel nature calling you to adopt your true essence as an outdoorsman, take care and spend time preparing for the challenges you will face. Remember to seek out expert advice and always tell someone when you decide to head out on a new adventure!


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