How to Clean a White Polo Hat (Tips for Best Care Practices)

how to wash a hat in the washing machine
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While there are many benefits to owning a white hat, one of the main downfalls is the maintenance that comes along with it.

Keeping any piece of white clothing or material clean is a challenge in and of itself, and when you add the factor of daily sweat to the mix, things get even more complicated. Learning how to clean a white Polo hat will make long-term maintenance simple and fast. Click here to see a popular white polo hat that I recommend. 

Preparing to Clean Your Hat

Before learning how to clean a white Polo hat, it’s helpful to know what you should do leading up to the washing itself.

  • Check the hat’s label. You should see if there are any explicit instructions about how your hat needs to be cleaned in order to be maintained properly. If there are instructions, note them down and follow them.
  • Determine the fabric that your hat is made of. Depending on the fabric of your Polo hat,  you may need to engage in different cleaning methods for the best outcome.
  • Check if your hat has a cardboard visor or any loose or flimsy stitching. If you notice either, you need to be very careful about how you wash your hat if you choose to do so, as it may cause damage.

Products to Use to Clean Your White Hat

As you get ready to clean your white hat, you may want to collect a few products that could help you in the process. Possible options for cleaning your white hate include:

  • Vinegar.
  • Baking Soda.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide.
  • Gentle Dish Liquid.
  • Gentle Detergent.
  • Whitening Wash Powder. 
  • Spot Eraser. 
  • Toothbrush.
  • Hatstand or bowl.

Depending on the process you deem appropriate to use for cleaning your white hat, you will need one or more of these products.

Possible Cleaning Methods

As with most things, there is no one right way to clean your white Polo hat. If there are no specified cleaning instructions, then you have a few choices about how to proceed. Possible cleaning methods include:

  • Hand Washing: this is the best method for cleaning white hats, as it allows for the most control throughout the cleaning process.
  • Washing Machine: white hats can safely and effectively be washed in machines, as long as care is taken with the products used and the cycle run on the machine.
  • Spot-Cleaning: this method may seem like a viable plan, however, over time it can leave white hats with noticeable discoloration. It is more logical to use spot-cleaning methods in-between full washes. Click here to view a stain remover that is recommended highly by Amazon.
  • Dry Cleaning: some professional grade hats require dry cleaning. If you read the label of your hat and it specifies this type of cleaning, it is best to adhere to the suggestion. This will prevent any damage or discoloration which could result from cleaning it on your own.

Hand Washing Your White Polo Hat

Out of all possible methods, hand washing is the safest and most effective way to clean your white polo hat. The process is simple and will not take up a lot of time once you get the hang of the steps.

  • Search your hat for any spots or stains that need to be removed before cleaning. If you find any target areas, use a pre-treatment spot stick to remove the stains.
  • Fill a bowl, bucket, or your clean sink with warm water. Mix in mild dishwashing liquid to create suds. If your hat is made of wool, you will need to use cooler water.
  • Use a soft toothbrush to scrub the interior of your hat. Focus on the sweatband and seam areas, as dirt often builds up in these places.
  • After scrubbing the interior of the hat, allow the full hat to be submerged into the water and soap mix.
  • After letting the hat sit in the liquid mix for a few minutes, rinse it well under warm running water.
  • Place the hat on a hatstand or over a bowl to dry. It’s best to keep the hat out of direct sunlight when drying to avoid discoloration.

Hat Cleaning Tips

Besides following the recommended hand washing process for cleaning your white Polo hat, there are a collection of tips that you can use to produce the best cleaning results.

  • Create a cleaning solution according to the fabric your hat is made of. If you have wool hats, it’s best to invest in a cleaning solution that is specifically designed to treat wool.
  • To avoid pilling when cleaning your hat, you can use your fingers for spot treatments instead of a soft toothbrush.
  • Let your hat air dry inside your house and away from any direct sunlight for best results.
  • Materials like cotton, polyester, and wool are all suitable for washing.
  • Look for the warnings on the hat’s tags to learn which cleaning methods to avoid.
  • If your hat is made of cotton or wool, do not use products containing bleach.
  • Do not use hot water on your white hat and remember not to rub it with a cloth of a different color.
  • Shampoo works very well for removing sweat stains on the interior of hats.
  • Do not rub any one area excessively when cleaning your white hat, as discoloration will be noticeable.
  • If you find that stains are difficult to clean by hand, it is better to use the washing machine rather than scrubbing too hard.

General Care Tips

It won’t matter how well you clean your white hat if you are not caring for it properly. Hats require mindful and sensitive treatment. If you want to keep your white Polo hat in optimal shape for as long as possible, follow these practices:

  • Rest your hats on their crown, not their brim to avoid flattening and changes in shape over time.
  • Use a gentle brush to remove loose dirt from your hats and tape for hair.
  • Always allow wet hats to dry naturally, even when you get caught in the rain.
  • Don’t leave your hat out in direct sunlight, as heat and sunlight can lead to discoloration and even shrinking.

Final Thoughts

If you adopt just a few simple practices, you can ensure that your white Polo hat remains in the best shape possible. Clean your hat when necessary and enjoy its bright white look.

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