How To Comb A Beard (2017’s Ultimate Beard Grooming Guide)

So, you’ve grown out a full, rich beard. First off, congratulations are in order! Growing a beard is no easy achievement, and you should absolutely be proud of turning your small stubble into something that you can be proud of each morning you look into the mirror. However, now that you’ve got your fancy set of facial hair, it’s time to talk about proper grooming techniques for it. Today, we’ll be looking at a basic one of how to comb a beard.

beard combing direction

Combing a beard might seem like an extremely simple thing, but in reality, there is a right and wrong way to do it. Sure, you could technically just pick up a comb and start running it through your beard willy nilly, but you aren’t going to get the same results that you would if you took your time with this whole process.

Knowing how to properly comb your beard is admittedly a fairly simple process, but there are a few important things to keep in mind to ensure that you look as good as you possibly can.

Is It Better To Brush or Comb Your Beard?

When talking about beard grooming, one of the most debated points is whether or not you should comb or brush your beard. Guys with facial hair have gone back and forth on this topic for a number of years now, and we’re here to make sense of it all.


In short, there’s no wrong answer. You can use both a comb and a brush to manage your beard, but each one does have a slightly different effect.

If you’d like your beard to have a more natural look rather than super styled-up, we recommend using a brush. On the other hand, a comb will be your best friend if you aren’t a fan of the natural style.

Additionally, combs tend to do a better job at getting out knots and tangles that can often occur in your beard as it grows longer and longer. On the flip side, using a brush after you’ve done this will help your beard look a bit calmer after ridding it of unwanted knots.

A lot of this combs down to personal preference, and as such, it’s something you’re going to need to play around with to see what works best for you personally.


You might prefer using a comb, or you might like using a brush more. This isn’t something we can answer for you, so try both out and see what’s a better fit.

Deciding Whether To Comb a Beard Up or Down

Assuming you want to take the combing route, something else you’ll be faced with is whether to not you should comb your beard up or down. Beard combing direction is important to your overall appearance and style of your beard.


In our experience, this is what works best.

Take your comb, and get started by combing underneath your beard and move upward and outward. Start the comb at your neck, and the work your way up so that your comb is heading towards your cheeks and chin.


This motion is the best for separating your beard hairs, and as a result of this, your beard will look noticeably fuller — something that we’re always big fans of.

Following this, take your comb and work your way all the way down your beard in a straight direction so that you can get the exact style you’re looking for. You can swap out the comb for a brush at this stage if you want to hold onto that natural look, but you’re free to use the comb if you want to keep things more under control.


As for your mustache, this can easily be dealt with by quickly combing it so that you’re pulling your hairs over to the side so they’re away from your mouth. Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll have a beautifully combed beard that’s ready to take on the world (and then some).

What Kind of Comb Is Best?


In the grooming world, not all combs are made the same. Certain combs are simply better than other ones, and this is something that’s extremely important to keep in mind.

The most popular types of combs on the market are plastic and wood ones, and while plastic combs are absolutely a lot cheaper than what you’ll find with ones made out of wood, they aren’t good for your facial hair in the slightest.


Your beard hair is much more dense than the hair on your head, and when you run a plastic comb through it, it’ll actually electrify your beard. This leaves your facial hair unmanageable at times, and flyaway hairs are simply unavoidable should you choose to take this route.


In other words, it does nothing but create a frizzy beard.

Along with this, plastic combs just aren’t made as well as wooden ones.

It’s quite common to find a plastic comb that’s got jagged bits of plastic throughout it, and although it’ll be difficult to actually see this with your own eyes, it will absolutely result in the comb snagging your beard — creating more damaged hair and split ends.


So, what makes wood comb so great?

Wooden combs don’t create for any static at all when combing your hair, and as such, they glide throughout your facial hair without any issues at all. It’s extremely difficult to get any snags when using a wood comb, and they’re also better for moving beard oil throughout your hair.


Your comb is one of the most important tools for beard grooming, so choose very wisely here.

Final Thoughts


Knowing how to comb a beard is one of the most important things to be aware of once you’ve got an impressive set of facial hair, and hopefully this guide enlightened you a bit on how to go about this whole process. Combing a beard isn’t all that difficult, but it is extremely important to how enjoyable it is to have one. A nicely groomed beard will not only make you look better, but it’ll also keep your beard softer, stronger, healthier, and all around more awesome.


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